Newport Jazz Festival

Visit one of the oldest music festivals in the USA! Combine the comfort of your RV with the Newport Jazz Festival excitement in Newport, Rhode Island.

Event information

If you are a fan of jazz music and look forward to stellar plans for the summer, give the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island a try. Held within Fort Adams State Park at the mouth of Newport Harbor, this event welcomes fans from all over the world to see some of the greatest jazz performers of today. Also, it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to listen to plenty of fresh and rising talent that will leave you breathless.

First held in 1954, this event is a part of a decades-long tradition that brings some of the most popular jazz performers to the stages in Fort Adams. Fans become a part of that same tradition during a weekend filled with great jazz and positive vibes as well as new and exciting people. Other than the world-class musicians, the Newport Jazz Festival also features terrific food, crafts, and various exhibits.

Even though RV camping is not allowed on the festival grounds, guests will find a handful of options in the nearby area, that offer an ideal solution when visiting this event. Guests can enjoy the panoramic view of Newport Harbor while at the festival and soak in the mesmerizing nature of Rhode Island campgrounds.


Newport Jazz Festival guests can expect to choose among one-day, two-day, and three-day general admission tickets. Tickets upgrades grant you the best sitting spots, complimentary refreshments, and reserved parking. Parking tickets can also be purchased, and you can expect them to get more expensive on the event day. In recent years, children under the age of three have been free to enter the festival, and as for the rest of the visitors, the price of the tickets has varied according to age.

Think carefully about what ticket options will best suit you because refunds and exchanges are not allowed once the ticket has been purchased. Event organizers are not responsible for any tickets bought through an unauthorized third party. Make sure you have everything you need each day when entering the festival grounds because once you leave, you cannot come back until the following day.

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The Newport Jazz Festival takes place at Fort Adams State Park; the precise address is 90 Fort Adams Drive, Newport, RI, 02840. Only one and a half-hour drive from Boston and a three-hour-long drive from New York, the location of this event is easily accessible through several different routes. If traveling from the New York area, you might use I-95, and if Boston is your starting point, you may travel on I-93 or I-95 to come close to the area and find your chosen campground. Newport Jazz Festival doesn’t offer RV camping spots, but you can drive 15-30 minutes down Harrison Avenue to find nearby campgrounds.

Parking areas

Parking passes will be available on the event grounds. However, guests cannot park RV units there, so you will have to find a spot at the nearby camping resorts. If you have a tow vehicle that you desire to use once settled at your campsite or are taking another car with you, it is good to know that the festival offers one-day, two-day and three-day parking tickets available for purchase. Smaller campervan-style units may also be okay to park at the event.

Public Transportation

Fans can get to The Newport Jazz Festival via taxi, bike, or water shuttle. There are multiple points from which you can get to Fort Adams if going on a water shuttle. There will be a lot of options as well for people who want to be eco-friendly and swap their cars for a pleasant bike ride. Looking to explore Rhode Island while in the area? The geography of the region includes inlets blended with land features, lending well to water taxis over other forms of public transportation.

Where to stay


There is no onsite camping available at the Newport Jazz Festival. However, this should not be an obstacle for your jazzy summer vacation, since friendly campground sites can be found just minutes away from the venue. Explore all of your options, by checking the online reviews, and decide which one of these meets your expectations. Rhode Island State Parks offer places to camp within an hour as do locations in nearby Connecticut and Maryland.


Nearby resorts like Meadowlark Campground offer beautiful landscapes and plenty of options for outdoor activities (like hiking, fishing, playing basketball or tennis). Make the best out of your stay and take advantage of your surroundings when you are away from all that jazzy vibe. You can choose between green fields and beaches, depending on how far from the festival you wish to be.

In almost all of these campgrounds, you will find electric, water, and sewer hookups. Many offer pet-friendly sites, but it is good to remember that your furry friends will not be allowed to enter the festival. It is inadvisable to leave your pet alone in your RV for a long time, so make sure that someone is looking after them at the campsite if you do decide to bring any furry friends.

Getting around

Although it is highly recommended to ride a bike to the location, guests cannot bring them inside the festival area. The same goes for scooters, rollerblades, or skateboards. However, if you are traveling with a baby, it may help to know that all strollers of reasonable size are allowed. Visitors with a disability can access a separated area that is reachable by a paved road. It is important to mention that each disabled visitor can bring only one guest to this area.

What to pack


Bringing the right clothes can mean the difference between a perfect vacation and a less than ideal adventure. Rhode Island is near the Atlantic Coast, including the concert location. Pack light clothes that are fit for hot summer days in the open air, but bear in mind that sudden rain showers are not unusual. It is best to have a light rain jacket with you since you will not be allowed to return to the festival once you leave. As always, check the weather forecast before your trip and plan your attire accordingly.


Review Newport Jazz Festival's list to make sure that you don’t have any prohibited items on you before approaching the entrance. For example, it is always smart to bring a bag (check the website for the permitted size) with additional clothing, ID, an individual blanket or a smaller chair. However, any item that can be used as a weapon is highly prohibited. Cameras are also allowed so long as they are without the audio recording feature. Selfie sticks and drones cannot be brought onto the festival grounds.

Health & Safety

The Newport Jazz Festival supports a non-smoking environment. Guests are not permitted to smoke inside a tent or a building. To keep all the festival-goers safe, the event doesn’t allow re-entry, meaning that once you leave the festival you cannot come back for that day. Because this is a summer event, make sure that you always have water and sunscreen with you to avoid dehydration and sunburns.

Where to eat


Since there are no onsite RV parking options, cooking is not an option at this festival itself. That should not stop you from preparing homemade meals while you are at your RV resort. Bring a propane stove or a grill or plan to enjoy the stove in your camper, and the cooking can begin. If you do get hungry while listening to your favorite jazz band, various food vendors sell delicious meals at the Newport Jazz Festival.


Each year the Newport Jazz Festival is the gathering place for extraordinary restaurants and food vendors, who take great pride in their kitchens and their chefs. However, if you want a break from the crowd, and do not plan to return that day, there are fabulous restaurants just 15 minutes from Fort Adams. You can expect to find local cuisine places as well as those that serve French and Italian meals.


As mentioned, fans can expect only the best food and beverage vendors at the Newport Jazz Festival. The assortment of food varies from year to year, but you will relish the top-notch food in the area. Visitors over 21 years of age will be granted entrance to the beer and wine gardens. Organizers implore all visitors to drink cautiously. Both cash and credit cards are accepted in the gardens. Additionally, vendors of different crafts can be seen at this jazz event. Guests can choose among an abundance of unique jewelry, art, clothing, and more for that special gift or souvenir.



All visitors will be thoroughly searched upon entry, so make sure you are not carrying any prohibited items. Anything that could be considered a weapon is not permitted by the organizers, as well as alcoholic beverages and illegal substances of any kind. The Newport Jazz Festival aims toward a general safety and well-being of every guest; this is part of their policy against re-entry.


For the end of July and the beginning of August, one can expect hot, summer days, and warm nights with an occasional breeze. On the other hand, it is not unheard of that massive rain strikes even at this time of year. So it would be for the best to check the weather forecast before heading over to Newport Harbor so that you can pack accordingly. The Newport Jazz Festival is held rain or shine, so you will want to be prepared for both scenarios.


It is always a smart idea to bring a few basic medications with you (stomachache, headache) in your RV. Keep in mind that there are not so many hospitals in the vicinity and that the nearest hospital is about a 10-minute drive away from Newport Harbor. Contact the staff immediately in this case, and let them assist you in the event of an emergency.