Thunder Mountain Rodeo

Don’t let your RV collect dust this summer. Polish your best cowboy boots and make your way to Longview, Washington, for Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo.

Event information

Don’t let summer pass you by without at least doing something fun, and why not an award-winning rodeo in Washington? Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo in Longview, WA, is a longstanding PRCA rodeo with bareback riding, calf roping, bull riding, barrel racing, and more. It’s held every July and brings some of the most exceptional rodeo talents to the area.

This rodeo has won the Columbia River Circuit Best Ground and Best Rodeo awards, as well as the WPRA Qualifying Tour Rodeo in 2012. With accolades such as these under their belt, it’s no wonder thousands of people flock to the area for three days of rodeo action.

Alongside traditional rodeo events, those who attend can also enjoy Rascal Rodeo for the kids, and Miss Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo, not to mention some standout vendor offerings.

While you’re in Longview, Washington, there is also no harm in venturing out and seeing what else the area has to offer. You can go kayaking at Lake Sacajawea, a manmade lake, or sightseeing at the Lewis and Clark Bridge. Those who have bought their furry friends along for the journey may even like to take them to Gearhart Gardens Dog Park for a frolic in the grass.

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to begin thinking about taking an RV trip. Purchase your tickets for Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo and get going.


While you’re looking for somewhere to stay with an RV in Longview, Washington, why not purchase your rodeo tickets at the same time? In the lead up to Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo, you can buy general admission and reserved seating tickets. These range between $8 and $20. You can also purchase your tickets at the fair booth by the midway upon entry to the rodeo.

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Longview is a beautiful city in Cowlitz County that sits on the state line of Washington and Oregon by the Columbia River. It’s positioned by the I-5 corridor, served by WA-4 and WA-432, and it’s connected to Rainier, Oregon, by WA-433 and the Lewis and Clark bridge.

This centrally-appointed city is on the doorstep to Mt St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and Clatsop State Forest, making any RV journey to the city amongst such beauty a memorable one. As long as you drive with a traffic app such as WSDOT, you can motor into Longview seamlessly, ready for some rodeo fun at 1900 7th Avenue.

Parking areas

Grass parking is available for rodeo visitors by the Cowlitz County Event Center on 7th Avenue. As there are no marked spaces, parking attendants will be able to direct RV travelers to the best place to park their big rig. In the event of there being no spaces left, you may be able to find on-street parking by neighboring businesses. Alternatively, position your RV at your accommodation and arrange for public transportation to take you to the rodeo and collect you afterward.

Public Transportation

Rideshare services and taxis are in operation throughout Longview, which means your chances of being able to secure a ride for you and your family is high. There is also a bus route along 7th Avenue that runs at regular times. However, you will need to check the bus schedule to see if pick-up and drop-off times align with those of the rodeo entertainment.

Where to stay


While camping is an option by the Cowlitz County Event Center during the County Fair and throughout the year, it’s not available for Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo. When you start browsing the internet for advice on RV camping, be on the lookout for suitable RV accommodation. You are sure to find there is a myriad of different options to suit nearby.


The beauty of Longview, Washington bordering onto a river, is that you get to find many different RV campgrounds near water. You can enjoy fishing and kayaking opportunities, a serene and peaceful place to sleep, and even primitive RV camping options if service hookups are not necessary.

Expand your search to within 20 miles of Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo and book your preferred accommodation with weeks to spare. Longview North / Mount St.Helens KOA and Seaquest State Park both sit about 20 miles to the north welcoming guests in a variety of vehicle styles and sizes.

Getting around

Upon arriving at Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo, you will be pleased with how easy the grounds are to navigate. While you’ll need your sturdiest cowboy boots, you can wander into the dirt grounds, take a seat in the grandstands, or watch from the fenced-off area. There are also vendors dotted around the venue for convenience. There will be no need for golf carts, shuttles, bikes, or any other form of transport other than your trusty footwear.

What to pack


Due to Longview’s location in a small gorge, the summer heat is seldom as intense as neighboring cities such as Portland. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll need your winter woollies in July. The area has experienced record highs of around 100 degrees, and even averages of 80 will see you being able to wear shorts and t-shirts with confidence. Pack a wide array of clothing that will keep you fresh during the day, but warm once the cloud cover rolls in and night falls.


It’s better to have too much than not enough when you go camping, so think long and hard about what you will be bringing with you to Longview, Washington. While you only need the bare essentials for Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo, such as water, cash and payment cards, and sun safety products, you will need other equipment for your camping adventure. Bring cookware, any off-the-grid appliances, and outdoor equipment you might want for exploring the region. Fortunately, there will be plenty of opportunities to pick up basic necessities along your travels.

Health & Safety

Because Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo is in the heart of summer, you can expect to need sun safety supplies. Lather on the sunscreen before you enter the rodeo grounds, and don’t forget lip balm. You may also like to pack prescription medication, toiletries, and a first aid kit in your RV and bring water with you to remain hydrated during the day’s heat.

Where to eat


RV camping rules differ from one establishment to the next, so don’t forget to ask your host what those are before you start cooking. Most establishments will allow the use of your RV appliances, while others offer communal cooking areas, fire pits, and grills.

Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo is also not all too far from a grocery store, so stock up on camping essentials such as fuel, snacks, and hot dogs without traveling for miles.


RV camping holidays are all about splurging and treating yourself, so let Longview deliver on that front. Dine at one of the many high-quality establishments within a short drive or walk of the rodeo grounds. From sandwiches, bars, and grills, through to burgers, pizza, and chicken, there are options galore. The center of the city also boasts abundant parking, so have full confidence that parking your RV in the city will be relatively straightforward.


Whether you’ve got a hankering for kettle corn or the smell of hot dogs is wafting in your direction, you’re not going to want to miss out on Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo goodies. Vendors set up by the grandstands to offer visitors all manner of delicious treats and snacks. Purchase a refreshing beverage or go for something more substantial, such as fries or burgers. Bring cash and payment cards to ensure you have the correct payment method.



Arrive at Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo with plenty of time to spare, for security screening will be positioned at each entry gate and the grandstands. Travel light to speed through this process, and leave anything dangerous, damaging, or distracting in your RV. If you require assistance at any time, look for a security guard or head to the nearest police station within just one mile of the rodeo grounds.


Longview, Washington, experiences average highs of 77 degrees in summer, and average lows of 32. The days are brilliant, bright, and warm, but overcast skies can change that in an instant. You may like to consider bringing extra blankets with you on your trip, as well as servicing your RV’s heating and cooling unit before you hit the road. Keep an eye on your mobile device’s weather app for peace of mind.


Given the type of event that the Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo is, there will be a first aid area on site to help anyone who needs it. Ask the nearest official you find for directions to it if you need aid. The nearest medical center is also under two miles away, while a pharmacy is within a mile for supplies. If it’s an emergency, dial 911.