Portland to New Haven Road Trip Guide


Portland is the most populous city in Maine and its working waterfront district has now become a major drawcard for both tourists and locals. There is, however, far more to this city than just its waterfront district.

Architecturally it has some delightful red brick buildings, many of which now house independent shops and boutiques. There is a thriving arts and culture scene and the city is well placed to explore nearby National Parks to hike or spot wildlife. There are some fine beaches and if you are a fan of lighthouses, Portland boasts no fewer than six of them.

On a day away there is much to explore and this road trip to New Haven will demonstrate that perfectly. You will be passing through the famed witch capital in Salem and then the kids will love the EcoTarium in Worcester. Finally, you will end your journey in the coastal city of New Haven which is home to the world-famous Yale University.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 1 days
Recommend rig: van
audience: family

Point of Interest

Salem Witch History Museum

Ninety-five miles away from Portland lies Salem. This town’s notoriety stems back to 1692 when more than 200 people from the town were accused of witchcraft and put on trial. The witch hunt continued for over a year and nineteen people were eventually hung as a result. Another was crushed to death for failing to admit to his alleged evil crimes.

The Witch History Museum is split into two distinct parts. The first deals with the town and the history that resulted in this grave injustice. The second is dedicated to European witches and modern-day witchcraft.

After a slightly haunting start to the day, it might feel like it is time to enjoy a less sinister ambiance. The Lobster Shanty is guaranteed to drive away any evil memories. Situated in the center of town, you can eat lobster in every form or opt for the spicy crab cakes or cheese curds with chowder and fried clam topping.


An hour and ten minutes drive will bring you to the EcoTarium This is another one that kids will love. This is a science and nature museum in Worcester that incorporates many other attractions. There is a digital planetarium where you can admire the stars and images from NASA and the Hubble telescope.

The wildlife section holds the largest mountain lion exhibit in America. Set in 18 500 square feet, this outdoor exhibit gives a rare close-up glimpse of this fabulous creature.

The animal corner will give small kids much to marvel at. There, they will be able to see striped skunks, porcupines, and flying squirrels, to name but a few of the inhabitants. The bird habitat area provides information on many of the native birds which they will be also able to admire in a natural setting. The outdoor exhibit area allows them to try out hands-on activities such as art with nature, building, and digging.


The final leg of this day trip will take one hour and forty minutes. There is much in New Haven for a family to enjoy and it really is a city with a small-town vibe. There is an indoor adventure rope course, several museums plus a choice of parks and beaches. The food scene here is also dynamic so there are plenty of restaurants for you to sample.

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