Ohio River - Racine Pool


If you're feeling like hitting the open road in search of a rural retreat, why not consider stopping into Ohio River-Racine Pool? It makes for an interesting place to visit on your next RV vacation.
Ohio River-Racine Pool is one of many locks on this important river. Racine Pool is in the ninth lock in the system, and it is situated near to the small and quaint town of New Haven, West Virginia. This body of water rests in an area of the state that is extremely rural. In spite of the area's remote locale, it is well worth the trip to visit as it is incredibly scenic.
One of the most popular attractions at Ohio River-Racine Pool is fishing. The dam is a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy angling directly from the sand-lined coast. There are also several boat launches in the region where you can take your powerboat or canoe out into the water.
Watching the lock in action is an exciting thing to do. Many families love to rest along the banks of the river, watching the boats pass through the locks. A stroll along the river is a serene way to spend the day as well. Ohio River-Racine Pool is also sometimes referred to as Racine Lock and Dam. There are two locks at this particular site, with one largely for commercial use only.
RV and tent camping can be found at Kanawha National Forest slightly over an hour's drive away from the lock and dam. New Haven is also home to a few small shops as well as restaurants where you can enjoy some of the local cuisine. Many varieties of wildlife also make this region their home, making it an excellent spot for doing some birdwatching or photography.
For an idyllic vacation in a tranquil, country setting, you won't want to miss out on a trip to West Virginia's Ohio River-Racine Pool. It's a great place to visit on your next RV holiday.

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Ohio River-Racine Pool is located in a very remote area of West Virginia. Travel to this lock and dam progresses on country roads consisting of two lanes. The paths are in fair condition; exercise caution when driving to avoid damage from bumpy roads or pot holes. Road construction is almost never seen.

Traffic moves fluidly. Keep an eye for the wildlife that occasionally wanders onto the roads.


Parking can be found along the road by the dam.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Ohio River-Racine Pool.

Campgrounds and parking in Ohio River - Racine Pool

Campsites in Ohio River - Racine Pool

Reservations camping

Kanawha State Forest Campground

Kanawha State Forest Campground is open from spring through autumn each year for RV and tent camping. Reservations are required. There are 46 sites in total with 25 of them offering both power and water hookups.

Each campsite is complete with a picnic table and firepit for RV campers to enjoy. There are also two bathrooms with toilets and showers. Laundry facilities are available for a fee.

The campground is heavily wooded, and the winding access roads into the campground make it unsuitable for larger RVs. Additionally, the sites are on the smaller side and can take some effort to get level, making this a campground better suited for smaller campers.

It is important to note that this campground can only accommodate RVs and trailers with a maximum length of 26 feet.

Seasonal activities in Ohio River - Racine Pool



Ohio River-Racine Pool is the perfect place for taking a load off by the lock and dam to enjoy a picnic lunch. Though there are no tables provided on the premises, you can spread a picnic blanket out in the grass or dangle your feet into the water, perched along the river's ledge. While you enjoy your lunch, you can feast your eyes on the watercraft traveling through the lock, an amazing sight to behold.
After lunch, take a stroll along the path which runs the length of the pool and offers incredible views of the dam and the watercraft on it.

Leisurely strolls by the lock

Ohio River-Racine Pool is a picturesque spot that offers the perfect backdrop for families looking to enjoy a leisurely stroll in the sun. There is a paved path that runs the length of the river where you can burn off a few calories or simply contentedly stroll, enjoying the heat and beauty of the day.
Your dog may join you on your walk, but be sure to carry cleanup bags with you to properly dispose of your pooch's waste. It is also important to note that your dog must remain leashed at all times on the premises.


You won't want to visit Ohio River-Racine Pool without your camera in hand. Amateurs and professionals alike will have ample opportunity to snap some amazing photos to add to their portfolios after a visit to this amazing lock and dam.
Several species of wildlife, including waterfowl, frequent this region, affording you the rare opportunity to capture the perfect photo op. The lock and dam also provide a beautiful backdrop for family photos to commemorate a wonderful West Virginia vacation.



Fishing is a very popular pastime at Ohio River-Racine Pool. There are several boat launches housed on the premises from which you can take your powerboat or canoe out into the water on your angling expedition. You can also fish directly from the banks of the river.
Before heading off on your fishing adventure, be sure to check if a fishing license is required. It is also a good idea to consult with pool officials to see if fish filleting is permitted on the grounds or if you must wait until you get home to clean your haul.

Wildlife viewing

A visit to Ohio River-Racine Pool affords visitors the wonderful opportunity to view some unusual species of birds and animals in the region that they call home. Bring along a naturalist's guide, your binoculars, and a camera to help you identify then record your discoveries.
Many varieties of waterfowl frequent the premises throughout the seasons. Be sure to wear good walking shoes to keep your feet comfortable as you head off in search of the animals that nestle in this natural habitat.

Day trip to New Haven

Nearby New Haven is a quaint town that is small in size but big on charm. Stop by one of the restaurants or cafes to enjoy a snack or drink. Visit one of the local shops to pick up a souvenir of your visit to the lock and dam, or simply stroll along the Main Street, drinking in the sweet smells and sounds of country life.
You'll want to be sure you have your camera with you on this trip as you will want photos of this charming little town that will linger in your memories for years to come.