Texas Rangers RV Camping Guide

Head to Arlington and park your RV at Texas Rangers Stadium for a game. Globe Life Field is one of the newest stadiums in the country and has a plethora of new attractions.

Event information

Although the Texas Rangers have also been known as the Washington Senators, they have been the Rangers since 1972 and have won several titles since then. Their mascot, Captain, is a giant palomino horse in a Rangers jersey. You don’t see that every day. He has been with the team since 2002 and has become a well-known creature with the fans as well. Captain is a fun-loving sort that not only entertains at baseball games but also visits schools, hospitals, and even does birthday parties if you live within 50 miles of the stadium.

If you love the Rangers, you have probably heard of Nolan Ryan, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003 and played for the team from 1989 until 1993. The team moved to a brand-new stadium (in 2020) named Globe Life Field. It is in Arlington, just across the street from the old stadium, which is now home to the Dallas Renegades football team and North Texas Soccer Club.

The new stadium broke ground in September of 2017, has a capacity of 40,000+ seats in 1.7 million square feet, and has five entry gates. One of the main features is the state-of-the-art roof, which closes within minutes to protect guests from bad weather as well as heat because it can get extremely hot in Texas. The food is also phenomenal as is the spacious seating plan. Kids love the new kid’s zone where they can have fun and be… kids.


From $15 for upper box seats to $450 for VIP Home Plate Club seats, the prices for Texas Rangers game tickets in the past have been very reasonable no matter where you want to sit. Season passes and other special amenities such as Field Suites and the Speakeasy all have additional fees. Children under 36 inches tall are free, and those under 13 get reduced-price tickets in the upper box area.

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Right next to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, just off I-30, you should not have trouble finding and getting to a Rangers game at Globe Life Field. I-20 runs east and west just south of the stadium and I-30 runs east and west to the north. TX-360 and I-820 square up the area around Rangers Stadium running north and south.

The park is only 16 miles west of Fort Worth, where you can see the Art Museum and the National Cowgirls Museum. And Dallas is only 18 miles to the east where you can visit the Dallas Museum of Art or the Sculpture Center as well as hundreds of shops, restaurants, and boutiques.

Parking areas

If you are parking a larger rig at Globe Life Field, you will have to head to Corolla Lot C or Camry Lot D, which are just to the east of the park. The lots open three hours before the game is due to start, and you must be out of there by a designated time the next morning. Yes, that means you can stay the night!

However, it is just a parking lot, so there are no utilities or other camping amenities. The fee is significantly higher for larger rigs, and parking is limited, so you may want to leave your Class A at an Arlington RV Park and take a tow vehicle or public transportation to the game.

Public Transportation

Arlington is new to the public transportation department, but they are doing a fantastic job of it! The Milo Autonomous Shuttle is an automatic vehicle that will take you from anywhere downtown to the ballpark for free. Although it is an automatic vehicle, there is always a certified operator on board to help passengers and to answer questions. Alternatively, the Arlington Trolley will take you to all of the Arlington attractions, including the ballpark, shopping centers, Six Flags, and more. You can also use a rideshare app or call a taxi.

Where to stay


Even though Globe Life Field does not offer camping on site, two parking lots offer overnight parking for RVs for a fee. Corolla Lot C and Camry Lot D, just to the east of the park, allow you to park your rig up to three hours before the game starts and stay until the next morning at a stated time, so make sure you get up early to pack up and make your departure.

There are no utilities or other campground amenities because it is a parking lot. But if you are lucky enough to get a spot here, it saves you from having to get a ride back and forth between the ballpark and a campground.


You may want to go ahead and book a site at one of the campgrounds near Globe Life Field so you don’t have to wonder if you will be lucky enough to nab one of the Ranger Stadium RV parking spots. There are several campgrounds nearby including the Dallas / Arlington KOA where they can accommodate rigs up to 102 feet long. And with more than 400 campsites, you should have no trouble getting a spot you love.

