San Jose to Eureka Road Trip Guide


San Jose, CA, is an underrated place, always in the shadow of its neighbors, and hardly ever appreciated for being its own city with its own identity. Nevertheless, those who live here know what great food and authentic sushi taste like, thanks to the 150-year old Japanese community that calls this place home.

San Jose is also a great place to begin your weekend getaway if you wish to have a taste of the scenic beauty of Napa Valley's wineries. If you have kids along, they would love to be introduced to a city that has famous attractions such as the Happy Hollow Zoo, California’s Great America, and Raging Waters. The city is also rich in culture, music and performing arts.

Another great thing about San Jose is that every weekend you can explore one of its many neighboring cities. Or you can head straight to Eureka and experience the legendary US-101 Hwy; all in one fun-packed weekend.

Eureka is a stunning city with that small town appeal to it. But then you cannot expect anything less from a city on the Pacific Coast with Redwoods laying down the welcoming mat for your RV.

The city has classic vibes to it with its 19th century, Victorian-style architecture, small coffee houses, and delicious eateries. Don’t forget to visit the Samoa Cookhouse for a hearty and warm lumber camp meal to conclude this epic RV road trip journey.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: van
audience: all

Point of Interest

Avenue of the Giants

Isn’t it weird that one of the most spectacular and breathtaking attractions of this road trip is the route itself? Mainly because this scenic drive is surrounded by nature that leaves you in awe and has been called the finest forest drive in the world.

On your way to Eureka, make sure you do not miss driving along the old highway 101. This scenic highway runs parallel to the new highway and features 500 miles of the redwood belt, famously known as the Avenue of the Giants.

Driving along one feels as if they are in a fantasy world or an altogether alien planet as humongous trees extend on both sides of the highway.

The best thing about this route is that you can go off the freeway, deeper into the woods for an impromptu picnic and camping experience. The route also provides an access point to the waters of the Eel River.

Low Gap Regional Park

In Mendocino County, and in the city of Ukiah, CA, you’ll find an amazing skate park that is a perfect stopover for you to stretch those legs and indulge in a few recreational activities. Whether you are with family, with friends, with your significant other, or riding solo, you’ll have an amazing time at this lively attraction.

Low Gap Regional Park is a multi-use park and has a lot more to offer than just skating. On this 80-acres of land, you can enjoy the calmness of Orr Creek as you relax along its banks, or go kayaking and canoeing on its waters.

You also can lose yourself on the natural trails as you explore your surroundings in the woodland preserve. In fact, one of the nature trails will lead you straight to a vernal pool, a very fragile and sensitive part of the environment that you can observe from the rails.

Then there’s the tennis court, disc golf course, dog park, covered picnic area, and an amphitheater that hosts occasional small concerts.


Healdsburg, CA, is the perfect city for a quick weekend getaway where you can eat good food, see fascinating things and return back home as if returning after long vacations. The city has lots of wineries and chateaus to offer and you can have your pick of which one to choose.

Jordan Vineyard & Winery, Williamson Wines Tasting Room, Wine Country Walking Tours, and many more options are available.

When in Healdsburg, make sure you get your hands on the mouthwatering artisan bread from Costeaux French Bakery, which has been a landmark since its establishment in 1923. Sit there and enjoy the French theme and décor with its bistro tables, flower arrangements, and an assortment of cheeses, pastries, and charcuterie.

With your stomach full and your eyelids drooping, park your RV by the road and head to the Healdsburg Plaza on foot. The green city square boasts shaded corners under the date Palms and redwoods so you can catch up on that well-deserved nap.

Winchester Mystery House

Begin your memorable road trip with a mystery, or more accurately, with Winchester Mystery House. Defined as an architectural wonder and a historical landmark, this house has all the paranormal elements and stories to get your heart racing.

It all started with Sarah Winchester, a peculiar and odd lady who moved to San Jose in 1886 and bought a farmhouse with eight rooms. She then began an endless renovation project that didn’t stop until she died.

If you think a 36-year long renovation was odd, wait till you see the renovations that took place. The farmhouse transformed into a 160 room, 2000 door, 10,000 window, and 40 bedroom marvel.

Things got weirder when it was discovered that nothing about the build of this house was normal, not when one door can lead to an eight foot drop into the kitchen sink and another to a 15-foot drop into the bushes. One kitchen cabinet can take you right through the extension of 30 rooms of the house!


Do not let the small-town feel of Eureka fool you into thinking that the city doesn’t have much to offer. One can spend weeks exploring this city and never get bored of it.

If you want to spend time in the shadows of nature, head to the nearby Humbolt Redwoods State Park or Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park for a wilderness experience like nowhere else on the planet.

To travel back in time, explore the Old Town Eureka district and the history of Carson Mansion. Also, experience the exuberance of Victorian architecture and parks that are older than our ancestors.

When you are tired from all that exploring and touring, relish in the world-renowned eateries and drink your heart's fill at the award-winning Lost Coast Brewery.

When visiting Eureka during the summers, the Humboldt Bay area will help you stay cool with water activities such as kayaking, sail boating, canoeing, and swimming.

If you are a bird lover, you can head straight to Arcata Marsh and learn about more than 425 species of birds by observing them in their natural habitat with your own eyes.

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