Southwick National

The flags are down, and the racing is underway. Load the RV and make your way to Southwick, Massachusetts, for the Southwick National motocross event.

Event information

For any avid motocross fan, there’s possibly no better way to start summer than with a trip to Massachusetts for the Southwick National in Southwick. This motocross event is held at The Wick 338, a historic race track that forms part of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

This race track has been a labor of love by local enthusiasts since the 1970s, which means it’s the perfect place for a high-caliber motocross event such as the Southwick National. It boasts open-air and grandstand seating, covered VIP viewing areas, infield viewing, camping, and concession stands for hungry fans.

Southwick National also brings professional riders from around the world, with past winners including Dylan Ferrandis from France, Tyla Rattray from South Africa, and Ben Townley from New Zealand. There’s a lot at stake, which makes for some exciting wheel-to-wheel racing action.

RV-goers can also take delight in being able to camp overnight at the race track, with the township of Southwick playing the perfect host. If you want to take a break from all the dust, dirt, and drama, then there are plenty of other things to do in Southwick, Massachusetts, to appeal.

You can go hiking at Jacob’s Ladder Trail, fishing at Congamond Lakes if the weather allows, or hiking at Enders State Forest with beautiful waterfalls and forests to enjoy.

Let Southwick National be your primary reason for a motorhome adventure, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, explore the township, and even navigate your way around Massachusetts to see what else awaits.


Are you a fan or a real fan? Tickets go on sale in the lead up to the Southwick National, with different options available for various budgets. Go all-out with a VIP package or a pit pass, or treat your family to reserved, preferred viewing. Otherwise, general admission tickets are also available. Prices have often begun around $50 and gone up to $400. Whichever package you purchase, you will be blown away with the various vantage points that offer an unbelievable motocross viewing experience.

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Southwick is a small Hampden County township in Massachusetts, near the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts. It’s nestled amid farmland as far as the eye can see, as well as Granville State Forest in Massachusetts and Tunxis State Forest over the state line.

This attractive little township is easily accessible by motorhome from Westfield and Agawam in MA, as well as Suffield, Granby, and Granville from Connecticut. US Route 202 and MA-57 may prove to be the most direct roads to access the township.

If you’re not familiar with the area, then a traffic app like MassDOT or Mass511 may be of assistance. You can then be up to date with any congestion or construction as you arrive at the far end of Legion Road, Southwick, for the Southwick National.

Parking areas

The fan entrance and fan parking area is near the front gate of The Wick 338, with only a short walk from this area to all the action. In the past, parking has cost money, so if you are not camping on site, make sure you have cash on you or make alternative plans. Visitors have the option to park off site and make use of public transportation to get them to and from the Southwick National without hassle.

Public Transportation

The Wick 338 is in the heart of Southwick between residential and commercial buildings. RV-goers who don’t plan to park or camp at the race track may like to walk, ride their bicycles, or make use of taxi services to get them to and from the action. The conservative size of Southwick means everything is within a short driving or walking distance.

Where to stay


For those who love the idea of primitive RV camping, then you’re in luck. As long as you arrive bright and early, The Wick 338 offers first-in, first-served spaces around the race track. While there are no service hookups and you can’t light campfires, you’re more than welcome to light your propane or charcoal grills. You can also choose between fan and preferred camping sites, with preferred being more family-oriented and closer to the race track.


Part of a summer vacation in a motorhome involves getting to a destination, but the other half is the journey itself. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to know there are RV campgrounds that are accessible with a large RV but not necessarily within a short driving distance. There are a couple of RV campgrounds within ten miles, but more within a 40 or even 50-mile radius. Such distance allows you to enjoy both the trip and the destination.

Getting around

With so many motorbikes and people at The Wick 338 for the Southwick National, the safest way to navigate the venue will be on foot. Once you park your RV or get dropped off, you can take up your seat in the grandstand areas or stand around the track’s edges at various vantage points within proximity to all viewing areas are food courts and restrooms for convenience.

What to pack


Even though summer has well and truly arrived by the time the Southwick National rolls around, temperatures are often still reasonably comfortable and mild. Shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, and trousers are all must-have suitcase additions, but you will also need your best wet weather gear. Rain graces Southwick over several days each month – regardless of the season.


The primitive style of camping that awaits at the Southwick National means you’ve got a few extra bits and pieces to pack into your RV before you set off for Massachusetts. You’ll need camping and cooking equipment and a barbeque if you fancy a feast once the final checkered flag has flown. For the day’s racing as a spectator, you may like to bring earplugs and binoculars, drinking water, and cash for vendor purchasers. Leave any glass items in your RV.

Health & Safety

Even though Southwick is not graced with intense summery days in June, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring sun safety supplies just in case. Make sure you have sunglasses, a sun hat, sunscreen, and even lip balm to prevent chapped lips. Bug spray, a first kit, and any prescription medication you might need wouldn’t go astray either. It’s also helpful to remember that motorsports can be dangerous, and you must be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Where to eat


Even though you won’t be able to create a campfire, there is still a myriad of other options to keep everyone full and satisfied. The Wick 338 allows the use of both charcoal and propane grills. You can also use any onboard appliances you may have. There are also plenty of stores for supplies along the main streets of Southwick, about two miles from the race track.


While the food courts at The Wick 338 boast a broad range of options to tantalize your taste buds, so too do the restaurants within Southwick. From grills, cafes, Chinese food and donuts, through to traditional American fare and hearty bistro meals, there are options aplenty. The best part is, most restaurants and eateries within Southwick are within a short five-mile driving distance of the Southwick National event.


If you’ve worked up a hunger at The Wick 338, then why not visit one of the food courts? There are several dotted around the main spectator areas of the venue to allow everyone to enjoy convenient access and shorter lines. Remember to bring cash, and you can also purchase merchandise from riders who may be offering it in the pit areas.



The main entrance to the Southwick National is from Legion Road, which has friendly officials at the gate to check your tickets. These same officials can help any RV-goer who needs to know where to park their RV. They can also be a source of knowledge in telling you what you can and can’t bring into the facility, such as pets, glass, drones, or pit vehicles.

If you require outside assistance, visit the local police station one mile from The Wick 338. Don’t forget to lock your RV when it’s unattended.


Temperatures in June during the Southwick National can be quite unusual. While rain is common, it’s also normal to experience lows of 50 degrees-Fahrenheit and highs of 80. Prepare for any and all conditions, and consider downloading a weather app, so you don’t come across any surprises. You can then travel with far more confidence.


If all the dirt and dust at The Wick 338 has you feeling a little unwell, or you’ve sustained an injury, then help is on hand. There is a first aid tent by the food court at the main entrance. Approach an official if you require assistance or need to phone 911. There is a hospital within seven miles for those who require further aid, and a pharmacy with first aid supplies within the same distance.