Phoenix to Little Rock Road Trip Guide


Phoenix is one of Arizona’s most famed cities. This is not only because it is the capital, but even more because it is known for its predominant warm climate with about 325 days of sunshine in a year. Little wonder why it is well-known as the ‘valley of the sun’.

The city flourishes with a mix of several different arts and culture. Its uniqueness arises from the fact that the city features a blend of old-time architecture and history combined with present-day infrastructure and economy. As it serves as a great place to engage in economic activities, Phoenix is continuously evolving, making it perfect for a wide range of opportunities. Fun opportunities abound here too, from recreation parks to popular events and festivals, and many more.

An RV road trip from here to Little Rock will take you through some of the finest places in the country, many of which will blow your mind. Take yourself out of this world, and let the family join you as you journey through various climates, landscapes, history and culture of the many cities that you will come across along your trip.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: trailer
audience: family

Point of Interest

Ozark National Forest

Bring your dreams to life at this forest big enough to contain them all and more. Everything you could imagine, you’ve got here. Within the forest, the activities you can engage in include, but are not limited to, hiking trails, rock climbing, nature viewing, bird and wildlife watching, and cave hunting. There are several breathtaking waterfalls along the trails so get your cameras ready. The most popular trails are the Whitaker Point Trail and the Glory Hole Waterfall.

Enjoy fishing and hunting, and since you can camp primitively almost anywhere in the forest, you can enjoy time with the family while you make dinner over an open fire. If you’ll rather prefer RV camping accommodations, there are tons of campgrounds available to suit your different needs. Check out the Bear Creek Recreation Area or the Cove Lake Recreation Area, both of which overlook different watersides.

From here out, the trip to Little Rock is just about an hour and a half. While you drive down, enjoy the scenic view and geologic formations of the landscape.

Flags Museum

The drive into Arkansas is quite long and uneventful, so you need something to break your journey and perhaps take a walk. There is no better place to do so than this Museum in Sallisaw.

The museum, though small, is easily accessible, suitable for everyone and you can take yourself on a self-guided tour of the whole place to learn about the history of the community, buildings and how the museum came to be. The buildings are some of the oldest in the town.

The museum displays several historical artifacts from different parts of the town and also has a train depot to signify the influence of the town. There are 14 flags erected in front of the Museum and each of the flags signifies the people that once inhabited the land of Oklahoma.

Myriad Botanical Gardens

Oklahoma City is the most popular city and also the capital city of Oklahoma. You definitely should not miss a stop in this city, known for its western culture and cowboy heritage. There are lots of things to keep you and the family going in Oklahoma City for several days. One of these is the Myriad Botanical Gardens, a conservation center for all things plants.

The Botanical Gardens, located in the downtown metro area offers various activities that involve the whole family. There are walking paths where you can see the variety of plants as you go by and connect with nature. The park also has a splash park and a children's playground where the kids can go and have some fun. The one thing about the park that is a must-see is the Crystal Bridge Conservatory which houses several exotic and native plant species in different ecosystems. The bridge here is an architectural masterpiece!

Ackley Park

After driving two and a half hours from Texas, you would arrive at Elk City in Oklahoma. This city is rich in culture and history and it is sure you will have a great time there. This park has a lot of great features and activities for the whole family.

You should definitely get the kids out there to enjoy the playground and the waterslides in Ackley Park. There is a mini-golf course, as well as available train rides and a carousel. The park also has a duck pond where you can see the ducks with beautiful trees that overlook the scenery.

There are plenty of places to relax and it’s a great place to have a picnic with the family. The park is pet-friendly, so you can bring your dogs with you. Although the park does not offer camping opportunities, you can easily get one close to the park.

Cadillac Ranch

This is a well talked-about tourist spot in Amarillo, Texas and it would be a shame to miss this. The attraction features several cars, partly buried in the ground in a unique display of art. The cars are painted in bright and beautiful colors and would make a good time for a family visit. You can take amazing pictures here to keep those memories alive, and even better, if you come with your own spray paints, you’re free to paint and leave your mark.

