Middle Waves

Music is the highlight at Middle Waves Music Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Be sure to put this fun destination on your RV road trip calendar this year.

Event information

Mark mid-June as the time to take an RV trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Middle Waves Music Festival takes place. Over twenty performers bring a mix of music sure to please every taste. Come for the sounds, the food trucks, and the swag bag, of course!

Kids will enjoy the Mini Waves portion of the fest as children of all ages are welcome. Unique art installations are part of the scene, as are fun events and games. Electric Works Campus is host to this fabulous music fest, making it an interesting place to visit and celebrate music.

While in the Fort Wayne area, visit the Botanical Conservatory, or schedule a game of family golf. Walk through a beautiful vineyard or take a tour of a chocolate factory. Scour the antique shops for your next original piece. And, don’t forget to take in some of the natural beauty of the area.

There are places to walk galore along the riverfront, such as Promenade Park. Indiana Dunes National Park is found on the shores of Lake Michigan, another place to enjoy water views. Have a picnic, fly a kite, or bring your binoculars to do some birdwatching.


Middle Waves Music Festival admission is free for some events, but a fee may be encountered for others. Tickets to view the St. Joseph Stage and MiniWaves are free to the public. These are a no-charge part of the festival where you can enjoy the Americana, hip-hop, Indie music, and more without incurring a fee. Buy a ticket for the Maumee and St. Marys stages, which is where the national headliners perform. Tickets for this section of the fest range from $50 to $160.

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U.S. Route 27 takes you into Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s a busy area, so be sure to have a capable navigator by your side. Travelwise will keep you up to date on incidents in the area, and it’s always wise to stay tuned to the local radio as you drive. Electric Works Campus is where you might find most of the Middle Waves events, with some also taking place in McCulloch Park or Downtown Fort Wayne.

Parking areas

The venue does not have designated parking for festival guests. Fort Wayne has an abundance of choices for parking your rig, including paid and non-paid options. Remember to note the clearance and space needed for your motorhome or campervan. Parking in town and taking a walk or transit to the festival allows for exploration of this fun city. Check out an art gallery or do a little shopping as you make your way to Middle Waves.

Public Transportation

Fort Wayne Citilink is an economical and stress-free way to get around the city. If the bus schedule does not work with your festival attendance planning, you can grab a taxi or use a ride-sharing service. Did you bring the bikes along on this trip? Cycle to Middle Waves and take advantage of the free bike valet option.

Where to stay


Middle Waves Music Festival is not set up for camping. However, plenty of options await in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. Explore the region and choose either a privately owned Indiana RV park or campground. Or, venture out to Salamonie River State Forest near Salamonie Lake, where you can try out primitive camping in a Class C or middle size camper. Bring your fishing rod as this form of recreation is top-notch along the Salamonie River.


Part of the Fort Wayne Parks System, Johnny Appleseed Park is located close to many of Fort Wayne’s top attractions. Described as a rustic atmosphere, there are both 30 and 50 amp hookups available for use. Bluffton / Fort Wayne KOA is close to metro Fort Wayne, yet offers wide open spaces and shade under the pines.

Getting around

Middle Waves is a popular event, and the crowds may be thick, so have the kids prepared to walk from activity to activity. The venue is ADA-friendly and offers viewing platforms for those in need. The terrain is both grass and pavement between the McCullough Park and Electric Campus sites.

What to pack


Days are pleasant, and the weather often enjoyable in June, so packing will be a breeze. Shorts, t-shirts, a couple of pairs of jeans and a few cozy sweatshirts for evenings around the fire should be all you need. Bring along rain gear just in case as puddle jumping on a rainy summer day can be lots of fun for the kiddos.


You can bring small backpacks and purses to the festival. Be sure to include sunscreen, your point-and-shoot camera, and an empty refillable water bottle. A blanket is allowed for sitting on during events, and a good idea for encouraging the kids to take a rest mid-day. Professional cameras and alcohol cannot be brought to Middle Waves.

Health & Safety

When making your packing list, include sunscreen and bug spray to keep the family comfortable when enjoying outdoor play. Hydration at all times is key as well, to avoid sunstroke under the blue Indiana skies. When at the festival, have the kids stay close at hand so that they do not get separated from you in a crowd.

Where to eat


Foil packets over the campfire make for a satisfying meal after a day at Middle Waves. Your cooking tools should always include a cast iron pot as well because you can’t beat one-pot chili any time of year. When using the fire to cook or roast marshmallows for dessert, take safety precautions like ensuring that all coals and embers are secure within the pit and cooling down before retiring for the night.


Is it the campfire cook’s night off? A well-deserved break can be enjoyed at any one of Fort Wayne’s restaurants. Go out for a steak and some fries, or savor a serving of fish and vegetables. Eat indoors or outside and choose a quick meal like a soup and sandwich or a sit-down evening with multiple tastings. Whatever your choice, there are many options just a few minutes from Middle Waves.


Do a little shopping at the vendor booths while walking around the festival. You may see an original craft to purchase as a souvenir of your time at Middle Waves. If you are feeling hungry, visit a food vendor and sample a variety of Indiana street food.



Be prepared to have your small bag checked at the gate before entering the Middle Waves Music Festival. Remember, professional photo or video equipment is not permitted on the grounds. Back at camp, secure your camper each time you leave, closing the curtains, and locking valuables in the trunk or safe.


June is typically a beautiful time of year to visit Indiana, so be sure to plan outdoor fun. Pokagon State Park is the ideal location for hiking and walking. Ouabache State Park has paved areas for enjoying a relaxed, family bike ride. Chain O’Lakes State Park offers paddle boating and canoeing. If you don’t have this type of watercraft, you can rent one here. This is also a fun camping destination if you want to pull up stakes and check out other areas around Fort Wayne but stay within an hour's drive.


A well-stocked first-aid kit is an essential part of your camping gear. Before leaving home, make sure that all products are fresh and not expired. Make a second mini-kit to bring along on birdwatching and biking excursions in Indiana. Include antibiotic ointment, bandaids, peroxide, tweezers, and pain reliever pills.