North Oquirrh Management Area


The North Oquirrh Management Area is close to Salt Lake City, Utah. This place stands out because while you’re there, you’d never guess that you’re so close to a big city. There are dense forests, hiking trails galore, and stunning views of mountains and rivers. Whether you’re looking for a break from the concrete jungle or you want to spend an afternoon hunting, North Oquirrh Management Area is a great place to spend some time. There are a variety of activities to enjoy here.

Other than hunting, you’ll be able to go fishing, mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling, and view all of the wildlife. Speaking of that, some of the more commonly seen animals in North Oquirrh Management Area are elk and mule deer. There are also a variety of birds soaring over the sky as well. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you may enjoy spending a weekend riding an off-highway vehicle throughout North Oquirrh Management Area. Feel free to stay multiple days with convenient camping nearby. This is a beautiful place to take the kids or to go explore for a weekend alone.

RV Rentals in North Oquirrh Management Area



Because North Oquirrh Management Area is so close to a large city, it’s not hard to find. It’s also incredibly large, giving visitors several ways to gain access to entry. Many people take Interstate 80 to reach North Oquirrh Management Area. It is located just three miles east of Bates Canyon Road. Highway 36 and Highway 201 will get you to North Oquirrh Management Area as well. The majority of the roads nearby are paved and well-maintained.

Because Utah does experience all four seasons, you can expect snowfall. When there are massive blizzards, you may experience road closures or detours on certain routes. To avoid last-minute stress on your drive to North Oquirrh Management Area, be sure to print a physical copy of directions and check the weather and road maps ahead of time.

If you’re driving a large rig such as an RV, you shouldn’t experience any trouble with sharp turns or curvy roads. Once you’ve arrived at North Oquirrh Management Area, you can get around on foot or mountain bike during peak season. Off-season will lead you to using your feet, skis, or snowmobiles to get around.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in North Oquirrh Management Area

Campsites in North Oquirrh Management Area

First-come first-served

Ophir Campgrounds

A great place to rest your head while visiting North Oquirrh Management Area is Ophir Campgrounds. This is a rustic campground that offers a handful of campsites for both RV and tent campers. These campsites each have a fire ring and picnic table available. You won’t have to worry about reservations, as Ophir Campgrounds offers sites on a first-come, first-served basis. This campground is known for being clean and well-maintained, even though there isn’t a ton of amenities.

You will find bathrooms to use, but there is no running water. There is a beautiful river that runs through the campground. This river is great for cooling off during the summer or catching fresh dinner and makes a relaxing soundscape to fall asleep to. It’s also something to be aware of if you’re visiting North Oquirrh Management Area with children. Ophir Campgrounds never feels too crowded and will have visitors immersed in nature.

Cottonwood Campground

Another option for both RV and tent campers is Cottonwood Campground. At an elevation of over 6,000 feet, this campground has 18 campsites available for free. They’re surrounded by large cottonwood and maple trees. You can get a campsite on a first-come, first-served basis. Campers can stay at Cottonwood for up to 16 days when visiting North Oquirrh Management Area. It’s the perfect place for those looking to break away from the comfort of their daily lives. There are no modern amenities available.

You will find a single vault toilet to use and there is an information kiosk near the entrance of the campground. There aren’t any RV hookups, but if you have a larger rig, this is a great spot to park and enjoy the great outdoors. Close by you will find Salt Creek. This provides the perfect ambiance to sleeping under the stars during a warm Utah evening while visiting North Oquirrh Management Area.

Intake Campground

Intake Campground is another great place to stay when visiting North Oquirrh Management Area. There you will find five campsites to choose from. All five campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are up to eight guests allowed per campsite. RV campers are welcome as well, but it may be important to note that there are no modern RV hookups. Intake Campground has toilets available for camper’s convenience.

You will also find picnic tables and fire rings at all of the campsites. This is a great choice for someone visiting North Oquirrh Management Area who is looking for a secluded campground. This campground is surrounded by trees and with only a handful of campsites that are spread out, it will feel as if you have the entire place to yourself. You’ll have views of the nearby mountains and there is quick access to begin hiking to the top of Desert Peak.

Seasonal activities in North Oquirrh Management Area



Hiking is easily one of the most popular activities people enjoy while visiting North Oquirrh Management Area. With such a large area to hike, you’re bound to find a trail you like. If you’re looking for laidback hiking throughout the woods, you’ll find it here.

There are also a variety of more intense hikes for those outdoorspeople that are looking for a challenge. Bring a nice pair of hiking boots to have the best experience possible.


If you’re into it, hunting is another activity that many people enjoy. It’s important to make sure that you have the proper licenses needed to hunt in Utah before you open fire.

Some of the animals you may find in North Oquirrh Management Area include small game such as rabbits, wild turkeys, forest grouse, ducks, and pheasants. For larger game, you can expect to see antelope, mule deer, and elk in North Oquirrh Management Area.

Mountain Biking

If you’re looking for a bit of a thrill while visiting North Oquirrh Management Area, mountain biking is a fun sport that a lot of visitors enjoy. You should bring your own mountain bike and be sure to have plenty of safety gear on. The terrain can change quite quickly and this saves you from any unforeseen mishaps.

It’s also important to have a little bit of mountain biking experience when visiting North Oquirrh Management Area if you choose to enjoy this activity.


Wildlife Viewing

A calming and fun activity that you can enjoy during the off-season is wildlife viewing. While you’re bound to see plenty of animals with just your eyes, it may be beneficial to bring a pair of binoculars. You’ll likely see smaller animals such as kangaroo rats, rattlesnakes, and coyotes. There are plenty of large creatures in North Oquirrh Management Area as well. American black bears, Gila monsters, and mountain lions are commonly seen.


A fantastic way to take a bit of your trip to North Oquirrh Management Area home with you is by taking photos during your trip. You can take photos of the landscape such as the Great Salt Lake or nearby mountains. There are also opportunities to take photos of animals in their natural habitats. It’s always a good idea to make sure there are a few shots of yourself and your travel buddies as well!

Winter Sports

You can’t look at off-season activities without talking about the winter sports in North Oquirrh Management Area. Whether you’re wanting to spend an afternoon cross country skiing with some friends or planning to take the kids out for a snowmobile ride, there are plenty of winter sports to enjoy.

You can also try snowshoeing, ice fishing, or a classic snowball fight while exploring the North Oquirrh Management Area. Plus, you won’t be too far from a creamy cup of hot cocoa!