Torreya State Park

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Torreya State Park is named after one of the interesting trees found in the area, the Torreya taxifolia. The tree was originally named after the American Botanist John Torrey, who later became one of the most influential botanists of his time. The Torreya taxifolia is a critically endangered species, but the state park does its best to keep the species alive and reproducing.

Torreya State Park has a rich history that connects it to both the Civil War and the Great Depression. About 200 Confederate soldiers called the park home for two years and you can view some of the weapons used in the Civil War at the museum in the park. In the 1930’s, the Civilian Conservation Corps created this park to preserve the historical value of the area and to protect the Torreya trees.

The park has 30 sites for RV and tent camping and offers some of the best trails in Florida. Plenty of activities are available year round for you to enjoy. Torreya State Park offers a birding trail, geocaching, picnic areas, and several tours each week, where you can learn about the history and important plants of the area. With the Apalachicola River nearby, it offers plenty of opportunities to fish and swim. Torreya State Park has some of the most unique plants and plateaus with beautiful scenery, and you can get to see it all for yourself when you bring your RV here.

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Transportation in Torreya State Park


The park is open year round and located in a very rural area. It is 15 miles from the nearest town, which is Bristol and runs along the Apalachicola River. I-10 leads to exit 66 for the park but from there you will have to take a few back roads. Take your time while driving and follow the signs along the road to find the entrance. If you want to get groceries or gas, then it is recommended that you stock up before you arrive. Bristol, Blountstown, and Marianna are a few good spots to stop by and stock up or just drop in for lunch.

The roads leading into the park and throughout are paved and easy to maneuver. Most of the sites are either sand, dirt, or gravel, which provides great drainage when it rains in the park. Make sure to pack a light jacket because it can get a little chilly at night. It is recommended that you walk or bike through the around the park grounds to help preserve the peace.

While Torreya State Park may not be close to town, that can be considered as one of its many charms. If it is your first visit or your 16th, please be sure to check the weather ahead of your arrival. Due to its location, the park is often subject to flooding. In case of flooding, the park may close some or all operations for the safety of the campers. Check their website for park closings or call ahead of your visit to ensure that you are still able to keep your reservation. If you are arriving late, be sure to call ahead to get the code to the gate just in case they close it before you make it to the entrance of the park.


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Campgrounds and parking in Torreya State Park

Campsites in Torreya State Park

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Torreya State Park Campground

Torreya State Park offers 30 pet-friendly campsites for RV, tent, and trailer camping. Each site has water and electric hookups available. There are no sewer hookups, but a dump station is located on your way out of the park. Sites one through 16 have 30 amp electric hookups and sites 17 through 30 have 50 amp hookups, so you can pick a site that has what you prefer. The max trailer and RV length is 60 feet, and even after that you can count on still having plenty of room to park your car. All site pads are either dirt or sand and provide a lot of privacy with barriers made of shrubs and trees. All the vegetation also provides plenty of shade to protect you from the heat of the sun. Amenities included are hot showers, restrooms, picnic tables, fire rings, and washers and dryers. You can stay up to 14 days at a time and reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance. Other camping options include primitive campsites and a yurt.

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There are no first-come, first-served campgrounds at this state park.

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Seasonal activities in Torreya State Park



If your ready to hop out of the RV and get out on the water the Apalachicola River offers plenty of water sports options. You can bring your canoe, kayak, or paddle board. Remember to follow all rules and regulations when on the water. There are life jackets available but you can also bring your own. Always ask ahead of time whether the water is steady enough for paddling, due to rain or storms the current of the water may increase making it dangerous for you to paddle at all.


Torreya State Park has over 13,000 acres of land for you to explore. Some of the trails are more challenging than others so be sure to read the difficulty of the trail before you hike. Take a water bottle and wear comfy hiking boots along the 16 miles of trails. Some of the trails cross over bridges, and creeks, and then go upward to steep mountain tops. You will love the view and the cool air on your walk. Be sure to pack a snack or pick up a lunch at the camp store if you plan on being on the trails all day. Watch out for snakes along the paths. You will love exploring the majestic scenery all around you during your RV trip to this state park.


If you plan on going fishing in Torreya State Park, bring a rod that can keep up with strong water currents. You can use watermelon seeds as bait if the water is clear, but you may want to use June bug or worms if the water is cloudy. Mudfish and Bass are two of the most common fish you will come across. You will need a valid Florida fishing license to fish, so remember to pack yours or order on online if you don’t have one. If you want to take your boat out on the water to fish, there is boat ramp on the Apalachicola River and a few other areas that offer a fishing option, just ask the staff and they will let you know the nearest option.



Geocaching is an activity that requires a device with GPS, a pen or a pencil, your own personal treasures to trade, and a sense of adventure. You may also want to bring along a few snacks and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Remember to write your name in the logbook when you find a cache, and maybe even snap a victory photo as well. The plants and animals of the park are protected under state law so be sure not to disturb them too much. Please be mindful of your surroundings and keep each cache site as tidy as you found it to keep the adventure alive. This is a fun-filled activity the whole family can enjoy during your RV trip to Florida.

Taking Gregory House Tours

Torreya State Park is full of historical places. Not only did it play an important role in the Civil War, but it is also home to the Gregory House from the 1840’s. Tours are scheduled a few times a week and last a few hours. The Gregory Plantation house originally belonged to Jason Gregory but in the 1930’s the Civilian Conservation Corps dismantled it from the Ocheesee Landing to where it is located today. The tour of the house is very informative and you will get the opportunity to see how people lived in the early 1800’s. When planning a visit, remember that Torreya State Park is near a timezone line and your smart phone or watch may adjust the time, which can lead to you to miss the tour.


There are over 100 species of birds that can be spotted in the park. Remember to bring your binoculars in your camper and head over to the birding post for a wonderful view of the Winter Wren, Brown Creeper, and many more. You can ask some of the staff about the common birds in the area. Remember that the different types of birds that are visible is dependent on the season. Wear a pair of sturdy hiking boots and carry a bird book with you for identification. You can also make a fun game out of bird watching for the whole family.

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