Susquehanna State Park

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Susquehanna State Park, located in the northeastern part of Maryland outside of the city of Havre de Grace, is a beautiful park on the banks of the Susquehanna River. It includes land on both sides of the water, as well as several small islands.

In the park, you can enjoy activities such as fishing and boating. At an elevation of 213 feet above sea level, there's even a waterfall that is awe-inspiring. Hiking enthusiasts of all skill levels and abilities can find something to do in the park, with over fifteen miles of trails, including the accessible Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenways Trail. Horseback riders and mountain bikers can enjoy the lush landscape and river views, as well. History buffs can enjoy the unique historical attractions, such as the Rock Run Grist Mill. There are even remnants of the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal.

Susquehanna State Park has plenty of camping available for you, with several sites for your RV. There are also cabins available in the park that you can reserve. The campground is open for visits between April and October, and reservations are strongly recommended. Within the campground, your pets are welcome, as long as they stay on a leash. There are boating ramps present, so don't forget to bring your boat and enjoy the local fishing.

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Transportation in Susquehanna State Park


Susquehanna State Park is located north of the city of Havre de Grace. It is accessible by cars and RVs via Craig's Corner Road. The road is easy to navigate, and there are two loops that camping is situated around, the Acorn Loop and the Beechnut Loop. While camping is only allowed during part of the year, the park is open year-round.

Fishing is allowed in the area and boating ramps are present. The park directly accesses the Susquehanna River. The Lapidum Boating Facility is where you will go to launch your boat. It is also where you pay the service fee for accessing the boating ramps.

Horseback riders can park at the nearby Susquehanna's Maintenance Complex. Riders can access all of the trails that are available for equestrian use from the nearby Ivy Branch trail.

While six campers are allowed at each site, only two vehicles are allowed at each campsite. A boat is considered one of these two vehicles, and they must be parked on the campsite driveway.

There are over fifteen miles of trails within Susquehanna State Park. Of these, there are biking trails as well as foot trails. There is also a playground between the two camping loops providing easy access to the main road of the park.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Susquehanna State Park

Campsites in Susquehanna State Park

Reservations camping

Susquehanna State Park Campground

The Susquehanna State Park campground has 69 RV and tent sites found within two loops of the park. One is the Acorn Loop, while the other is the Beechnut Loop.

Six of these sites have electrical hookups and the maximum length for RVs is 30 feet. Each site features a fire ring and picnic table. Both loops have comfort stations, where facilities such as hot showers are available. The facilities take reservations, which are strongly recommended, especially on the weekends.

Water spigots and dumpsters are available in several places around the camping loops. There is also a playground and amphitheater situated in the middle of the two loops, which can provide entertainment for families.

Boats are allowed in the campsite but must be parked in the appropriate lots. They are considered one of the two vehicles allowed at each campsite. Pets are available in the campground but must be kept on a leash at all times.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

If you camp without a reservation, the park requests that you check the reservation board at the park for available sites.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Susquehanna State Park



Some hunting is allowed at Susquehanna State Park. When in-season, deer are able to be hunted from Wednesday to Sunday in designated areas of the park. Only bow hunting is allowed for deer, and permits are required. Reservations are also required for deer hunting. Waterfowl hunting is also allowed in the park, and there are sites for blinds on the Susquehanna River. Permits are needed for waterfowl hunting, and reservations for the blind sites are required.


If you are interested in boating this state park offers excellent facilities you can use during your RV stay. The Lapidum Boating Facility provides direct access to the Susquehanna River. Traveling a short distance downstream, you can access the Chesapeake Bay and all the delights that are present there. The boating ramps charge a service fee, and the cost depends on if you are out-of-state or a Maryland resident. Bathroom facilities are present in the area. Pets are allowed in the area, but no alcohol is permitted.


At Susquehanna State Park, there is a variety of fishing to be had. The park provides direct access to the river, and anglers can find sport in fishing for striped bass, catfish, and perch, depending on the season. A Chesapeake Bay Sports Fishing License is needed for most of the fishing, as it is tidal water. Fishing in the nearby Deer Creek only requires a non-tidal fishing license. For many of the fish, the season for fishing is open year round.



At Susquehanna State Park, there are more than fifteen miles of trails that you can explore. The terrain varies, and the trails range from easy to difficult. The Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenways Trail is handicapped accessible and is flat, which makes it ideal for novices and families to hike. Other trails are more difficult, such as the Susquehanna Ridge Trail. Much of the trails are marked and maintained, and you may encounter mountain bikers, as well as horseback riders.

Visiting Historical Sites

At Susquehanna State Park, there are a variety of historical sites that you can explore. There is a working gristmill, and the nearby Carter-Archer Mansion, where the mill owner lived. You can also see remnants of the Jersey Toll House. There is a privately owned and operated museum in the park, the Steppingstone Museum, which celebrates the rural heritage of Harford County. You'll enjoy seeing farm implements and artifacts in the museum, as well as exhibits featuring a blacksmith's shop.

Viewing the Fishing Runs

During your RV vacation to Susquehanna State Park you can view fishing runs during the spring. The fish involved are shad and herring. These sport fish exhibit runs when the waters begin to warm up in the spring, such as during the month of April. They swim upriver to spawn their young. These anadromous fish make the trek from the Atlantic Ocean up the rivers. The young, once they hatch, swim back downstream to the ocean, where they will live their lives.

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