Tampa to Lake Saint Louis Road Trip Guide


The Florida city of Tampa is believed by many to derive its name from either the Calusa language or the Timucua language. Scholars have likened the city name to itimpi which is a Creek word for “close to or nearby”.

If you’re a lover of arts exploring the city, you’ll find yourself at home, thanks to the numerous performing arts venues, drama stages, and theatres that are scattered around the city. Good examples are the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa Theatre, and Gorilla Theatre. Festivals are also a thing here, so you won’t miss out on those too. Besides, overnight camping areas abound in the various parks and campgrounds operated by the city.

By far the best way to enjoy this city is, however, by kickstart a five-day road trip from here with your friends to Lake Saint Louis. That way, not only will you take in the sights and sounds that this glamorous city has to offer, but you get to add to that the exciting adventures that are open across parks, sports centers, roadside attractions, as well as national monuments along the way. Rest assured you’re in for a memorable journey.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: van
audience: family

Point of Interest

The Badgett Playhouse

There’s no better way to wind down on this memorable adventure than to stop at the Badgett Theatre in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. This Playhouse is open to all members of the public and hosts plenty of interesting events, music shows, artist performances, and the likes.

Located on JH O’Bryan, this Playhouse features modern facilities and equipment that make the sound and lighting absolutely breathtaking. As you sit back and enjoy any of the performances here, you’ll be dazzled both by what the high-caliber artists are putting up, and the atmosphere too.

A dinner theater option is available to guests who wish to just spend their evening here before retiring to any of the nearby camping areas for the night.

What’s particularly great about this Playhouse is that it is surrounded by many other attractions, so the fun doesn’t end when you step out of the venue.

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls lies two hours away from Atlanta, and you’ll get to drive about 118 miles from World of Coca-Cola before you arrive here. This time around, you won’t be seeing fascinating man-made features like those you viewed at the World of Coca-Cola. Rather, it’s time to enjoy some natural wonders.

Ruby Falls is an underground waterfall that’s well-known as the tallest and deepest in the region. What’s more, a spectacle has been added to the waterfall, such that it is illuminated by lights that make it an absolute beauty to behold.

A guided tour is available here for you if you wish to visit the underground areas and explore a cavern path deep below. On the tour, you’ll get to learn about the history of the cave and some other geological features too.

Don’t worry, you’ll get good spots to park your van on the grounds before you set out on this adventure.

World of Coca Cola

Your next destination, World of Coca Cola, lies about 87 miles away from Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, in Atlanta. Here, you can be assured that you’ll learn all there is to know about the history of The Coca-Cola Company.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a soda fountain designed to replicate an original one made in the 1930s. Feel free to take pictures. If there’s a particular Coca-Cola advert that you love, you’ll get the chance to see it here too, regardless of how long ago it was used, because all the video adverts of the products are presented to guests in the facility. Wonder how coke is distributed around the globe? You’ll get to know that too.

You should note that while you’re on the guided tour of the Spectacular Fountain, you’ll be allowed to taste various Coke products, some of which you probably may not have seen or know about.

A sight for a full day, you may park your van at nearby designated parking lots while you explore.

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

After spending the night at Silver Springs State Park, you should be ready for a four-hour drive along 290 miles of road will bring you to Georgia Sports Hall of Fame where you will feast your eyes on some national sport features. Without a doubt, Georgia Sports Hall of Fame will help to put a little athletic spirit back into you. Located in Macon, Georgia, this Hall of Fame is the largest state sports museum in the US that honors professional and amateur sports activities. Whether you’re a baseball fan, football lover, basketball enthusiast, or into golf, you’ll find what suits your interest here.

Thanks to the more than 3,000 artifacts that are available here, you will enjoy the opportunity to learn about more than 400 sportsmen that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This sports center is open to all visitors and tourists and particularly offers good learning opportunities for school students.

Silver Springs State Park

Driving 103 miles from Tampa will bring you to Silver Springs State Park, your first stop on this road trip to Lake Saint Louis. This park, which was initially known as Silver River State Park, is home to lots of outdoor activities ranging from bicycling to canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding. You’ll find plenty of attractive sites here too where you can take photographs.

Nature and wildlife lovers always enjoy their stay here, thanks to the presence of fauna such as armadillos, wild boar, deer, wild turkey, and foxes.

There is a museum and an environmental center here where you get to take some casual history and nature lessons too. If you fancy water-based recreation, then go for the glass-bottom boats which offer boaters the unique opportunity to see in the crystal-clear water in the park.

Fifty-nine sites spread over two campground loops can comfortably hold large camping vehicles. The maximum RV length is 50 feet.


It's been an exciting adventure, going from sports centers to parks, to waterfalls and other attractions. Arriving at Lake Saint Louis, you’ll find that you can explore two lakes that are perfectly suited for recreational activities. Some of the parks in the city are designed for adult recreation only, while some others are open to vacationers of all ages. Regardless, you’ll find plenty of outdoor fun here.

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