University of Miami Tailgating

Looking to enjoy a college football game on your way to the Everglades? The Miami Hurricanes welcome travelers to enjoy a game at Hard Rock Stadium with them in Southern Florida. Load up the RV and head to your favorite campground near the beach.

Event information

The University of Miami Hurricanes are one of the most popular teams in all of college football thanks to their location and their winning history. The team is supported on the sidelines by Sebastian the Ibis, presumably because catching and then dressing an actual hurricane in a costume was considered over budget.

Sharing the stadium with the Miami Dolphins NFL team, the hurricanes play their home games at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, in front of as many as 65,000 screaming fans.

The Hurricanes were one of the most successful college football programs during the 80s and early 90s. Four of their five national championships were won during this period as the team soared in both popularity and notoriety.

The City of Miami is a place where all of the 'Big Four' sports are represented with teams people want to watch, and that is without even taking into account the culture, nightlife, and beaches for which Miami is famous. Thankfully, going to a Hurricanes game is one of the best experiences Miami has to offer, so the team is always supported well!

What this all means for an RVer is that Miami is an amazing place to be. Taking the rig down the Florida coast to the South Beach area is a trek that tens of thousands of people have made for good reason. Miami RV parks welcome campers to head to the tip of Florida for outdoor fun on the beach and in Everglades National Park.

The Florida coast has so many cities and beaches and sights to see before you even reach your Miami destination. What better way to add to a trip like than by watching one of the most interesting teams in the entire FBS in action?


Tickets for Miami Hurricanes games are sure to go quickly, especially if the team is having a good season by the time ACC play starts. Buying your tickets in advance from the university ticket office is an excellent idea to ensure that you are not disappointed on game day.

Ticket prices vary wildly depending on how the Hurricanes are playing and the opponent. Tickets have been as low as $40 for some games, but expect to pay much closer to $100 for games against the likes of the Florida Gators and Florida State Seminoles.

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Miami has great transport links, so getting to the city isn't usually a problem (though it will get busier in the hours before and after the game). Using a combination of I-95 and the Florida Turnpike will get you to Hard Rock from the north and south, while the I-75 to I-595 route is usually the best from the east.

Note that the stadium is an hour away from campus and shared with the Miami Dolphins, so take that into consideration when planning your drive. Be aware that a number of streets shut down close to game time, so if you are using the stadium parking lots, getting to the venue two or three hours early will make the drive much less stressful.

Parking areas

Lots around the stadium are sold to season ticket holders and are color-coded by permit. These can cost up to $300 for the year for the prime parking spots. This means that many parking passes for single games, which is how the season ticket passes are distributed, become available on resale sites in the weeks before the game. Lot 18 is the closest lot to the stadium that doesn't require a permit for game day parking; however, RVs will be directed to Lot 26. Public lots and street parking are other options here.

Public Transportation

A Park and Ride service has usually been available from Lot 18 on North River Drive. If you are coming from further afield, then the best bet is likely to be to get a taxi or rideshare service unless you are lucky enough to be near a public bus route at your campsite. UBus service is available on game day, but this service is for students with a valid ID and student section ticket only.

Where to stay


There is no onsite camping in the parking lots at Hard Rock Stadium. This is not a college venue full time, so the University of Miami is not able to block out areas for fans to stay the night. There are locations to stay nearby, and spending your night in the comfort of your climate-controlled RV is helpful in the heat and humidity of a Florida summer.


Camping near the University of Miami is fairly accessible because Florida is full of nature parks, wildlife refuges, and RV parks that have amenities galore. A trip to Everglades National Park may offer your crew a place to camp and an opportunity to see this rapidly changing environment.

Sebastian Inlet State Park is another worthy stop on your itinerary, but the beauty of South Florida is that there is something for everyone to do in the region. Under 10 miles away, Hollywood KOA is also closer to Hard Rock Stadium than it is to the university's campus to the south.

Getting around

The Miami Hurricanes have a facility that is ADA approved and easy to get around no matter what your limitations may be. Golf cart shuttles between the parking lots make things even easier, though walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds of the pregame events is the best way to go. Just be sure to wear shoes that will keep you comfy all day long.

What to pack


The Florida Hurricanes bring team unity with orange, green, and white. Don't get caught in the blue and orange of the Florida Gators or the red and gold of the Florida State Seminoles. T-shirts and tanks will keep your wardrobe simple early in the season, while by the end of the fall, a hoodie will be needed for most games. Grab a poncho before you leave the RV in case the skies bring any rain.


Packing the camper with Miami Hurricanes gear adds color and fun to your trip to the tip of Florida. If you forget something or wish to add to your collection, many stores in and around the City of Miami offer Hurricanes gear. Taking a camera or cell phone to the game has been allowed in recent years per the stadium policy. Have your Hurricanes lawn chairs and a grill ready to tailgate in style near Hard Rock Stadium.

Health & Safety

In the Florida heat and humidity, it is important to keep hydrated. Drinking at least your daily recommended amount of water is key, especially if any alcohol is also consumed. Wear sunscreen and clothing to cover the skin during the heat of the day as much as possible. Also, keep an eye out for the kids any time you are near water or at the beach.

Where to eat


Be sure to take your grill and your favorite things to eat with you in your tow vehicle or small campervan when you head to your tailgating spot near Hard Rock Stadium. When tailgating, make sure your vehicle occupies just one spot in the parking lot and tailgate behind it. Drinking is allowed in the lots, but kegs of beer are not. Open fires are not allowed, so throw some burgers down on your propane or charcoal grill and enjoy.


Miami welcomes an international population, so it should be no surprise that some of the very best examples of Cuban, Peruvian, and Mandarin food, be it a high-class restaurant or a local hidden gem, are found in the city. The dining scene in Miami is highly eclectic, with restaurants from seemingly every country in Asia and Central America among what is on offer. Follow your nose when in the city to find a few new favorites.


Hard Rock is not just a college and NFL football stadium, but a global destination for concerts and other events. As such, the vendors are at the very top end of what you might find in a college facility. Sure, fans can still get hot dogs, burgers, and beer, but for there are dozens of vendors that offer everything from creole food to sushi. If you come to the stadium hungry, you don't have to leave that way.



Security will be as tight as expected at a venue like the Hark Rock Stadium. Bags will be checked upon arrival at the security area, and if a bag is too big, or not made of plastic or clear vinyl, it will need to be left in your vehicle. Items not permitted into the stadium will be confiscated by the staff. If you have medical items, then enter through Gate E, where they will be checked before entering.


South Florida is usually hot and humid during college football season. If a game is scheduled for the afternoon, be sure to check a local weather forecast to see just how hot it will be and plan accordingly. Afternoon and evening storms are common in Florida. Keep an eye out for lightning-based weather delays this time of year.


If a medical emergency happens at Hard Rock Stadium, you will be in good hands. There are three first-aid stations in the stadium, with one on each level to cater to fans when needed. Event staffers and security officers will all be able to guide you to the nearest station.

Also, make sure that your RV is stocked for the trip with anything you might need. Pain killers, after-sun lotion, and sunscreen should all be at the top of the list.