In the city, there are several RV parks where you can retire for the day and have some quiet. Try Route 66 RV Ranch or the Big Texan RV Ranch. You may need to book a reservation though. Getting to the campgrounds may be a great way to familiarize yourself with the town, get a nice meal on the street, and mix with the locals.

Russell’s Truck and Travel Center

As the journey progresses, the forests and trees diminish and the plains stretch as far as eyes can see. In the middle of these plains is a treat you should prepare yourself for. This truck stop where you should just perhaps routinely stop for gas and a bit of stretching your legs has something in store for you. Do not think of driving past here without a stop!

The truck center has a museum where you can view some cool car and truck collectibles before you proceed on your journey. The museum showcases a car collection where you will see different types of classic cars. There is a café open where you can get nice meals. This stop also has a store where you can get some supplies you need to continue your journey. And if you need to get a souvenir, there’s also a gift store where you can get some cool gifts.

The Blue Hole

Are you a fan of scuba diving? Or would you just like to take yourself on an underwater adventure? This amazing body of water is just right to make all of your dreams come true. The pool is great for swimming, and you could also just sit and watch the view overlooking the water. If you’re feeling adventurous and have the right gear, take a scuba dive into the blue waters and you never can tell what you might just find.

The water may be a bit chilly depending on the season when you’re visiting, but have no worries, it is always refreshing to take a plunge into the water. The blue hole is a gem in the city Albuquerque as no one expects that there be a lake this beautiful in the middle of a desert. It is indeed a pleasant surprise, both for kids, and the kids at heart.

ABQ Biopark

This park consists of a zoo, a beach, a botanical garden and an aquarium. Where else do you get that kind of combination besides New Mexico? This allows the opportunity for you and the family to enjoy diverse activities or pick your choice adventures in this park.

The zoo and botanical gardens contain a variety of wildlife and plant species that are native to Albuquerque, as well as exotic species. The restaurant in the park is built in the form of an aquarium, so that you’ll have the perfect view as you enjoy your meal. The beach in the park consists of trails and a bike path, all of which you can explore while you visit.

While in Albuquerque, you can take a tram to explore the Sandia Peak or use a hot air balloon to get a good view of the city below you.


Bring out your adventurous side and get rewarded for it. You’ll get here within two hours of driving from Arizona and observe the vivid change of scenery as you move from the plains and forests. This is one of the best places to be in New Mexico, and it is the only Uranium Mining Museum in the world.

The museum is built as a replica of an old uranium mine underground. The features and artifacts here are so impressive, you’ll have to remind yourself that you aren’t in a real mine. Staff and guides are majorly retired miners and so you get to learn from those with first-hand experience how the mining took place decades ago.

If there’s still time available, you can explore the city of Grants. Check out the El Malpais National Monument or the Pueblo of Acoma a few minutes away from the museum. Campgrounds are available around the city. Visit Blue Spruce RV Park or Grants KOA Journey to find suitable accommodation for your RV.

Petrified Forest National Park

You might have been to a national forest before but not this one. Though the trip down here is three and a half hours from Phoenix, every part of the drive is truly worth it. This forest in northeastern Arizona is unique and truly amazing! It holds one of the largest populations of petrified wood in the world. Don’t know what petrified wood is? More reason for you to visit this park.

The woodland area is not the only sight to behold here, as the park also has some distinct geologic formations that you may not find anywhere else in the country. These formations are so colorful that you will realize that you didn’t make a mistake stopping here. There are many other things to do here too.

There are already organized checklists that will make your visit easier while you go on trails or watch the wildlife roam the forest areas. Take great pictures to keep the memory alive. If you decide to spend a few days, you can stay at any of the overnight accommodations in nearby communities.


Little Rock, your RV road trip destination, has so much to keep the whole family going for days. The city is unique in that its history and deep cultural heritage are well preserved and balanced with contemporary modernism in a dynamic way. That is why the city of Little Rock always stands out.

On a good day, from the most part of the city, you can see the long stretch of the Arkansas River. Enjoy Cheese dip, Little Rock’s most famous food from one of the local restaurants. Try to check out the William J. Clinton Presidential Library or take a trip to the Museum should you want to learn more about the city. There are several campgrounds in the city, where you can get RV parking or accommodation.

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