Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals

At Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, the roar of the engines and cheers of the crowds beckon you to Norwalk, Ohio with plenty of RV camping, great seating, and excellent food, as the drivers race for the finish line.

Event information

Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals is a four-day weekend packed with fun and excitement. You’ll watch as the drivers qualify for the race first and then watch those same drivers race again to win the trophy. With Nitro and Pro Racing at its finest, this event never fails to get everyone’s motor running. Choose a campsite so you can stay for the whole weekend and cheer on your favorite drivers until the end.

When the light turns green, and the cars take off, you'll get to see the 10,000 horsepower engines in action as they hit speeds of over 300 miles per hour. It doesn't matter whether it's your first race or your 101st race; the sound of those motors is thrilling. And this track is so fan-friendly that you almost feel like one of the drivers or pit crew as you get to get right in there and meet your favorites.

It’s not just the racing that most fans come to the track for in Norwalk, Ohio. Get some autographs, eat some awesome track food, and enjoy a cold drink during this weekend of fun. The camping experience is second to none as you have four campgrounds to choose from, including trackside with electric or without, Wilson’s Fence Line, Scotty’s, and there is even a special campground for families. So, bring the whole crew and enjoy a weekend of racing and camping camaraderie.


Camping at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals has been just under $100 for the four-day event in recent years. Other prices vary depending on seating and how many days you want to attend. In the past, prices have ranged from $50 to $800. Kids under 12 are usually free for general admission seats, so you may want to bring them.

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One area you may want to look out for is near Hicksville on OH-18 about a half-mile northwest of OH-2 and OH-49 where the clearance is only 12 feet, six inches. You can avoid this by taking OH-6 or US-24 from the west. Your route may include passage on I-90, I-71, or I-75 as you approach Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. Take your time and enjoy the scenery along Lake Erie and the Maumee River.

Parking areas

If you are camping at the track, you don’t need to worry about parking. However, if you are camping elsewhere or are just in for the day, there are specific spots for RVs and motorhomes. All parking is in the grass, and it is usually all free of charge. ADA parking is in Wilson’s Lot, which is closer and provides a shuttle service.

Public Transportation

Both Huron County and Ashland County provide public transit that you can reserve in advance or call for same-day service. Huron County Transit only runs Monday through Friday, but Ashland County Transit runs on Saturdays as well. Ashland charges a bit extra for going out of the City of Ashland, which Summit Motorsports Park is about 15 miles out of the city. You can also choose to call a taxi or use a rideshare app to meet up with members of your group in the area.

Where to stay


Summit Motorsports Park has five different campgrounds, including 350 sites at the newest Northfield Campground, over 100 at Scotty’s Campground, about 100 at the Family Campground, and more than 100 at Wilson’s Fencerow and the Trackside Campground. Most of these can fit RVs and trailers up to 50 feet in length, and many have electric hookups. Generators are permitted but not in the family section. Pets are welcome, but they must be restrained at all times, and they are not allowed in the grandstands.


If you aren’t able to get a spot at the track or if your RV is over 50 feet long, you can find quite a few campgrounds and RV parks within 15 miles of the track. Many have tons of amenities such as full hookups and showers, while others are primitive. The Sandusky/Bayshore KOA is just 19 miles from the track, and it has over 500 sites that can accommodate up to 70 feet of rig space with tons of amenities and recreational fun.

Getting around

If you stay in Scotty’s Campground, a golf cart is okay in some areas, but not through the gate. You’ll need to get a permit for your golf cart as well. Wheelchairs and strollers are allowed, as are medical scooters. Everyone else has to hoof it, so make sure you wear some comfy walking shoes.

What to pack


Jeans, tank tops, shorts, and t-shirts are typical attire at the races. Many of the fans wear shirts or hats to support their favorite drivers. If you don’t have one, visit the Summit Point Pro Shop, where you can find all kinds of racing paraphernalia. Don’t forget to pack or wear some comfortable shoes and bring a light jacket in case it gets chilly.


Coolers are allowed at Summit Motorsports Park as long as they are 14 inches or smaller. Water, soda, and food are allowed, but no glass bottles or alcohol. Backpacks are fine as long as they are 14 inches or smaller. All coolers and backpacks will be searched at the gate. Large cameras and chairs are not allowed here.

Health & Safety

Of course, you are going to want to bring bug spray and maybe some citronella candles for the campsite to keep those Midwest mosquitos at bay. You’ll also need to bring sunblock to protect you from sunburn and a first aid kit for minor emergencies. Bring plenty of water to keep you hydrated as it can get mighty warm at this time of year.

Where to eat


The track offers plenty of RV campsites with electric so you can plug in your RV appliances if you like. Also, you can BBQ or use a camp stove outside your camper. Be sure to bring charcoal and propane. If you forgot anything, there are several big retail stores and grocery stores in Norwalk just five miles from the track.


If you don’t feel like cooking at the RV or would like to explore the area, take a trip into Norwalk for a nice meal at one of the family restaurants, Mexican bistros, or pizza houses. You can choose from a buffet, café, or three bar and grills within just five miles of the track. There are several fast food joints as well if that is your preference.


Summit Motorsports boasts a plethora of food choices from their famous 100 MPH Chili to yummy ice cream, snacks to sandwiches, and breakfast foods to dinner choices. Of course, there are plenty of beverage options as well, such as beer, soft drinks, and juice. The Summit Point Pro Shop has racing goodies like t-shirts, hats, and banners. Fans will also find a crowd of manufacturers ready to show off their newest items.



Security at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals is taken seriously, and the rules are strictly enforced. No drugs, weapons, or fighting will be tolerated, and violators will be removed. Although the track wants everyone to have a great time, safety is essential, so it is best to know the rules before heading to the track. You can find the full list of rules and regulations online.


The temperature in Norwalk, OH in the middle of June is typically warm and lands in the 70s and low 80s. Overnight temperatures are usually around 55 to 65 degrees. Rain does happen, and summer storms are possible in the Midwest. Monitor the local weather during your travels just south of Lake Erie and near the Canadian Border.


Summit Motorsports Park has a 24-hour system worked out with 911 and Huron County to give direct dispatch services of emergency medical care if needed. All you have to do is dial 911 and give them your section, row, and seat number. If you would rather head to the hospital yourself, there are three within 10 miles of the track with the closest being four miles away on Benedict off of US-50.