Noise Pop Festival

Are you ready for seven days of music and arts? Pile into your RV and make your way to the San Francisco Bay Area for the famous Noise Pop Festival.

Event information

What began as five bands for five dollars in one day in 1993 has now grown into dozens of up-and-coming artists in the San Francisco Bay Area over one week. Whether you’re looking to spot the next big thing, or you’re ready for some fun before spring begins in earnest, it might be time to purchase your tickets for the Noise Pop Festival.

This festival has been responsible for creating some of the best musicians of our time. From Yoko Ono and Modest Mouse, through to Death Cab for Cutie and The White Streets, they all gained much-needed exposure through this very festival.

While initially, Noise Pop Festival was held solely at The Independent (formerly Kennel Club,) it now incorporates notable venues throughout San Francisco, such as the Great American Music Hall, The New Parish, and Brick & Mortar Music Hall. You’ll get to see the sights of San Francisco, all the while getting to know some of the new players to the music scene.

In between attending venues for standout musical acts, you can also be exploring San Francisco and its offerings. Winter may soon be on its way out, which means the first blooms of spring might begin fighting their way to the surface. You can visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, go walking at Golden Gate Park, or get out hiking at Mount Tamalpais State Park if weather permits.

Let the Noise Pop Festival bring you to the area, but stay for the myriad of different activities that can take your motorhome vacation to the next level.


Your preferred ticketing option can dictate your overall Noise Pop Festival experience. Over 90 acts make up the entire festival, so decide whether you want to see as many as possible, or just a few. You can buy individual tickets to each event that captures your attention, or passes to view them all.

In the past, badges for this event have varied from between $130 with student ID, all the way through to $850, which provides you access to a personal concierge. As more acts are announced, ticket prices increase. Be the early bird, and purchase your Noise Pop Festival tickets promptly.

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Before you start your journey to San Francisco for the Noise Pop Festival, it’s a good idea to monitor conditions with ABC7 San Francisco. Once you have a detailed map in front of you, you’ll quickly learn that the only way to access the area from Marin County, North Bay, and East Bay is by I-80 over the Bay Bridge and US 101 over the Golden Gate Bridge. Otherwise, it may be a long trip through San Jose and beyond to get to your destination.

San Francisco is a populous city and county that will astound you with its organization and beauty. RV-goers are best to leave home with a clear head to be at the top of their game for navigation of the city. Upon arriving, you can then take a break, haul out your Noise Pop Festival schedule, and formulate a plan of attack on how to get to each event in the city.

Parking areas

Parking an RV anywhere in San Francisco can be quite challenging. Larger Airstreams and motorhomes can be tricky to store during the day. Given that Noise Pop Festival jumps from one venue to the next, you may not be able to park close to any of the event centers. Consider the convenience of parking outside of the city limits and using a rideshare service, taxi, your bicycle, or the city’s fantastic public transportation network between your campsite and the venues.

Public Transportation

Over a third of San Francisco residents rely on public transportation to get them around, which goes to show just how convenient and reliable it can be. What’s stopping you from fitting in like a local?

You can leave your RV at your campsite then use a combination of light rail, subways, trolley coaches, carsharing, buses, and the famous San Francisco streetcars. If you’re in a hurry, a rideshare service provider or a taxi can also help you to get to your chosen venue before the performer takes to the stage.

Where to stay


The beauty of the Noise Pop Festival is that it allows you to enjoy a myriad of different venues while in San Francisco. However, that means that onsite camping is not available. Large retail chains in the area generally do not offer overnight parking in their lots either. Therefore, when you buy your tickets for Noise Pop Festival, look for somewhere to stay with an RV in San Francisco without delay.


Given how populated San Francisco is, you would think there aren’t all too many places that are accessible with a large RV. However, there are more RV campground options than you might think. On your travels into the area, you can set up camp at the San Francisco North / Petaluma KOA.

There are also RV resorts, campgrounds, and primitive RV camping opportunities within a 50-mile radius of the heart of the event around Alameda and San Leandro. Don’t delay in locking in your preferred accommodation, for places book up fast as soon as the schedule is announced.

Getting around

When you’ve purchased your Noise Pop Festival tickets and skimmed through the line-up, be sure to gain a fair idea of the acts you want to see. Identify the venues, then work out the best way to get to each of them.

Carsharing, which involves hiring cars for an hour or so at a time, is a popular option in San Francisco. However, using your bicycle or jumping aboard a trolley or streetcar can also see you in the vicinity of your next venue before you know it. Carry a map or city phone app with you so that you can become familiar with the city's transportation network.

What to pack


With temperatures in the mid-50s throughout February and March, you surely won’t be in a hurry to pack your sundress and sandals. Instead, you’ll need to dress warmly in a coat, long-sleeved shirts, and comfortable but warm pants. Most venues are bound to retain stable temperatures, so ensure these layers can be taken off or added to with ease.


You’re likely to do plenty of exploring during your stay in San Francisco. Carry a small backpack with the essentials, such as cash, payment cards, your mobile phone, maps, and water to stay hydrated as you pound the pavement. Leave all your camping and cooking equipment in your RV, and be mindful of security restrictions for each venue.

Health & Safety

Given that you will be traveling from one venue to the next, you have plenty of time to plan how to stay as safe as possible. Drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen to ward off the watery sunshine breaking through the winter clouds, and be mindful of any toiletry or medical needs you have before you enter each venue. If you are going to be away from your RV for some time, consider bringing any prescription medication you might require with you.

Where to eat


The best place for RV camping in San Francisco is one that offers a myriad of different cooking options to suit your preferences. Many have communal cooking areas, while others allow you to use a firepit, a propane grill, or even a charcoal one.

However, even if those options are not available, you can make use of your onboard RV kitchen appliances. Given the size of the city, you will also never have to travel too far to stock up on grocery supplies for that delicious winter chili or homemade S’mores.


San Francisco is known for its delicious cuisine in all the right places. When you work up a hunger from all the Noise Pop Festival entertainment, you’ll never have to walk or travel too far to find a restaurant to take care of it. Clam chowder, hot fudge sundaes, burritos, and salted caramel ice cream are all firm favorites of locals that could become yours, too.


Vendors for each Noise Pop Festival act can differ from one venue to the next. Some venues may offer onsite snacks and sit-down dining areas, but not all will. Some can also point you in the direction of nearby eateries. Consider dining in one of San Francisco’s many excellent establishments before the performers take to the stage.



Noise Pop Festival may not be a single venue event, but you can almost guarantee that security is present in all of them. Security guards will be at all venue doors to check tickets and provide entry. Given that screening requirements can differ from one place to the next, it’s worth packing light and leaving as many possessions tucked away in your locked RV as possible.


Winter in San Francisco is short, cold, and wet, but spring is often mild and a little bit rainy. You may encounter only a slight seasonal temperature variation in this city, so it can be challenging to know what each day will bring throughout the year. Before you jump in your RV bound for San Francisco, download a weather app to help review what conditions you are likely to face as winter turns into spring.


Whether you’ve pulled a muscle from dancing too hard, or you didn’t drink enough water, you will find basic first aid care at each venue you visit. However, not all will be equipped to handle severe medical conditions or injuries. In the event of an accident or injury, dial 911. There is a medical center by Golden Gate Park and a pharmacy within a short distance of Presidio of San Francisco.