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If you find yourself longing to hit the open road on your next RV adventure, you won't want to miss the chance to visit Colorado's Sand Gulch Campground. It's a wonderful place for your next RV holiday.

Sand Gulch Campground, a Bureau of Land Management property, is situated near Canon City, Colorado. Nestled between a lush meadow and a tremendously beautiful mountain range, Sand Gulch Campground sits on the same premises as the popular Shelf Road Recreation Area. The elevation of the campground is quite high at 6,450 feet in totality.

This camping facility permits year-round camping. There are 16 sites in total with each available on a first-come, first-served basis. Though RVs are permitted here, the land is better suited to tent stays.

Families flock to Sand Gulch Campground for its tranquil air that lends itself well to enjoying some R&R. But camping isn't the only thing to do at this popular facility. The mountainous terrain is ideally suited to rock climbing and hiking as well.

Nearby Canon City offers many attractions for families to enjoy. Just two hours away from the metropolis of Denver, families can enjoy the charms of country living coupled with the nearness of the big city for more cosmopolitan adventures. Among the most beloved places to visit locally include the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park and the Browns Canyon National Monument.

For an RV vacation that will leave you longing to return again and again, plan a trip to Sand Gulch Campground. You'll have an amazing time!.

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Travel to Sand Gulch Campground proceeds in a relatively straight trajectory from Canon City's Highway 50. From this highway, travelers should make a right hand turn onto Steinmeier Avenue. Upon approaching a roundabout, the first right will connect motorists with Dozier street, an exit that is easily recognizable by the Walmart located adjacent to it. This street snakes towards the left and reaches a stop sign. Here, travelers should turn right onto Field Street and continue until the juncture for Fremont County Road 9, a stretch of highway sometimes referred to as Red Canyon Road.

Follow along this route until the sign for Sand Gulch Campground becomes apparent. Once the sign has been glimpsed, travelers should continue past the corral where trailer parking is located. At this point, the route moves from a narrow two-lane paved highway to a dirt road with many twists and turns. At the end of this dirt lane is the campground. A lot is found directly at the entrance where vehicles may park during the day time.

Because of the winding dirt path at the end of this route, this campground is not recommended for trailers. However, they are permitted on the grounds for those with a spirit of adventure.


Parking is found in two different spots at Sand Gulch Campground: a small paved lot just before the highway turns to a dirt road and a day use lot found at the entrance to the camping facility.

Public Transportation

Currently, there is no public transportation available to Sand Gulch Campground.

Campgrounds and parking in Sand Gulch Campground

Campsites in Sand Gulch Campground

Reservations camping

Royal Gorge/Canon City KOA Holiday

Royal Gorge/Canon City KOA Holiday offers year-round camping for RV and tent campers to enjoy. Reservations are required for all stays.

There are 90 campsites; each of which is ideal for pull-thrus. 50 amp power service is provided.

Royal Gorge/Canon City KOA Holiday can accommodate both large RVs and trailers on their spacious lots. Ninety feet is the maximum total length allowed. There are also 11 cabins on the premises which are available for rent.

The on-site amenities include Wifi, a pool. a concession stand, mini-golf, a public kitchen, and a picnic pavilion. Both propane and firewood are available for a fee.

Dogs may join their owners on the grounds but must remain leashed.

Spillway Campground

Spillway Campground is open for reservations for RV and tent camping stays between May and September each year. There are 23 sites available in total. Each of the parking sections is lined with gravel and can accommodate trailers with a maximum length of 25 feet.

The on-site amenities include vault toilets, picnic tables, drinking water, and fire pits. No power hookups are available at this popular camping facility.

There are many activities to enjoy during an RV stay at Spillway Campground. These include hiking, fishing, and rock climbing.

Dogs may join their owners on the grounds but must remain leashed.

Spillway Campground is also situated near to many popular local attractions. One of the most beloved places to visit is Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument where families can enjoy viewing a large display of fossil remains found on the grounds.

First-come first-served

Sand Gulch Campground

Sand Gulch Campground is a popular camping facility that is open year-round for campers to enjoy. The property is home to 16 campsites in total; each of which is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Though RV camping is permitted here, the sites which allow trailers are quite small, and the road to reach the campground is quite winding and comprised of dirt, making it difficult for large vehicles to safely navigate. For this reason, tenting is recommended at this campground.

Among the amenities found at Sand Gulch Campground are vault toilets, picnic tables, fire pits, and tent pads. There is no potable water supply at this camping facility. Families must come prepared with sufficient water for their drinking, bathing, and cooking needs.

