New York Giants Tailgating

Take a road trip just in time for kickoff. Before the football game, practice your cheers at the New York Giants tailgating event at Metlife Stadium.

Event information

Fans of live-action football practice pre-victory chants and cheers while celebrating their favorite team at the New York Giants tailgating party, held before the fun begins on the field. Pack your cooler and plan your barbecue menu to accommodate your hungry family, and maybe a neighborly fan or two. Sharing and congeniality is the way to go for a good time.

The Gotham City Cheerleaders will lead the show and raise the crowd. Learn the songs and chants aimed at your favorite team and be ready to sing along. “Go Blue!” is a phrase you will hear in the stands, and the Giants understand and appreciate every cheer. Deck your rig in blue and red and be ready to enjoy pre-game activities in the stadium parking areas.

Metlife Stadium is located in New Jersey, just a short distance from the Big Apple. While in this area of the country, take the time to explore both New Jersey and New York. One cannot be this close to the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square to not spend a few days visiting these iconic sites. Liberty State Park in Jersey City is home to an outstanding 9/11 memorial site well worth a visit and a solemn payment of respect.


Ticket prices to a New York Giants Football game will vary depending on the season and how well the team is doing in the standings. $100 may get you into an early winter game, but remember, the prices will fluctuate the closer you get to game day. Buying early is always an option to secure the best price. Don’t forget to purchase a parking pass at the same time.

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I-95 is a common route to the area coming from the north or south and a handful of other interstates may bring you from the west. Traveling in this area from any direction, you are likely to encounter a few bridges and one or more tollways.

You will want a capable navigator and a GPS to ensure a stress-free drive through this busy area of the country. 511NY will keep you abreast of weather-related delays and traffic incidents as you motor along. Have your pre-paid parking permit ready to display in your window.

Parking areas

If you don’t want to purchase a pre-paid pass, you can pay and park off-site. A shuttle will ferry your crew into the stadium. A pre-purchased pass will state where you can park your RV to take part in the tailgating event. Once at the tailgate spot, remember to keep your chairs, tables, and barbecue in the confines of your designated area.

RVs are not permitted to park in the stadium decks and may be directed to park in a way that does not block other guests. Oversized recreational vehicles may have special parking instructions, so be sure to ask an attendant as you enter the lot.

Public Transportation

The NJ Transit rail system is a convenient way to travel to the game. Metro-North trains come in from destinations like New York and Connecticut, transferring to the NJ Transit line. A park and ride option is available, too. Taking public transit does not mean that you cannot be part of the tailgating excitement. Metlife Stadium has pre-game activity zones specifically for those who come via bus, taxi, or train, and the fun includes music, food, and games for both kids and adults.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not an option at Metlife Stadium. Have a family meeting to discuss the options that you have in the surrounding areas, and then take a vote. Both New Jersey and New York offer unique choices for parking your home away from home under the sparkling stars.


Whether you like to camp in a secluded area or close to highways that give you quick access to monuments and museums, you can claim the perfect spot close to the game location. Fall camping is gorgeous amidst the leaves of Clarence Fahnestock State Park, just about an hour's drive from East Rutherford, where the stadium is in New Jersey. RVers often find a spot to land near Liberty Island or on Long Island, but keep in mind that this will mean traveling across one or more bridges and will bring you close to New York City.

For winter camping, you may want to look nearby in New York. Deerpark / New York City NW KOA is also slightly over an hour's drive from the stadium. If your travels will bring you to or from the northern portion of New York State, consider a road trip to Wellesley Island or Allegany State Park for an experience that includes cold-weather hikes, one of the best perks of these parks.

Getting around

Wear shoes made for walking when attending a New York Giants tailgating party. You may have to walk a distance from the celebrations to your ticketed seat. Wheelchairs are permitted, and you can ask an ADA assistant to get you to your seat. For those who like modes of transport like skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, and mini bikes, you will have to leave them back at camp.

What to pack


When thinking of fall or winter football games and camping trips, being warm is key. Dress warmly in Giants' colors of blue and red when heading out to the Metlife Stadium. Boots may be in order if cold or rainy weather is in store. If you layer, you can always strip off a jacket or vest to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Either way, the sun’s rays will be strong, so sport a hat and sunglasses, and use sunscreen at every outing.


Packing the right gear can make all the difference when you are heading for adventure in the fall or winter. Remember to bring items like tarps for covering the picnic table, and waterproof matches for lighting the fire. Rain gear is ideal for inclement weather, and for the cold sunny days, hand and foot warmers will come in handy. These items can do double duty at the tailgating event, as well.

Health & Safety

When moving from campground to campground, do not transfer your firewood from place to place. Some campgrounds in New York require a receipt to prove that the wood was purchased locally and does not contain bugs transported from other areas of the state. Check your motorhome’s generator to ensure it is in tip-top shape and keep the water supply topped up.

Where to eat


Be careful and aware of others as you operate your grill or barbecue at the tailgating lot. Dispose of hot coals in the proper receptacles and make sure that you have an operating fire extinguisher close by. Keep your space clean and free of debris. A light and easy menu is the way to go; wings, burgers, salads, veggies, and both hot and cold drinks make the best fare.


After the game, give the chef the night off and make a stop for a deli meal, unique waffle dishes, sushi, or snacks like bacon spuds. You won’t lack for choices in East Rutherford, often with easy access to the stadium. Satisfy a craving before heading to the campground for a night’s sleep under the stars.


Sausages, cheesesteaks, chicken tenders, and more are available at the various concession stands for those who are hungry during the football game. Buy New York Giants memorabilia and clothing to wear as you cheer on the team, along with souvenirs to take home for friends and family.



Expect to go through a screening process at the entrance gates. Carry an NFL-approved clear bag if you are bringing binoculars or a camera or other items. Video recording is not allowed, and those who do so despite the rules will be asked to leave the game. Concerns and questions can be directed to security staff members patrolling every level. I.D bracelets are given to children and have your child’s seat location on them in the event of separation in the crowd.


Plan ahead for every weather event. Stock the Airstream with warm blankets and cozy sweatshirts for all family members. Park your rig in a spot on your campsite that is out of the wind and secure all tarps or canopies before heading to the game. When the temperatures are warm, be sure to remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.


Find the first-aid stations at the stadium as soon as you arrive. Doctors, nurses, and EMTs are on site for every game. Back at camp, keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand and include all essentials like peroxide, rubbing alcohol, after sun cream, and anti-itch spray for late summer and fall mosquito bites.