Smokey Cubs Recreation Site


Is it time for your next RV adventure? Consider a visit to Idaho's Smokey Cubs Recreation Site. It's a wonderful place for a relaxing holiday.

Smokey Cubs Recreation Site is a Bureau of Land Management property located in the little town of Salmon, Idaho. Essentially a small campground, this recreational center is home to eight campsites that are available to the public year-round by reservation.

This beloved camping facility rests at the bottom of the Beaverhead mountain range. Also running through the grounds is the popular Nee-Me-Poo National Historic Trail which intersects the nearby Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, giving families multiple hiking spots to explore during a visit to this camping facility.

Outdoor activities abound at Smokey Cubs Recreation Site. Among the most popular things to do here are camping, biking, fishing, backpacking, horseback riding, hiking, picnicking, photography, and the viewing of wildlife.
The terrain is quite diverse and rugged at this much-loved campground and park. There is a sand-lined beach with incredible views. The property is also home to hot springs and streams.

Camping is also permitted on the grounds in non-designated zones; however, RV and tent campers must take great care to remain near to well-established paths for safety reasons. Vehicles are not permitted off-road.

For an outdoor adventure you'll not soon forget, load up the RV and head out for a great vacation at Smokey Cubs Recreation Site. It's a wonderful place to enjoy your next getaway.

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Smokey Cubs Recreation Site is situated just outside the town of Leadore, Idaho. The most direct route to the park campground proceeds along Highway 29 near the Bannock Pass. The highway is paved and consists of two lanes. In general, the road is in excellent condition.

To reach the campground, it is necessary to drive onto the premises or to park and walk the remainder of the distance. Off-road vehicles are permitted on the grounds but are to stay on the established paths. A vehicle equipped with four-wheel-drive is an excellent choice for those visiting this campground.


There is a parking lot found at the entrance to Smokey Cubs Recreation Site. Alternatively, travelers can park their vehicles within 30 feet of the main highway and travel the remainder of the distance to this recreational area on foot.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Smokey Cubs Recreation Site.

Campgrounds and parking in Smokey Cubs Recreation Site

Campsites in Smokey Cubs Recreation Site

Reservations camping

Smokey Cubs Recreation Site

Smokey Cubs Recreation Site is a small camping facility of only eight sites in total. Both RV and tent camping is permitted here, and sites are accessed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The property houses many different trails that are suited for horseback riding, hiking, and off-roading. Fishing is also a popular attraction here.

There are very few amenities at this campground due to its higher elevation. There are vault toilets housed on the premises for the public to use. No power hookups are available. Drinking water is provided on the grounds.

Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times.

Salmon Meadows Campground

Salmon Meadows Campground is a popular camping facility that offers year-round camping for RV and tent campers to enjoy. Reservations are highly recommended.

This campground offers several pull-through sites for families with larger RVs are trailers. Pets are permitted to join their families on their RV vacation but must remain leashed at all times.

There are two different power hookup options available at this camping facility both 50 and 30 amps.

Drinking water is found on the premises for the public to use.

First-come first-served

Pink House Recreation Site

Pink House Recreation Site finds its home by the banks of the Clearwater River with direct access to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. The property offers RV and tent camping year-round on a first-come, first-served basis. This campground is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Among the amenities found at this popular camping facility are a boat ramp, flush and vault toilets, a swimming beach, and fishing.

There are 15 sites that offer full power, water, and sewer hookups. Also found on the grounds are three sites that are best-suited to tenting. Each campsite is complete with a picnic table and a fire pit.

There is a public recreational area that is home to picnic tables and barbecues for public use.

Other amenities found on the grounds include drinking water, a boat ramp, and a parking lot.

Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must be leashed at all times.

A park pass is required for camping at this location.

Seasonal activities in Smokey Cubs Recreation Site


Sacajawea Center

No visit to Smokey Cubs Recreation Site would be complete without stopping by the Sacajawea Center. This popular interpretive and cultural facility is devoted to providing information about the historical figure Sacajawea and her importance to the region.

The center is found in the heart of the Lemhi River Valley in what was once Sacajawea's home. The park property consists of 71 acres in total and is only two miles away from Salmon.

The majority of the attractions at this popular destination are housed outdoors and include a beautiful river and lush green open space. The property is home to a nature preserve and is incredibly scenic, making it the ideal spot for taking photos.

Among the places families can visit during a trip to Sacajawea Center are the Interpretive Center and Gift Shop, the Outdoor School, the Meriweather Theatre and Outdoor Amphitheater, the Community Gardens, the Seaman's Dog Park, and the Learning Center.

Whitewater rafting

With an abundance of beautiful rivers to choose from in the region, whitewater rafting has become one of the most popular attractions at Smokey Cubs Recreation Site. There are many different tour companies in the region where families can hire a guide to take them out on the water for the day.

Most tours offer all of the items needed for a whitewater rafting excursion including all food and equipment. Some provide packages with camping options, allowing families to extend their adventures on the water with an overnight stay.

Lemhi County Historical Museum

The Lemhi County Historical Museum is well worth a visit when enjoying a trip to Smokey Cubs Recreation Site. The building is home to many different artifacts from the varied groups that have lived within the region since the 19th century.

Lemhi County lays claim to being the birthplace and home of the famed Sacajawea and showcases many different pieces of memorabilia from her life on the land as well as other exhibits of local historical significance.

During a visit to the museum, families will find five permanent exhibits on display. These include the Shoshone Artifacts Exhibit, the Mining Artifacts Exhibit, the Ranching Exhibit, the Chinese Artifact Exhibit, and the Ray Edwards Estate Exhibit.

Also found within the building is a presentation dedicated to the importance of the rivers found within the region.


Sawtooth National Forest

The Sawtooth National Forest is a beautiful spot for families looking to enjoy some outdoor recreation during their trip to Smokey Cubs Recreation Site. The property consists of over 756,000 acres of incredible terrain that is ripe for exploration. Found within the premises is the Sawtooth Wilderness, the Cecil D. Andrus-White Clouds Wilderness, and the Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness Area, affording families the luxury of many places in which to do some hiking.

The entire property boasts of over 700 miles of trails, many of which travel to mountain peaks at high elevations. The area is also home to several pristinely beautiful lakes.

The most popular activities at Sawtooth National Forest include camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, and backpacking.

Boise National Forest

Another beautiful forest that is deserving of a visit when in the region is the Boise National Forest. An immense property with two and a half million acres of land, Boise National Forest consists largely of dense tree cover and lush vegetation.

This national forest is located in the large metropolitan area of Boise, a unique oasis in the heart of the city. During a visit to Boise National Forest, families can enjoy such activities as traveling through the North Fork Payette River Canyon or climbing to the summit of Trinity Mountain, a trek that leads up to 10,000 feet in total elevation.

Boise National Forest is also home to over 500 hiking trails and boasts over 250 lakes that are ideal for a quick dip or swim when the weather is favorable.

City of Rocks National Reserve

The City of Rocks National Reserve is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is an interesting spot for families looking to learn more about the region. There are several spots of interest found throughout the grounds.

The California Trail marks an important wagon route that permitted passage across the mountains to Granite Pass. In 1846, this important pathway became a part of the Applegate Trail. Throughout the years, the trail formed other connections to help provide easy transportation to the mines during the California gold rush.

City of Rocks National Reserve also serve as an important settling ground for early immigrants to the region who gathered there to pursue their agricultural dreams. When drought made farming difficult, many of these farmers turned their hands to ranching which became a prosperous endeavor.