Six Flags Magic Mountain

If you like theme parks, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a fun place for your next RV trip. In Santa Clarita, California, the park has 45 rides with 19 coasters.

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Do you like roller coasters? This is the park for you! Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles County, California has 19 of them, which is the world record for the most coasters in any theme park. They also hold a record for one of the highest number of visitors annually, which was 3.3 million in 2017. So, why does everyone flock to this park? Is it just the roller coasters? Or it may be that they have 45 rides, with 20 of them being thrill rides. This park is packed full of thrills!

The kiddos have a section of their own at Magic Mountain! Bugs Bunny World has a dozen fun rides for the pint-sized parkgoers. Some of these include Tweety’s Escape, Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce, and Pepe Le Pew’s Tea Party. Take your little ones to the Boardwalk, which is the park’s biggest collection of skill games where they can win prizes.

If you get hungry, there are over 30 eateries dotted around the park. You can get funnel cake from several different places, burgers at over half a dozen kiosks and restaurants, and you can find snacks like popcorn, ice cream, and pretzels. Soft drinks, juices, and even adult beverages can also be found at almost all of the vendors that serve food and even some that don’t. Afterward, sit and watch some live entertainment or grab a souvenir from one of the unique gift shops before heading back to the rides.


Grab your Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets online and get a huge discount of almost half off! Recently, the price for a one-day pass online was just under $50, but it closer to $95 if purchased at the park. It pays to plan ahead! Do you know what’s crazy, though? You can get a season pass for the same price as a one-day pass. That’s right. You might pay about $95 for a season pass that gets you into any Six Flags theme park all over the world. That is worth it if you plan on visiting more than once.

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You’ll find Magic Mountain just 35 miles to the northwest of Los Angeles and 45 miles to the northeast of Thousand Oaks. Just off of I-5, you might approach the park from I-5 to the north or west, I-40 or I-10 from the east, or I-405 or 1-605 to the south. If you are coming from the Los Angeles area, try to avoid the tangle of interstates surrounding the city because there can be major traffic jams at times. Instead, try taking the less-traveled I-210 or CA-1.

Parking areas

Six Flags Magic Mountain parking lot is almost as large as the park itself, so you should not have any trouble finding a spot. There are nine toll booths to separate visitors and they lead you to where you can park. Guests can also get reserved parking online, which is a great idea if you are going at the busy time of the year from May through September. As far as length limit goes, larger vehicles have been allowed to park in the lot in the past, but campers can also park at an LA RV campground and take public transportation to the park if needed.

Public Transportation

The City of Santa Clarita provides a free trolley during the summer to take visitors to and from Magic Mountain at many of the hotels in the area. Not staying at a hotel? That’s okay. Park your rig at one of the hotels that allow external parking and jump on the trolley or walk from your campground. If you are further away, take the Metro Red Line North Hollywood Express 757 and Santa Clarita Transit route three or seven. The Metrolink is also a popular choice for many coming from Los Angeles.

Where to stay


Unfortunately, Six Flags Magic Mountain does not offer camping at their park. They also do not allow you to park overnight in any of their parking lots. However, you may be able to find a boondocking site nearby. If that is not your thing, there are plenty of places nearby where you can camp in your rig.


There are over a dozen RV campgrounds within 20 miles of Six Flags Magic Mountain including KOA campgrounds, national forest campgrounds, and privately-owned campgrounds. The closest to the park is Castaic Lake RV Park just seven miles to the north. This park not only has over 100 sites with utilities that can handle rigs up to 100 feet, but they also have a huge pool, playground, store, and more.

Lake Piru, just 21 miles to the northwest in the Los Padres National Forest has over 200 campsites with utilities that can handle rigs up to 35 feet. Also, 27 miles to the east, the Acton / Los Angeles North KOA boasts 70 huge sites with utilities, a pool, and Wi-Fi that can accommodate RVs up to 65 feet.

Getting around

Because the parking lot is so huge, Six Flags Magic Mountain offers free tram service to its visitors. These trams come about every 10 minutes or so and go all the way down to the end of the lot to take people to the gate. Once you get in the gate, you are on your own. For ADA guests, if you have a wheelchair, feel free to bring it or you can rent one at the front gate. However, these are on a first-come, first-served basis. Strollers for the tiny tots are also allowed and can be rented here.

What to pack


Dress comfortably when you come to the park, and that includes comfy shoes. The temps are usually warm all season and hot in the summer, so plan according to the time of year you plan to visit. Many visitors wear shorts and t-shirts with tennis shoes or sandals with a strap. Don’t wear flip flops if you are riding any of the rides because you are likely to lose a shoe. Also, be sure to bring your swimsuit if you are going to the waterpark.


Remember not to bring a Go-Pro camera or anything similar because they are not allowed. Guests also cannot bring selfie sticks, sharp objects like pocketknives or multi-tools, or drugs of any kind. Food and beverages are also on the no-no list. If you pack a cooler, leave it on the RV because it is not allowed inside the park either. Visitors are allowed to have a backpack, but for many of the rides, it will have to be left with someone or taken to a locker. Your best choice is to bring as little as possible. Your ticket to get in, wallet, and keys are pretty much all you need.

Health & Safety

You may also want to grab some trial sized bottles of sunscreen so you can reapply it when needed. Bug spray is also a good idea if you are going to be in the park at night. It is necessary at the campground, so always be sure to keep some handy in the rig. A small first-aid kit is another good item to have with you.

Where to eat


Be sure to pack cooking and eating necessities like food, cooking and eating utensils, cooking spray, trash bags, and aluminum foil. After all, you can’t live on funnel cake the whole time. If you don’t want to cook indoors, there is typically a fire ring with a grill so you can cook outside. But it is smart to keep a camp stove or BBQ pit stored in the rig anyway. Just in case.


Many park visitors like to eat outside of the park, and you can find over a dozen places a few miles to the east in Santa Clarita. You can choose between several different Asian restaurants, a few pubs, and a couple of burger bars. A tropical-themed eatery is also nearby as well as a pizzeria. Of course, you can also run through the drive-thru at one of the fast-food places in town and get back to the park for more fun.


No matter what you are hungry for, Six Flags Magic Mountain probably has it. With about three dozen food kiosks and eateries, you can find just about anything. If you want seafood, you’ll find some fish and chips, sushi, and fried shrimp. Looking for a place to sit and enjoy a meal? There are several full-service restaurants, too. Also, you’ll see ice cream, popcorn, and soft drink kiosks just about everywhere. Don’t forget to cruise the 15 merchandise shops for souvenirs and other unique Magic Mountain items.



Security actually starts outside the park at Six Flags Magic Mountain. They have several guard towers in the parking lot to keep things going smoothly and in case someone needs help. Then, everyone has to go through the metal detector and get their bags checked before entering, so make sure you don’t have any prohibited items with you.


One of the things that make this part of California so popular is the weather. The temps stay in the 60s and 70s for the highs most of the year and rarely drop down to freezing temps even in January. The average high for summer is about 90 degrees while the low is in the 50s. Springtime weather is the best with an average high of 75 and lows in the upper 40s. Rain is almost nonexistent during the park season so you may not get wet via clouds.


The park has a policy that every boo-boo is a big deal. Whether it is a scratch or a major bump on the head, it may be best to get it checked out at the park before leaving. Six Flags Magic Mountain has on-site paramedics while the park is open. Find first-aid kiosks at the Gearworks Theater and DC Universe. If you need further medical care, they can transport you to the nearest hospital, or you can drive yourself. There are four within a 15-mile radius of the park.