If you would rather stay in a park setting, Cedar Hill State Park is just 15 minutes from the park. They have 350 campsites with utility hookups, showers, tons of amenities, and they can accommodate rigs up to 65 feet long.

Getting around

Globe Life Field has two shuttle routes to help transport fans from the parking lots to the gates. The only walking you may have to do is from the gate to your seat and from your seat to the restrooms and concession stands. Globe Life Field also has shuttle service for those with mobility issues. There are special ADA parking spots, seating, and restrooms. They even provide companion seats that allow ADA guests to have a friend or family member with them.

What to pack


When you’re in Texas in the summertime, you know it’s going to be hot. It is essential to pack for hot weather no matter whether you are going in early May, mid-July, or even September. Most people wear t-shirts or jerseys with their favorite Ranger’s name on them and shorts or jeans. A Rangers baseball hat is also a good addition to keep the sun off your face.


When they say “less is more,” they know what they are talking about for baseball game days. The less you bring with you, the less you have to carry around Rangers Stadium. However, for those much-needed items like water, medication, tickets, wallet, and ID, a small backpack up to 16 inches or a soft-sided cooler can be used. These items are subject to search and will slow you down a bit at the gate, but if you need to bring some items, a backpack is one way to go so you can keep your hands free for your beer and snacks.

Health & Safety

In Texas, travelers should always have a water bottle with them no matter where they go. If you are bringing a backpack, you can use that for your water as well as some sunscreen, sunglasses, and a first-aid kit, just in case. Bug spray is also important during night games or back at the campsite. And sunglasses are essential to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Where to eat


You’ll be glad to know that tailgating is allowed in grassy areas of the parking lot behind your vehicle. Tailgating can begin when the lots open until the third inning and after the game until two hours after the final out. Both charcoal and gas cooking are allowed, but you must dispose of your coals in the designated coal containers in the lots. All guests must follow the rules, which can be viewed on the team's website.

Cooking at your campsite may be no problem if you stay at a state park or KOA. However, if you stay in the parking lot at Globe Life Field, you will need a camp stove or grill.


Less than a half-mile from Globe Life Field, Rangers fans can look for the local deli that has all kinds of healthy and delicious sandwiches and other foods. You can also walk here since it is so close and then grab public transportation from there. But if you want a different type of food, you will have to drive a bit further. Two miles from the field, you can find a few pizza places, some fast food joints, and even fine dining. If you are in the mood for sushi, there is a sushi restaurant about two miles to the northwest and several other eateries along I-30.


From hot dogs and hamburgers to salads and tacos, you can find everything at Globe Life Field during a Rangers game. In fact, there are more than 100 concession stands spread out over all of the concourses at the park. You will even find vegan burgers and veggie wraps for the health-conscious fans and bacon bombs and fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for those who like to indulge. If you are looking for souvenirs, try the Grand Slam Gift Shop or any of the gift shops or merchandisers around the park.



Security is very visible at Globe Life Field from the moment you park your vehicle until you leave the park. Before entering the stadium, you will have to go through the metal detector, so make sure you don’t bring anything that you are not supposed to have. There is a list online, but the most common include weapons, drugs, fireworks, glass, and drones. And if you need security while you are there, they are just a text away if you cannot see one in the immediate vicinity — just text REPORT to 69050.


With high temps that can reach the upper 90s, you'll want to dress for the heat when you go to a Rangers game. Depending on which month you visit, the temperatures can range from the lower 80s in March to the upper 90s in August. The lows are typically in the high 60s and 70s. Rain and thunderstorms are possible, which is not a problem in the new stadium but may put a damper on your camping if you do not have an awning. Always pack a tarp and rain gear just in case.


Since it gets so hot in Texas, the ballpark provides cooling tents by Section 5 and Section 308. In the new Globe Life Field, the roof can close, and the air conditioning turned on if the temperatures get above 90. For injuries or illness, there are first aid stations on the main concourse by Section 5 and Section 208 of the Lexus Club Level. And if you need a medical center, there are 18 urgent care offices within 15 miles of the field.