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Lush forests, clear waters of Rock Creek, and spacious grassy areas are some of the unique features that attract outdoor recreation enthusiasts to Millpond Recreation Site for day visits as well as overnight camping experiences. This Bureau of Land Management property located about 23 miles northeast of Roseburg, in Oregon, is a Mecca for memorable vacations and fun adventures. As this BLM park offers several amenities that promote outdoor activities, it has to be your next holiday destination.

Facilities that you’ll enjoy here include a play area for children, swimming areas, a short nature trail, and another one-mile-long trail, interpretive panels, and a large reservable pavilion. There is a campground here too where you can spend the night in your tent between May and September. All but one of the campsites in the campground are ADA accessible, with amenities such as restrooms and water spigots.

You get to choose how you wish to have fun here, be it by viewing the picturesque scenery, watching resplendent flora, or observing the beautiful animals roam the area. Picnics and other group/family events are special within the park’s pavilion. Outside the park at Umpqua National Forest, recreation opportunities include scenic driving, wilderness exploration, cycling, hiking, and many more.

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Millpond Recreation Site lies about 23 miles northeast of Roseburg, Oregon. Other nearby towns include Glide and Hawthorne. If you are visiting this Bureau of Land Management site from Roseburg, drive east along US Highway 138 for 22 miles until you arrive at the junction of Rock Creek Road. Turn left on to Rock Creek Road and you’ll arrive at the park after traveling five miles.

This BLM recreation site is very easy to locate and access by cars, recreational vehicles, and motorhomes, particularly because the roads are paved and easy to navigate. Notwithstanding, while you are making your way to the site, be conscious of other road users like bikers and hikers, and yield to slower traffic.


Ample parking spaces are provided for vehicles at this recreation site. As a result, guests are advised not to park by the roadside or in areas that are not designated parking lots.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services available to convey guests and campers to this BLM property. However, willing vacationers can get travel and camping equipment such as RVs, trailers, and motorhomes at Roseburg and Glide.

Campgrounds and parking in Millpond Recreation Site

Campsites in Millpond Recreation Site

Reservations camping

Susan Creek Campground

Susan Creek Campground, a BLM campground just past milepost 28 on US Highway 138, southeast of Millpond Recreation Site, is popular for its unique setting along emerald-green waters and mature forest canopies. A total of 29 pet-friendly campsites are available here, all of which can accommodate tents and RVs/trailers.

This campground is open to all guests and offers both first-come, first-served sites and reservable sites. Reservations can be made for 13 campsites between May and September, while the others are on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Facilities/amenities that you’ll be able to use here include multiple drinking water spigots, hot showers, flush restrooms, emergency phone, and an amphitheater. Recreation opportunities include hiking, picnicking, and relaxing/sightseeing. Good fishing, swimming, kayaking, and whitewater rafting also attract campers to this campground.

The maximum vehicle length that can be accommodated here is 96 feet.

First-come first-served

Millpond Campground

Millpond Campground is a 12-campsite BLM campground within Millpond Recreation Site that accommodates tents. This campground is open between May and September and does not accept reservations for sites. As a result, guests can only get the campsites on a first-come, first-served basis.

All but one of the campsites in this campground are accessible by wheelchair. Provided amenities include water spigots, restrooms, trails, and a pavilion. Reservations are accepted for the pavilion.

Feel free to bring your pets with you, but note that you must keep them on a short leash.

A short nature trail is available for hikers to enjoy at the west end of the campground. Another trail is available to the east.

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For the chance to enjoy unspoiled solitude, your best bet is to visit the nearby Umpqua National Forest. This National Forest features lots of places where you can be alone with nature, renew your spirit, fill your senses, and take in the view. Whether you seek an adventure that will last only a day, a week, or longer, rest assured you’re covered.

A unique feature of this area is the abundance of water in the form of thundering lakes, mountain lakes, and many others. Relax here and enjoy self-discovery!

Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway

Get ready to enjoy nature views like no other on the 172-mile extent of Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway. This scenic byway will take you through diverse mountain landscapes and rivers that will blow your mind. From rolling forested hills, to roaring white water rapids, towering pine forests, and ancient lava flows, you will not run out of things to see. Rest assured the experience is both memorable and overwhelming.

Some of the special places along this scenic byway include two National Wild and Scenic Rivers, waterfalls, wilderness areas, historic buildings, and lots more.

Wilderness Adventures

Prepare for primitive adventures through wilderness areas when you’re coming to Millpond Recreation Site. Three wilderness areas are located in Umpqua National Forest – Boulder Creek Wilderness, Mount Thielsen Wilderness, and Rogue Umpqua Divide Wilderness.

Whichever you choose to explore is up to you, but rest assured you’ll enjoy unspoiled recreation in all three areas. Common activities are day hiking and backpacking, flora and wildlife observation and photography, horseback riding, and primitive camping. Besides, impressive scenic vistas are available within the wilderness areas.


Flora and Fauna

There are several geological regions in the Millpond Recreation Site area, making the area home to a wide array of plants and animals. These flora and fauna thrive in diverse habitats and offer good viewing opportunities for interested explorers.

Within Umpqua National Forest, you’ll find up to 18 fish species, including sea-run cutthroat trout, winter steelhead, Coho salmon, and Chinook. The majority of these fish species are found in the streams that flow through the Forest. Bird watchers are attracted by the 236 bird species that are present within the Forest.

Millpond Pavilion

Set along Rock Creek, Millpond Pavilion is a popular spot for guests and campers at this BLM recreation site. The large picnic shelter within the pavilion equipped with modern amenities such as large grills, potable water, a sink, fireplace, and electrical outlets, makes this pavilion perfect for group or family occasions.

Fancy a casual game of soccer? A flat grassy area is available. Of course, you can have an outdoor wedding there too.

Whatever event it is you wish to enjoy here with your family on vacation, rest assured you’re covered.

Rock Creek Hatchery

As a facility that has undergone a series of closures, modifications, and reconstructions, you definitely should visit the Rock Creek Hatchery. This facility produces Chinook and coho in fall and spring, steelhead in summer and winter, and rainbow trout. Any time of the year you visit is great, as the hatchery is open year-round.

An ADA accessible trail takes visitors to a viewing deck and interpretive signage. Other amenities available in the hatchery include picnic areas and restrooms.