There is a maximum stay of 14 days mandated by the campground officials.

Pets are permitted but must remain on a leash at all times.

Seasonal activities in Sand Gulch Campground


Browns Canyon National Monument

Browns Canyon National Monument is a popular place for families to visit when on an RV vacation at Sand Gulch Campground. The property is well-renowned for its unique and varied terrain which encompasses over 21,500 acres in total. Among the beautiful topographical features found on the grounds are scenic rivers, rich canyons, and immense forest.

The Arkansas River cuts through the premises and is credited with developing the stunning Browns Canyon which is surrounded by granite mountain faces and rock collections in a brilliant array of hues. The elevation moves sharply from 7,300 feet to 10,000 in total height, making the landscape challenging to hike but well worth the effort.

Many different species of wildlife make this region their home. Among the most commonly seen animals are bighorn sheep, bear, elk, deer, and birds of prey.

Other popular outdoor activities at Browns Canyon National Monument include fishing, horseback riding, photography, and camping.

Museum of Colorado Prisons

The Museum of Colorado Prisons is a fascinating place to visit during a trip to Canon City. Found on the grounds is the original building which once laid claim to being a correctional center for women. This all-female penitentiary was founded in 1935.

The museum is connected by a stone-lined wall to a prison facility that is still in operation today. It was constructed in 1871.

The Museum of Colorado Prisons became a public facility in 1988. It receives as many as 200,000 visitors annually, many coming from great distances to explore the exhibits housed in the former women's prison.

In order for the museum to be safe for the public to enjoy, renovations were necessary. These were finished in June 1988, permitting the opening of the building to the public later that summer.

Found within the museum are a vast array of artifacts spanning over 140 years in total. Each cell has been laid out to relate a tale of its role in the history of the prison and its development. Other memorabilia and written reports depict what life was like for inmates housed at the facility. Among the most famous criminals imprisoned here include Alfred Packer, a man found guilty of cannibalism, and Antone Woode, one of the youngest murderers in history at just 12 years old.

For more information about hours of operation, tours, and any associated fees, contact the museum's website.


Sand Gulch Campground is an extremely picturesque spot, making it the ideal locale from which to enjoy a picnic lunch. Families can choose from taking a seat at one of the on-site picnic tables or reclining on a blanket at the tip of the valley; either spot offers the tranquility and beauty required for a relaxing meal on the grounds.

Some hiking may be necessary to find the ideal picnic spot. Families will need to wear appropriate footwear for challenging terrain to avoid any potential injury.

Bring along lots of drinking water to keep hydration levels primed.

Dogs may join their owners on their picnic adventure but must remain leashed.


Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

No trip to Sand Gulch Campground is complete without a visit to Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. The grounds at this popular attraction are of great historical significance to the region. The area is home to the highest suspension bridge in the state, a magnificent sight to behold.

The gorge itself is believed to have taken millions of years to form. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park was once home to both dinosaurs and several Native American people groups - though not at the same time! Many fossil remains have been discovered on the grounds throughout the years.

Among the Native American tribes that once inhabited the land include the Ute, the Sioux, the Cheyenne, the Kiowa, the Blackfeet, and the Comanche.

There are many activities to enjoy at this scenic public recreational center; some of which include hiking, wildlife viewing, picnicking, and photography.

Arkansas River Walk Trail

The Arkansas River Walk Trail is an amazing place for families looking to enjoy some hiking during their camping adventure at Sand Gulch Campground. The path itself is seven miles in total. The route follows along the path of the Arkansas River, moving through Canon City on its trajectory.

Many beautiful sights can be seen along this scenic hike. The terrain is rugged and varied and includes regions of dense tree cover and a natural wetland environment.

Most of the trail route consists of gravel, so shoes with good traction are recommended. The path is well-suited to many activities including walking, running, horseback riding, and cycling. Dogs may join their owners here but must remain leashed.

The Arkansas River Walk Trail is in a region that is rich with many varieties of wildlife. Among the species commonly seen here are bears and mountain lions.

Pike and San Isabel National Forest

Pike and San Isabel National Forest is an interesting place for families to explore on their next RV holiday at Sand Gulch Campground. When combined with the nearby Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands, the total landmass includes three million acres of property in total.

The forest grounds include spectacular views of the Front Range mountains. Many of the peaks in this range reach a pinnacle of 14,000 feet, an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

Camping is permitted here. There are several cabins available for rent within the San Carlos Ranger District.

The property is also home to nine public wildernesses.

Many visitors flock to this public recreational area year-round for the excellent hiking conditions.