Texas Christian University Tailgating

Texas Christian University is a top college football team with a dedicated fan base and epic tailgate events you won’t want to miss.

Event information

Join the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University at Amon G. Carter Stadium for a tailgating experience that is as big as Texas. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, TCU is home to one of the best college football teams in the nation, and they know how to enjoy a good tailgate party.

Guests with RVs can join the celebration on Saturdays when the team is playing at home in areas near the stadium. Fans are passionate about their football team, but you will find that they are friendly as well. Athletics at TCU is a favorite of alumni and current students alike, with soccer fans also spreading the purple and white spirit.

From August to October, the temperatures range from hot to warm, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable and breathable clothes. Around November, things start to cool down, and temperatures can drop to freezing. Make sure to pack warm clothes if you plan on tailgating during the cold season.

If you want to meet the players and join fellow Horned Frog fans, make your way over to Frog Alley. There are booths lined up throughout the alley, with plenty of food, drinks, and entertainment for the whole family. Before the game starts, players from the TCU team will arrive at the stadium and walk through Frog Alley, where you can cheer them on as they enter the field. Later, join the TCU marching band as they put on a live show.


Watching a college football game in Texas is a must, and the best part is that you can buy tickets for a TCU game online. Reserved seats are a little more expensive, but once they sell out, you can purchase an SRO (standing room only) ticket, which is more affordable. TCU plays some of the best teams in the state, so it’s not something you will want to miss. When TCU plays bigger teams, expect the tickets to go up in price. However, you can find decent seats season-round for under $100.

Before the game, head on over to the tailgating section of the parking lot for some drinks and food. To host a tailgate party near the stadium, you’ll need to be a season pass holder, although there are some parking spots offsite where tailgating is permitted for a small fee.

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Texas Christian University is right near the heart of Fort Worth, and you can reach it by taking Interstate 35W running north and south. I-30 and 1-20 also run east and west through Fort Worth and are somewhat parallel to one another resting just north and south of TCU respectively. Review weather and road conditions for Tarrant County shortly before you depart on your journey.

Parking areas

To tailgate with your RV at the stadium, you need to be a season pass holder and obtain a parking pass for Lot 13RV, but there other ways to tailgate with your RV in the area. There are several free and paid parking lots nearby the Horned Frogs Stadium that accept RVs, and some even allow for tailgating, but amenities may differ.

Public Transportation

If you want to head to the stadium without your RV, some parking lots offer shuttles to the stadium. Also, there is a public transportation system that you can use throughout Fort Worth. It’s worth noting that a ride-hailing service may be useful if you want to reach the stadium as soon as possible.

Where to stay


In past years, only season ticket holders have been allowed to park and host a tailgate party at the stadium site, but there are alternative campground options nearby.


Campgrounds can be found around Fort Worth and nearby cities such as Arlington or Roanoke, and you can expect to see the typical amenities. Weatherford / Fort Worth West KOA sits about a 30-minute drive to the west of Carter Stadium. Just under 20 miles from the stadium, there are several private campgrounds, with many of them to the west of most TCU athletic events.

Getting around

Once you’re at the stadium, walking is the best form of transportation. Tailgate parties are near the stadium and only require a few minutes of walking. Once inside the stadium, there are elevators and escalators around the stadium, which make it more accessible for all fans. Golf carts are permitted in some areas as long as they meet regulations.

What to pack


Without diving into a lesson on fashion, the one thing you’ll want to bring more than anything is a TCU shirt or hat. Horned Frog Purple is the official color of TCU’s Horned Frogs, so it won’t hurt to pack as much purple as possible.

The season starts in August, which is a very hot month in Texas. Bring breathable and comfortable clothing during the summer months. Around Halloween is when North Texas begins to cool down, so pack warm clothes if you plan to attend events in November or December. While it may not snow, it’s not uncommon to witness freezing or near-freezing temperatures.


If you’re planning on hosting a tailgate party, don’t forget chairs, tables, lawn games, and your grilling accessories. If tailgating early in the season, it’s a good idea to bring a tent and maybe a fan, which is a welcome sight for many sun-stricken tailgaters. A radio or Bluetooth speaker at a reasonable volume is also a great idea for a bit of entertainment between burger flips.

Health & Safety

The Texas sun is no joke, and it’s best to apply strong sunscreen before heading out for game day activities. As always, make sure you hydrate regularly. During the cold season, dress in layers and keep your skin covered. Help the kids remember to be mindful of the grill and cooking spaces during games and tailgating activities.

Where to eat


If you choose to host a tailgate party, there are plenty of grocery stores that can supply you with all your food needs. Stadium tailgaters must have a bucket of water nearby if using a grill, and even if you’re tailgating somewhere else, that’s still a good rule to follow. RVs will often have fire safety items on hand as a part of their setup.


Downtown Fort Worth and the famous Fort Worth Stockyards are located near TCU stadium. Visit one of the many excellent restaurants in this area, and try some of Texas’s best cuisine. Enjoy a juicy steak or partake in classic western-style cooking. Whether you’re looking for something familiar or something new, Fort Worth has what you’re looking to enjoy after a long day of watching the Horned Frogs.


Concession stands are one of the best things about going to a football game, and Amon G. Carter Stadium is no different. Vendors are located throughout the stadium welcoming hungry TCU fans. Feast on a varied selection of foods such as tamales, fried chicken tenders, ice cream, and BBQ.



If you’re leaving your RV at one of the offsite parking lots, lock and secure all your belongings and bring all the items you need with you. Stadium security only permits clear bags, which means that many purses and backpacks will not be allowed inside. Texas Christian University requests that guests follow state and local laws related to drinking but does allow alcohol on site.


North Texas weather is fickle. The summer months are hot and typically in the 90s and can even reach 100 degrees. Be prepared to sit under the sun. Severe storm warnings occasionally happen during the summer and fall, in which case you need to seek shelter inside a sturdy building away from windows.

Late in the fall and winter, temperatures can quickly drop to freezing, so bring plenty of jackets and warm pants for your crew. Roads can be subject to ice in the winter, which can bring traffic to a crawl. Stay alert and check your phone for weather alerts.


In the midst of excitement at a football game, minor accidents can happen, but there is no need to worry. There are a few hospitals down the road, with the nearest one being an eight-minute drive away. Multiple pharmacy options are available within a 20-minute radius of Texas Christian University.