Miami Dolphins Tailgating

Miami Dolphins Tailgating is the perfect way to start game day. Make the most of it by bringing the whole set-up to be spirited and celebrate the team.

Event information

Who doesn’t love Miami, with its lively nightlife and beautiful beaches? And not only that, the city is home to an incredible football team that puts on a show every time they go for a touchdown. Join TD the mascot in cheering on the team in fine style.

Before the game, celebrate the players at the Miami Dolphins Tailgating party held before each session on the field. Park your rig, put your table, food, and music in place, and get ready to party. RVs have a section set aside for them adjacent to the yellow lot at Hard Rock Stadium, home to the Dolphins.

Aside from football, Miami offers cultural, artistic, historical, and recreational activities and more. Plan a long stay in this city of beaches and light, and then venture forth and explore other areas of the state.

Visit the Barnacle Historic State Park to see an example of coastal frontier life. Play a round of golf on the Melreese Golf Course, and then rent a car for a spin on the Homestead Miami Speedway. Finish off the day on a catamaran cruise in Biscayne Bay, and watch the sunset in style.


Tickets will vary depending on who the opposing team is, the time of year, and the choice of seats that you make. You may pay as low as $30 for a single seat. For a unique football experience, look to Club level tickets, for instance, which are highly priced and must be negotiated with an agent. Choose the Miami Dolphins football game package that works for you. Your tailgating spot is included in your parking.

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I-95 takes you in the proximity of the Hard Rock Stadium and the Miami Dolphins Tailgating pre-game event. It’s best to take a look at maps and parking directions to familiarize yourself with the area before attempting to drive in. FL511 will keep you up to date on traffic situations in the area. Tune in to the radio for weather news.

Parking areas

For your tailgating session, park in the RV designated area. Check with Hard Rock Stadium for detailed directions and routes for getting to the lot. Once there, you can occupy one spot only and must set up your gear on the tailgating space outlined on the ground directly behind your rig.

Public Transportation

Convenient express shuttles run from the Hard Rock Stadium to specific locations, such as the Miami/South Beach area. Taxiing or ridesharing to the stadium is another option if you choose not to tailgate but want to enjoy the games at Dolphins Stadium. Miami-Dade County also has a bus transit system if this suits you logistically.

Where to stay


Hard Rock Stadium does not offer onsite camping in its parking lots. Many private campgrounds can be found in close proximity. Check local beachside locations for a stay near the water, or venture to the Everglades for a unique and picturesque accommodation en route to the game.


Explore the state of Florida while here. The abundance of state-run nature parks allows you to see sights like the Everglades and walk beaches such as the one at Oleta River State Park, which sits about 10 miles to the east of the Dolphins' home ground. Sebastian Inlet State Park is another opportunity for adventure you won’t want to miss and may be on your route as you travel south. Surf the waves and claim a spot in this popular campground, known for both primitive camping and sites with electricity and water.

Getting around

Both the tailgating area and the Miami Dolphins games are ADA-friendly. Parking is accessible and easy to find, and golf cart shuttles run between the lots and the game. Wear comfortable shoes. Remember, the tailgating is in the parking lot, and you will be standing on a hard surface. Strollers cannot be brought into the stadium.

What to pack


Put on your best football jersey to support your favorite team. Pair it with shorts and running shoes. Always wear a hat as protection against the sun. Bring a rain poncho in your bag in case an afternoon shower passes overhead. Umbrellas are not allowed, though. Early in the season, you may find that a t-shirt is all you need, but as the months progress into winter, you may want to include a coat and winter gear with Dolphin colors on the outside.


Bring your camera, binoculars, and cell phone with you to the tailgating and the game. These items are permitted as long as they are in a small purse or stadium approved bag. For the Miami Dolphins tailgate party, you can bring a gas or charcoal barbeque. A radio is allowed as long as the volume is at a reasonable level. Bring sunscreen and reapply several times throughout the day.

Health & Safety

Camp safety is a top priority. Set rules for playtime around the campfire and make sure that all kids are under a watchful eye when outside. Supervision is a must when camping near the beach as well. Do not transport firewood from one campground to the other for the risk of moving bug species to a new area.

Where to eat


Follow the campground rules in regards to fire safety. In the summer months, many areas will have strict rules and may even forbid the lighting of fires if there is a drought. Store your food safely in an ice-filled cooler or RV refrigerator. When using briquets, check them to make sure the coals are not dangerously hot or smoking before leaving camp for a walk along the beach at Anastasia State Park in Northern Florida.


Try a new restaurant on the block or visit an old-time Miami favorite if you are dining out for the evening. Sample an Indian dish, try a Cuban specialty, or venture into the world of Japanese sushi. Many nationalities are represented in the kitchens of Miami; you will not be disappointed no matter what type of food you decide on in your travels to Southern Florida.


Buy your NFL gear online before arriving in Miami or shop at the merchandise stores on the ground level as well as the 100, 200, and 300 levels. Credit cards are accepted at the stores and kiosks, and there are many ATMs for your convenience. They are found on all levels of the stadium during Dolphins games.



Consider getting an ID bracelet for your child when you arrive at the game. The bracelet identifies the child’s seat location for an easy reunion with the parents in the event of separation in the crowds. The Guest Experience Headquarters is there for you if you have concerns. Security staff members check each bag as guests enter the stadium and will confiscate items that are not permitted. Check the Miami Dolphins A-Z list for all the do’s and don'ts of game day.


While it is rare that an NFL game is interrupted by the weather, announcements will be made if an exit from the stands is necessary. Extreme lightening would be an example of a weather interruption. Secure your RV windows and close the awning before leaving for the tailgating celebration and game just in case a thunderstorm moves in while you are tailgating at the Dolphins game.


At the Hard Rock Stadium, there are three first-aid stations, one on each level. If you are faced with an emergency while at the game, ask a police officer, event staff member, or security personnel for help. When making the camping prep list, put necessary medications as an item to remember and place it at the top.