North Hartland Lake


Featuring a diverse ecosystem of forests, wetlands, and great recreational activities, North Hartland Lake is a beautiful place for your next RV day-trip. Located in Windsor County, Vermont, you will be impressed with the range of activities and amenities that you can enjoy during your visit. The history of North Hartland Lake dates back to the late 1950s when the U.S Corps of Engineers constructed it. The lake was built on the Ottauquechee River to provide better stormwater and flood control management to the surrounding area within Windsor County, while also adding recreational activities to the area.
The lake has 215 acres ripe for exploring, and visitors can use it for swimming, boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Off the lake, there are over 1500 acres that are perfect for those wanting to experience many different environments in a peaceful and private setting. If you want to learn more, there are interpretive programs that run throughout the year when the park is open and are free for the public to attend.
While there aren't any camping options at North Hartland Lake, you do have the option to stay at the nearby Quechee State Park. The campground offers 45 sites to choose from, and they will be great for RVs up to 34 feet in length. If you are traveling with a larger rig, you could stay at the Quechee / Pine Valley KOA. North Hartland Lake is only open during the peak season, which is open from May to September each year.

RV Rentals in North Hartland Lake



North Hartland Dam is relatively easy to navigate to as it is located right off the US-5 near the Vermont and New Hampshire border. There are two entrances to the lake, one from the US-5 and the other through North Hartland. If you are taking the North Hartland entrance, it can be a little tricky to find since there is little signage, but if you are driving slow, you should see the turn-off to the entrance. You should have no trouble driving your RV to the recreation area as the roads are all paved, and they should be well maintained.
If you need to get any supplies before your day out at North Hartland Dam, there are multiple towns that you can stop in, such as Quechee (around seven miles away), Lebanon (around nine miles away), and Woodstock (around 13.5 miles away). The closest major city to North Hartland Dam is Concord, which is around 68.5 miles southeast.


The best place to park at North Hartland Dam is the recreation area. Here you will find a large parking lot that will have enough room for the majority of RVs. The parking lot also has a large turn around area so that you won't have to back up and reverse your RV when you are trying to exit the facility.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately, there are no public transport options that will take you to and from North Hartland Dam.

Campgrounds and parking in North Hartland Lake

Campsites in North Hartland Lake

Reservations camping

Quechee State Park Campground

Although there isn't a campground located directly at North Hartford Lake, you won't have to travel far to find a great spot to stay. Quechee State Park has an RV friendly campground around nine miles to the northwest that will be a perfect home away from home.
The campground consists of 45 sites that are known to be kept in excellent condition. The sites are quite spacious and are suitable for RVs that are no bigger than 34 feet in length. All of the campground's sites are primitive, so you won't have any hookups during your stay.
Despite this, there are some great amenities centrally located in the campground, including water collection points, coin-operated showers, restrooms, and a dump station. Pets are also allowed, and you should be able to get cell phone reception on all of the major providers.
The Quechee State Park Campground offers reservations online or by calling the park office. Please remember that it is only open from mid-May to mid-October each year.

Quechee / Pine Valley KOA

Another option for RV camping near North Hartford Lake is the Quechee / Pine Valley KOA. This campground will be the place to visit for travelers who have larger RVs and also visitors looking for some more modern amenities.
Known for being a clean and well-kept campground, Quechee / Pine Valley KOA has over 80 sites for you to choose from. There are many different site configurations, such as full hookups with patios, full hookups with 30 amp power, or water and electric only sites. The sites are also very flat, so you will have no trouble parking your RV when you are ready to camp. Other amenities within the campground include a dog park, showers, restrooms, laundry facilities, a recreation hall, and a pool.
We recommend reserving a site in advance if you are interested in staying at Quechee / Pine Valley KOA since it is a popular campground. Reservations can be made online or by calling the park office. Quechee / Pine Valley KOA is open from the beginning of May until mid-October.

Seasonal activities in North Hartland Lake



One enduringly popular way to relax at North Hartland Lake during the summertime is to get out and hit the beach! There is one small beach area on the banks of the lake located near the boat ramp that can be accessed via the recreation area. This is the only area suitable for swimming in the lake.
If you plan to swim at the beach, be ready for the water to be a little cold and for no lifeguards to be on duty.


Along with the swimming beach, you will also find a boat ramp within the North Hartland Lake Recreation Area that you can use to get out onto the lake. The most popular watercraft used on the lake are sailing boats, canoes, or kayaks.
For those wanting to get out onto North Hartland Lake, you will have to bring your own watercraft or rent one privately as there are none available in the recreation area.


Off the lake, many visitors enjoy packing a picnic and making the most of the day-use facilities at the recreation area. There are several picnic tables to enjoy, along with water collection points, toilets, grills, and picnic shelters that are more suited to larger groups.
If you are traveling to the lake with a large group, it's a good idea to reserve one of the picnic pavilions in advance by calling the park or booking online.



Throughout the open season, you can cast out a line and try to catch a big one at North Hartford Lake. Fishing can be done on either the shoreline or via watercraft, and staff stock the lake annually with many different fish species. If you want to do even more fishing, you can also check out the Ottauqechee River. There are no fishing gear rentals at North Hartford Lake, so remember to bring your own equipment.

Quechee Gorge Visitor Center

A great place to check out off the lake if you want to learn more about the surrounding area is the Quechee Gorge Visitor Center. Located within the Quechee Gorge State Park, the visitor center was constructed in 2005, and has some great information on display that you can check out. The staff at the center will also be able to answer any questions you have about the area or amenities that are available at North Hartford Lake.

Nature Viewing

The surrounding 1500 acres at North Hartford Lake are perfect for visitors interesting in checking out some of the local wildlife. The diverse environment is home to many different animals, including ducks, frogs, and small mammals.
If you are lucky ,you may also be at the lake during the springtime when the wildflowers warein the middle of their beautiful blooms. Seeking more nature viewing? Head to Quechee Gorge, where there will be even more land to explore.