Moonrise Festival

At Moonrise Festival, EDM and other music artists will lighten your mood and bring you to your feet to dance with an incredible atmosphere and good vibes in Baltimore, Maryland.

Event information

Moonrise Festival is packed with entertainment featuring Electronica music artists. Experience this massive dance party and head back to your home on wheels for a relaxing meal and respite.

While this concert boasts numerous Electronica dance music artists, it also features several art installations, a spectacular vendor village, and an exclusive VIP lounge. If you want to experience even more than what EDM has to offer, there will be rap, pop, and indie artists performing as well. If you love lasers, and smoke, and lots of beats, this festival is for you.

Bring your favorite colorful clothing and sport an awesome attitude at Moonrise. Come prepared for an incredible time in a fun atmosphere. This event takes place in a racetrack, so there will be limited shade, but a reasonably flat walking area.

The weather is typically hot in Baltimore, Maryland in August. Luckily, there will be tents set up for food and vendors to give you a chance to cool off. Several campgrounds are located pretty close to the event offering you the option to add some water adventures to your trip as you spend time near your campsite.


Tickets have been known to go on sale more than a year in advance for Moonrise Festival. Once you purchase your ticket, you will be mailed a wristband. This wristband gives you full access to the event according to your ticket choice; however, you can only use it for entry once per day. There is no re-entry. The ticket prices vary per experience you want. They range from $120 to $250. Find your tickets online for Moonrise Festival.

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Your best bet will be to set up camp so that you can park your RV at your campsite and make your way to Moonrise from there. You will want to arrive at the venue, Pimlico Race Course, refreshed and ready to enjoy the music and events, so you may even want to consider staying an extra night the day before so that you can travel to the event without feeling rushed due to any city traffic congestion.

Parking areas

Parking passes are offered with ticket purchases. If you choose not to utilize a parking pass from Moonrise, private parking facilities are located within a few miles, and some just a few steps from the race track. If you do decide to park anywhere before setting up camp, remember that some parking facilities may charge a different fee for a campervan or towed vehicle if they are set up to accept RVs.

Public Transportation

Moonrise has been known to partner with transportation agencies to offer shuttles services to and from their events. Be sure to review their information in conjunction with where you choose a campsite. Pimlico is close to the Light Rail that runs from Washington, DC to Baltimore and other surrounding areas and even as far north as Boston. Be sure to check where the pickup and drop-off locations are along the route.

Where to stay


Moonrise Festival does not offer onsite camping, but you will find plenty of camping options in the vicinity of Baltimore. This is a great chance to mix some outdoor fun into your music adventure. Maryland RV parks and campgrounds welcome travelers to the East Coast for beach runs and treks through history.


Nearby campgrounds offer basic or woodsy sites, often with full hookups, space for small and large rigs, and other amenities. Some Baltimore area RV campgrounds are located near the Patapsco River. Patapsco Valley State Park accepts rigs up to 40' and is only about 15 miles from Pimlico Race Course. A few even offer special activities for you and your family, like Merry Meadows Recreation Farm.

Getting around

Walking often is your best mode of transportation at this event. This event takes place on flat land that alternates between grass and dirt. This expansive venue can hold up to 109,000 people at full capacity. There are no bikes, scooters, or golf carts allowed in the facilities.

What to pack


It will likely be hot in Baltimore at this time so bring breathable clothes. Fun colored festival clothes are a must for this huge EDM event. Plan to wear a fun hat and sunglasses to protect your head from the sun. Have fun with what you wear and enjoy the incredible atmosphere.


In the past, totems have been permitted as long as they follow the specified Moodrise guidelines. Because of the heat, you are allowed to bring in personal misting fans to keep you cool in the crowd. You will want to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and chapstick in preparation of the heat. It is best to have the option to use cash or a card if possible.

Health & Safety

Bring an empty water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during the festival. You can bring in your medication, but it must be in the prescription bottle with your name on it. You may bring in only your daily amount of medication, and you will need your identification to check it in upon entry.

Where to eat


Finding a grocery store near your campgrounds isn't likely to be a problem, but stocking your RV or campervan in advance may be simplest. Most campgrounds will allow you to cook outside of your RV but may have regulations on fuel types. Be sure to inquire if a burn ban may be in effect prior to embarking on your trip. Whether it is hot dogs or steaks the possibilities are endless for cooking at your campsite via an outside grill or in your RV kitchen space.


You will find plenty of scrumptious meal options located within walking distance, or about a mile of the racetrack. Whatever you prefer, you are sure to find it in the Pimlico Race Course and Boston areas. Some restaurants offer sandwiches, comfort food, Caribbean, breakfast, Indian, barbeque, and Chinese. Since Moonrise allows each guest to enter once per day, you may want to plan any restaurant meals with that in mind.


Vendors at this festival are ready for all types of palates. Whether you are vegetarian or gluten-free, expect plenty of choices. The large vendor village is sure to taunt every member of your crew with delicious smells, tastes, and beverages. The options are burgers, tacos, and turkey legs, watermelon, and Mexican street corn. Past festivals have offered specialty options including gyros, Halal food, Lo mein, and tapas.



Security and police will be located in tents and posted all around the event. You will need your wristband for entry into the racetrack, and to help increase safety measures re-entry is not permitted. Guests and all bags (must fit dimensions) will be searched upon entry. There is a Patron Response Center as well if you encounter a non-emergency security issue.


Be prepared for heat; it is likely to be fairly hot during this August event. Be sure to drink plenty of water. There will be water stations to fill up your water bottle. Because of the heat, be sure to wear loose clothing to help you stay cool. Last but not least, don’t forget your hat and sunglasses.


At Moonrise Festival, you will find EMS tents located on the grounds. Medical centers are also located within just a few miles of the racetrack if needed. Pharmacy choices are located a few miles away from the event if you need to refill a prescription or pick up basic medications or supplies.