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Offering fantastic water and hiking opportunities, Standing Stone State Park is a must-see RV getaway destination. Located along the shoreline of the man-made Kelly Lake, the park features 855 acres that include some gorgeous forestry. The park takes its name from the mysterious Standing Stone rock, which is thought to be of Native American origin and once stood in the nearby town of Monterey. The park has a deep connection with Native Americans, as they lived in the area as early as the Archaic period. After the forests were heavily degraded, the park and neighbouring state forest were developed in the 1930s. After World War II the park was further updated and the land was gifted to the State of Tennessee in 1955 from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Many of the parks recreational activities revolve around Kelly Lake, but there are also some amazing hiking trails and birding opportunities within the park. The campground is cozy, with 36 RV suitable sites that are each equipped with a picnic table, charcoal grill, water hookups, and 20, 30, and 50 amp electrical hookups. The camping ground is open year round at Standing Stone State Park and the peak season is during the summertime.

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Getting to Standing Stone State Park is quite easy as there is only one road (Standing Stone Park Highway) that has direct access to the park. This highway is serviced by Celina Highway in the north and in the Standing Stone Park Highway will take you directly past the park. There are a few small towns within a ten mile radius, including Celina, Hilham and Allons.

Standing Stone Park Highway does get a little winding and hilly when you are nearing the park, so make sure you take caution when you are driving around the bends. If you are driving northbound on Standing Stone Park Highway the park's entrance will be on the right, with the entrance on the left for those going southbound. Any vehicle over 30 feet must enter the park by the Celina Highway due to a bridge in the park that is unsuitable for vehicles that are over 30 feet in total length.


The campground and parking area at Standing Stone State Park is quite small. The access road to each campground site is a one way road and it is quite narrow. If the grounds are busy it can be a little difficult to manoeuvre a bigger RV around and into your site. This is especially the case if it is raining! Despite this the rangers at the park are known to be very friendly, so if you need assistance don't hesitate to contact them.

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Standing Stone State Park’s campground is on the smaller side, with 36 RV suitable sites. All of these sites come equipped with a choice of 20, 30 or 50 amp electrical hookups, a water hookup, a picnic table, and a charcoal. Since it is a small campground the sites are close together but there is still enough room for you to have some privacy. There are two central bathhouses with hot showers and flushable toilets that service all the campsites. A dump station and laundry facilities all also available to all campground guests. During the winter time one of the bathhouses will close until the peak season starts again but since there are less visitors in winter you won't be too inconvenienced.

Pets are allowed in the campgrounds provided that they are on a lease at all times. The maximum stay limit is two weeks. You should be able to get phone reception in the campground and there are specific sites for those with disabilities. Heat treated firewood can be bought at the park office. Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance and are available online, or by calling the park office.

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Along with being great for the boats, Kelly Lake is also an awesome fishing spot! The lake is a great place to try your luck at catching some bluegill, catfish, bass or trout. If you are specifically looking for trout they are stocked up during the winter. If you are fishing from a boat there is a three pole limit per angler and six pole limit per angler from the shore. If you plan on keeping a Black Bass it must be a minimum of 15 inches. Looking for more fishing options? Dale Hollow Lake is ten minutes from the park if you want to try out another lake in the area.


Kelly Lake is a perfect spot to get out on some water if you fancy some boating. There are no private boats allowed on the lake besides canoes and kayaks, but have no fear as you can rent all sorts of boats year round. These include row boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and seasonal pedal boats. You are only allowed to use the lake during daylight hours and you must follow all Tennessee boating regulations.


Standing Stone State Park has an olympic sized swimming pool for you to enjoy during your stay if you visit the park in summer. The pool has one low dive spot and also a wading pool for kids. You can find bathhouses with showers, bathrooms and changing areas next to the pool. The pool is opened from Memorial Day and closes no later than Labor Day seven days a week, except during August and September where it is open only on weekends. If you are an RV camper you will receive a discounted rate of entry to the pool too. Bonus!


National Rolley Hole Marbles Championship

If you are lucky enough to find yourself at Standing Stone State Park during September you might be able to catch the National Rolley Hole Marbles Championship. This is a game that is popular with marble enthusiasts around the Tennessee and Kentucky area. The championship has been held annually for over 35 years and it includes kid's games, a swap meet, tournament play, marble making, demonstrations, food, and a music festival. Check out the park website for details on what weekend it will be held on this year.


Standing Stone State Park has some great hiking trails. There are around eight miles of trails providing access to some of the park’s loveliest areas. There is a trail for every difficulty level, with some passing through woods, vivid wildflowers, cascading streams and around the gorgeous Standing Stone Lake. The Lake Trail is your best bet if you want to see some beautiful views.


Standing Stone State Park and Kelly Lake support many different birds and other animals that call the park home. At the lake you will be able to find red-eared sliders, painted turtles, great blue herons, and migrating waterfowl. Around the cabins you can often hear and spot barred owls and down by the gravel road below the lake there are fields and meadows. This area attracts species such as the american goldfinch and common yellowthroat.

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