Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tailgating

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of three NFL teams in Florida. At Raymond James Stadium, cheer the Buccaneers with the other 65,000 fans in the stadium who are all decked out in Buccaneer red.

Event information

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of three NFL teams in Florida, offering a great location for travelers. At Raymond James Stadium, cheer the Buccaneers with the other 65,000 fans in the stadium who are all decked out in Buccaneer red. Mascot Captain Fear works to alert the opposing team that the Buccaneers are ready for football action.

The stadium, also known as RJS or “Ray Jay Stadium” is also home to South Florida Bulls, an NCAA college football team, and the stadium hosts events for monster trucks and supercross, too.

The City of Tampa is a fun destination, and you’ll find plenty of historic sites, restaurants, and entertainment for the whole family. When the Buccaneers are not playing, you can visit the 1800s replica pirate ship, and you can even rent it for a private event. The ship shoots its cannons during the game, which is a unique attraction not found in other NFL stadiums. Tampa has a rich pirate history because of its proximity to Florida’s west coast.

Tailgating at the stadium is allowed, and there are other events at the stadium that are suited for the whole family. When it’s not game day, you can saunter over to the coast and relax on the beach or maybe go fishing. As a vacation destination, Tampa has it all.


If you’re in Tampa during the NFL season, watching the Buccaneers is a must-go event. Buying tickets in advance is your best bet at finding great seats, but you can still find tickets closer to game day. Tickets at Raymond James Stadium are affordable and range between $50 and $200. The more expensive seats are closer to the action, resulting in a steeper price tag.

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Driving to Tampa from any of the major Florida cities is a breeze, thanks to Florida’s robust highway system. Cities like Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville are just a few hours away. Check your navigation system for the most accurate directions. For the best traffic updates, follow Raymond James Stadium (@RJStadium) on Twitter.

Parking areas

RV parking is available over at lot 14 when the Buccaneers are playing. During other events, RVs must park at lot 8. Overnight camping is not permitted at the lots. Alternatively, some local businesses have been known to allow parking on their properties. In the past, RV parking options have been as close as a block away from the stadium with shuttle services.

Public Transportation

The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) offers a way to get around the city. Take HART to get to your destination and do some sightseeing while you’re there. Plan your trip ahead of time for a hassle-free experience. If you want to ride in style, take the Tampa Historic Streetcar, which runs through downtown and other areas; it’s free.

Where to stay


Since camping is not allowed at Raymond James Stadium, you will need to find another place to sleep. Luckily, the City of Tampa welcomes RVs, and there are many campgrounds in the area. Some local businesses may allow overnight parking in their lots, but remember to obtain permission from current management if this option suits your travels.


There are plenty of RV parks nearby offering top-notch amenities. Have your pick of the litter. One place, which calls itself a resort, has a built-in pool, and they are very affordable. Other places offer free Wi-Fi, laundry rooms, or hot showers. Clearwater / Lake Tarpon KOA Holiday sits about a 45-minute drive to the northwest and brings campers close to several bodies of water. Pick the RV park that is best for you, and make plans for transportation to the stadium.

Getting around

There are escalators at various locations within the stadium. People with disabilities can enter the stadium through one of two gates, which are equipped with ramps. Re-entry into the stadium is not allowed unless you leave for a medical emergency.

What to pack


Winters tend to be mild in Tampa, and the summers are hot, humid, and rainy. Bring light, breathable clothing with plenty of air circulation. While you may want to wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes, it’s best to wear sneakers since it does rain, and the stadium is open to the elements. As the season progresses, you still want to consider warm clothing, even in Florida.


Tampa is all about the outdoors, so bring a fishing rod, kayak, or stand-up paddle to enjoy the bay. For tailgating, you will want to bring a grill, outdoor furniture, and other accouterments such as kitchenware or a tent. Also, think about bringing a personal fan to combat the heat and humidity. Captain Fear gear for you and the kids is always a fun addition to any Buccaneers game experience.

Health & Safety

If you’re planning on heading to the water, bring a life-jacket and some sunscreen. It’s a good idea to pack a first-aid kit for those unexpected accidents that tend to happen while on vacation. And, while cheering on the Buccaneers is a fun activity, don’t forget to bring a raincoat to stay dry in case it rains during the game.

Where to eat


If you plan on tailgating, you will need supplies and food, so head to one of the local supermarkets that are located nearby. Tailgating at the stadium ends at kickoff, so do make plans to pack up before then and head inside to cheer the Bucs. If you plan to cook outdoors at your campsite, be sure to ask if open fires will be allowed.


Tampa Bay welcomes travelers to explore cuisines from many all over the world. Choose from Italian, Chinese, Mexican, or Indian cuisine, or try one of the popular seafood restaurants in town. With such close proximity to the ocean, you can’t go wrong with seafood.


Cheering from the stands with a Buccaneers jersey is a must, but if you forgot to bring yours, there are several places to buy inside the stadium. At the Hyundai Club, there is a 10,000 square foot store that has all the Buccaneers merchandise you need. Once your jersey situation is settled, head to one of the many concession stands for a hot plate of something delicious.



Entry into RJS requires guests to have all their belongings in a clear plastic bag; a gallon-sized kitchen storage bag will do the trick. Items that are prohibited can be stored at one of the onsite storage lockers. While you may want to make as much noise as possible to root for your team, noisemakers such as air horns are not allowed.


During the winter, temperatures drop to a cool 50 degrees, while summers are 90 degrees at their hottest. It does rain early in the season, though, so pay attention to road conditions. Bring an umbrella or raincoat to protect yourself from the rain.


Raymond James Stadium cares about guests’ safety, which is why there are multiple first-aid locations and paramedics available. For more serious medical attention, there is a hospital two miles away. For any special needs, contact the stadium office in advance to make arrangements.