​Prince Gallitzin State Park

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Sprawling across an area of 6,249 acres, Prince Gallitzin State Park offers a spectacular view of the lush green hills of the Allegheny Plateau. Located in Patton, Pennsylvania, this family-friendly camping haven has something for everyone. Mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes — the park has everything you need for all kinds of recreational pursuits when you bring your RV.

If you’re an adventurous soul, Prince Gallitzin State Park won’t let you down. The vast area of the park features varied habitats, so it is home to different types of wildlife. It’s a convenient stop for birds during fall migration making it a bird watching paradise.

Adding to the beauty of nature is the 1,635-acre Glendale Lake which provides great outdoor recreational opportunities. Its 26-mile shoreline attracts anglers and boaters from all over the country. Water babies particularly enjoy boating, fishing, ice fishing, kayaking, and swimming in its shoreline.

Other activities that can get your adrenaline rushing at the park include hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and sledding. The park is also equally welcoming to those who want to just sit back and relax. It features a large campground with modern cabins as well as deluxe camping cottages.

One of the best state parks in Pennsylvania, Prince Gallitzin State Park is a perfect RV getaway for those who want to get closer to nature and unwind. With a large campground and a plethora of outdoor activities, there is never a dull moment there.

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Transportation in ​Prince Gallitzin State Park


Easily accessible by car and RV, Prince Gallitzin State Park is situated in northern Cambria County. You can reach there by taking PA Routes 36 and 53 or Routes 22 and 219. Interstate 99 is another option that you can consider. All the routes are extremely scenic, so don’t forget to stop in for a few photographs on the way. But keep a track of where you are headed. The road leading to the park is not very clearly marked, so you may have a tough time if you miss a turn. Keep a map of Pennsylvania handy; you’ll need to look at it to find out the right turns every now and then. Mark out the GPS coordinates to make it easier for you to find it.

Overall, the state park does have a special remote charm to it which makes it dear to those who want to escape the crowd. During the peak season, it can be really tough to find a parking spot at the state park. It has multiple parking areas, one of which is located slightly far away from the campground. The beach parking lots are the best in terms of proximity, design, and privacy. For each campsite, only one car is allowed unless you have taken prior permission.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in ​Prince Gallitzin State Park

Campsites in ​Prince Gallitzin State Park

Reservations camping

Crooked Run Campground

Crooked Run Campground at Prince Gallitzin State Park features 398 campsites which are available for RVs from late April to late October. Surrounded by Glendale Lake on three sides, the campground is just a stone’s throw away from the swimming beach. The ADA camping sites are spread out across the large campground. Out of the total seven large areas marked for camping, only two of them are pet-friendly. If you’re planning to take your pet along, make sure you mention that while making a reservation. Some of these sites on the campground only offer electric-only hookups while others have a full-service hookup that includes sewer, water, and electricity.

The huge campground makes life easy for the campers as it has laundry facilities, sanitary dump stations, showers, flush toilets, paved sites, playgrounds, and even Wi-Fi. Campers can stay at the campground for 21 consecutive nights. However, between Memorial Day to Labor Day, campers can stay there for only 14 consecutive nights. Being a popular camping and RV trip destination, there is always a rush to get campsites reserved. Make sure you reserve a spot ahead of time to get exactly what you want.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

Unreserved campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Seasonal activities in ​Prince Gallitzin State Park


Wildlife Watching and Bird Watching

Prince Gallitzin State Park is home to many different species of birds, animals, and fish. As the habitat within the park changes, so does the wildlife found there. Areas like Slatelick, Wyerough Branch, and Mudlick. which are covered in wetland plants. are great places to spot herons and ducks. You can also spot waterfowl at the lake during spring and fall. The forests of the park host a variety of birds which include warblers and vireos.


The 1,635-acre Glendale Lake in Prince Gallitzin State Park is a great place to get on a boat and enjoy the serenity of nature around. The lake has nine public boat launching areas which are all spread out across the park. They also have special mooring facilities for runabouts, sailboats, and pontoon boats.

If you’re taking your own motorboat, make sure you’ve got all your registration documents in place. You will be required to show them. For non-powered boats, you can show your boat registration or launching/mooring permit from Pennsylvania state parks. A launching permit from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission are also accepted.


Whether you are a seasoned hiker or an amateur one, it doesn’t really matter. Prince Gallitzin State Park has more than 10 trails that pass through many habitats. Those who want to test their hiking skills and challenge themselves should go for Foster Run Trail. Stretching for almost two miles, this trail goes through a remote area in the park that features thick woods over rolling hills. For an easy hike, pick Herman Fields Trail, Poems Trail, or Campground Trail.


Disc Golfing

Get your competitive spirit out as you challenge your friends to a game of disc golfing. Prince Gallitzin State Park has an 18-hole disc golf course that extends to different types of terrains. Wooded and field areas are especially challenging even for those who are experts at the sport. To keep a tab on your score, you can use the score cards at the bulletin board which is near Tee #1. The disc golf course offers scenic views of the Glendale Lake which take the game experience to a whole new level. This is a unique game you can enjoy with your family during your RV trip to PA.


Love a round of archery? Or maybe just hitting the target from a gun? Don't forget to pack your hunting gear in your camper! Prince Gallitzin State Park opens up about 5,900 acres of its land to hunting, trapping, and training of dogs during established seasons. Hunters at this state park are mostly on the lookout for deer, turkey, or other small game. However, hunting woodchucks or groundhogs could get you in trouble; it’s strictly prohibited. Before setting out on a hunting game, it is advisable to check all the hunting rules and regulations from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


Prince Gallitzin State Park’s idyllic beauty is perfect to sit and enjoy a great meal with your loved ones. Soak in the sun as you gaze at the shining water or lush greenery that surrounds you. You can find picnic tables available throughout the park. The ones near the swimming beaches of the Muskrat Beach are particularly popular with swimmers and beach enthusiasts. They also have picnic pavilions that can be used by a large group of friends and families. However, you will need to book it in advance.

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