New York Renaissance Faire

Load up your RV and head to the New York Renaissance Faire to enjoy some stellar stage shows, jousting tournaments, and deliciously unique food.

Event information

The New York Renaissance Faire is a Renaissance-themed festival that takes place in Tuxedo, New York every year. It features a different storyline every year as well as multiple themed weekends.

The faire first began in 1977 as a much smaller, local gathering. It was given a facelift in 1996 and continues to draw the interest of Renaissance fans. The event turned 40 in 2017, and this milestone was celebrated throughout the season.

Multiple stages and over 100 shops are set up on the 56-acre venue. It is transformed into an Elizabethan England themed village set in a pristine forest. There are several permanent structures as well, which house more stores and food stalls. After the fair ends, other events are held on the site, such as the Halloween-themed, “Forest of Fear.”

The actors and performers spend months preparing for the festival. In turn, the event acts as a platform for them to grow and be seen. One of the highlights is the Joust Tournament where noble horse-riding knights go against each other. Proceeds from the fair go toward supporting local non-profit organizations. Plan your RV adventure to Eastern New York and enjoy Sterling Forest State Park, Harriman State Park, and the historic Hudson River to the east in your travels.


Box office tickets cost around $30 for adults and under $15 for children. Children aged four and under can enter for free. Discounts are offered to senior citizens and military personnel. It’s a good idea to purchase your tickets online in advance. This way, you can skip the lines and also enjoy lower prices.

Guests may experience some cell phone connectivity problems at the venue. So, once you make your purchase online, print out your tickets, or download them onto your phone. No exchanges or refunds will be entertained. Check out the event website for more information on tickets and pricing.

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Tuxedo is about two hours away from New York City, depending on your route and traffic. The drive may take you about an hour from the nearby towns of Morristown, NJ and Danbury, CT. The venue is centrally located and easy to reach. Before you begin on your journey, check if any road alerts have been issued in Hudson Valley. This way, you can look for alternate route suggestions before you get into the smaller roads nearing the venue.

Parking areas

Fairgoers can opt for either paid parking close to the entrance or free parking a bit further away. Shuttles will be available to get guests to the gate from the free parking area. Patrons with disabilities can make use of the accessible parking spaces present in all the lots.

Public Transportation

Frequent buses run between the City of Manhattan and the fairgrounds in Tuxedo. Day trip packages, as well as bus-only tickets, are available to guests. Another option is to rent a car or take a taxi, but this can be expensive close to the nearby bigger cities. Ride-hailing services also operate in the area.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available at the New York Renaissance Faire. Other campgrounds and RV parks in the area fill up fast on the weekends that the fair takes place. So book your campsite in advance to avoid missing out on your preferred location.


Primitive RV camping is available about five minutes away from the venue. However, if you’re looking for a site with more conveniences and facilities, you may need to drive further away from the faire site. At these campgrounds, you’re likely to come across other people heading back in time, and you may want to consider riding together.

Getting around

Most patrons choose to get around and take in the entertainment on foot. Strollers are welcome if you have young children. The park has plenty of pathways, and the terrain is compacted gravel. This makes it accessible for patrons with disabilities. Wheelchairs are available for rent at the main office.

What to pack


While costumes are encouraged, patrons are also welcome to come in comfortable day clothes. Check the weather report and dress accordingly. Adult and child costumes are available for rent near the information booth. Be sure to wear flat shoes, since you’re likely to be on your feet all day.


A few items to carry with you are sunscreen, a hat, a portable charger, sunglasses, bug spray, and hand sanitizer. Consider taking some form of seating like a blanket or low backed chair to enjoy the stage shows. Be sure to pack your camping essentials like toiletries, a well-stocked first aid kit, and flashlights for at your campsite.

Health & Safety

Many parts of the venue are forested, and the sun can be harsh during the day. Protect your skin with plenty of sunscreen and bug spray. Bottled water will be available for sale, and there will be hydration stations on site as well. Stay hydrated and eat the delicious food on offer to keep your energy up for Boffer Wars and the Kids' Quest.

Where to eat


When the temperature drops at night, cook up warming stews and soups on the campfire. Always check if a fire ban is in effect before lighting your campfire. It’s a good idea to ask the manager on site about any restrictions. If you plan on preparing meals on the stove in your RV, ensure you have enough fuel before you leave home.


From small family-owned cafes to large restaurant chain outlets, you’ll find a number of dining options in Tuxedo. Be sure to try some of the delicious Greek and Italian food on offer. If you feel like grabbing a drink at the end of the day, there are some great pubs and bars in the area.


Some of the must-try dishes are Bangers and Mash, Curly Chili Cheese Fries, turkey legs, chicken tenders, sour pickles, and Belgian waffles. Guests can choose from a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There will be plenty of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free items on the menu as well at the New York Renaissance Festival.



All bags and belongings will be checked at the entrance. While weapons that are a part of costumes are allowed, they will be let in only after a thorough inspection by security. Any weapons must be kept sheathed at all times and peace-tied according to New York Renaissance Festival regulations. Anyone seen behaving irresponsibly or disrupting the peace will be escorted out of the premies.


Eastern New York's weather is often warm and pleasant during the day in the fall, with much lower nighttime temperatures. In the rare event of inclement weather, some shows may be postponed or canceled. Always check the weather report for the week you plan on attending before booking your tickets. Regular updates are posted on the event’s social media accounts.


There will be a centrally located first aid station where patrons can get medical assistance. An ambulance will be available to rush injured guests to the nearest hospital if needed. If you have special dietary needs, you will be able to return to your vehicle to eat. Service animals are allowed to accompany patrons with disabilities.