Tower Rock Recreation Site


Looking for a great new place to explore? Consider taking your next RV vacation at Idaho's Tower Rock Recreation Site. It's a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing getaway.

Tower Rock Recreation Site, a Bureau of Land Management property, is located in Salmon, Idaho, along the banks of the beloved Salmon River. A popular spot for families looking to enjoy some outdoor recreation, this park and camping facility offers some of the finest fishing in the state.

Many years ago, Lewis and Clark overnighted at this camping facility during their famous adventure. Today, the property houses six campgrounds for RV and tent campers to enjoy.

Tower Rock Recreation Site has many attractions for families looking to partake in outdoor activities during their RV stay. Salmon River, a body of water sometimes referred to as the "River of No Return," is a haven for enthusiasts looking to enjoy such activities as whitewater rafting, boating, fishing, and swimming. Other popular things to do at this scenic property include hiking and the viewing of wildlife. The property is also home to several mountain ranges which are ideal for doing some exploration and capturing some incredible photos of the diverse and beautiful terrain.

Many varieties of wildlife make their home in the forested regions of Tower Rock Recreation Site. Among the most commonly seen species here are elk, deer, mountain goats, black bears, and moose.

For a wonderful vacation in a remote spot that feels like a private slice of paradise, you won't want to miss the opportunity to visit Tower Rock Recreation Site. It's an amazing spot to reconnect with nature and enjoy some of the finest recreational activities in the state.

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The most direct route to Tower Rock Recreation Site begins outside the town of Salmon, Idaho, on Highway 93. Travelers should continue along this route for ten miles. The main highway is comprised of two lanes and is completely paved. It winds along the trajectory of the Salmon River for the last portion of the journey. Once the highway runs parallel to the river, the final exit to the campground can be found on the left-hand side.

Travelers will note that the route to this popular park and campground cuts through mountainous terrain that can be quite stark and leads deep into the heart of the country. On occasion, wildlife will make its way onto the road, so motorists are advised to travel with caution to avoid the potential for an accident.

Since Tower Rock Recreation Site sits a good distance from the nearest town and offers few amenities, travelers should come prepared with the supplies they will need for a day's visit or overnight stay.


Parking can be found via a large gravel lot at the entrance to Tower Rock Recreation Site. Additional parking can be found at the various campgrounds on the premises.

Public Transportation

There is currently no public transportation available to Tower Rock Recreation Site due to its remote locale.

Campgrounds and parking in Tower Rock Recreation Site

Campsites in Tower Rock Recreation Site

Reservations camping

Meadow Lake Campground

Meadow Lake Campground offers RV and tent camping by reservation from July through September each year. Located in Salmon-Challis National Forest, the 17 campsites found at this popular camping facility are located at a high elevation which reaches 9,160 feet in total height.

Among the amenities found at Meadow Lake Campground are picnic tables, fire pits, and barbecues. Also found on the grounds are vault toilets and ample parking spaces.

Drinking water is easily accessible for RV and tent campers to enjoy.

Four of the campsites are suitable for family camping, with 13 reserved for single use only. There are no power hookups provided at this campground. Pets are permitted to join their families but must remain leashed.

The most popular recreational activities include hiking, fishing, and photography.

First-come first-served

Tower Rock Campground

Tower Rock Campground is one of six camping facilities found at Tower Rock Recreation Site. There are six sites available for RV and tent camping on a year-round basis. Each of the sites can be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are many recreational activities to enjoy at Tower Rock Campground including fishing and hiking. The property is also an important historical site, having once been host to Lewis and Clark during their famous expedition.

The campground at Tower Rock offers incredible views of the Salmon River, a popular spot for fishing. The on-site amenities include bathrooms and several pull-thru sites. Each campsite is equipped with its own picnic table.

Pets are permitted on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times.

Williams Lake Campground

Williams Lake Campground is a small campsite that offers RV and tent camping year-round on a first-come, first-served basis. The campground sits at an elevation of 4,500 feet.

A camping facility that prioritizes primitive style camping, there are very few on-site amenities here. Found on the grounds are picnic tables and a vault toilet.

Two of the sites are walk-ins, and several others can only be accessed by boat, making them suitable for tent camping only.

There are many different activities to enjoy at this popular campground including fishing, hiking, and picnicking. The views are particularly beautiful here, so it's an excellent idea to have a camera on hand.

Though RV camping is permitted here, most of the sites are better suited to tenting.

Dogs are permitted at the campsites but must remain leashed at all times.

There is no potable water supply available here. Families must come prepared with the water they will need for drinking, bathing, and cooking.

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One of the most popular outdoor activities at Tower Rock Recreation Site is boating. A property that sits along the banks of the Salmon River, there is an on-site boat ramp that families can use to launch their watercraft out on the water. For those who prefer the old-fashioned way, the water conditions on the Salmon River are ideal for doing some canoeing or kayaking as well.

When the current runs rough on the water, many families like to enjoy some whitewater rafting at this beloved locale. Several companies offer guided tours for families looking to enjoy a little adventure out on the river.

For families that enjoy a dip in the water, swimming is permitted here as well. Lifeguard service is not provided, so families must swim at their own risk.

A picnic lunch is all that is needed to make this day on the water complete!


Picnicking is one of the most popular activities at Tower Rock Recreation Site. With over six different areas to choose from at the various campgrounds, families will be spoiled for choice when it comes to a place to enjoy their lunch. Grab a spot at one of the picnic tables or take a blanket to spread out along the shore with the river to provide an inspiring backdrop.

There is no concession stand available at Tower Rock Recreation Site, so families must come prepared with drinking water, snacks, or a lunch to enjoy on the grounds.

Dogs are permitted on the premises but must remain leashed at all times.

Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural & Educational Center

No trip to Salmon, Idaho would be complete without a stop by the Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural and Educational Center. Located directly in town, this museum's primary purpose is to preserve the history of the area known as the Salmon and Lemhi River Country.

The area is best renowned as an important stopping point on Lewis and Clark's famous exploration mission. But the museum itself takes its name from Sacajawea, a figure that featured prominently in local American history. The lives of her people, the Agai'dika, Shoshone-Bannock tribes are also featured prominently in the exhibits and educational materials found on-site.

During a visit to this museum, families will discover interesting facts about life on the frontier in Idaho and the landscape indigenous to the region in addition to historical facts surrounding the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Sacajawea and her people.

For more information about hours of operation, tours, and any applicable fees, check the museum's website.



Salmon River is well renowned for its excellent fishing conditions year-round. The boat ramp provides avid anglers with the opportunity to try their hand at reeling in the "big one" from the bow of their powerboat or canoe. With a wide expanse of shoreline, fishermen can also perch along the banks of the river and cast their line in the water.

Fishing aficionados should check with local officials to see if a fishing license is required for angling in Idaho waters.

Among the most popular fish found in Salmon River include steelhead and trout.

Fish filleting may be prohibited on the grounds, so families must come prepared to bring their haul back to their campsite with them for cleaning there.


For families that enjoy amateur photography, Tower Rock Recreation Site will not disappoint. There are several different mountain ranges found throughout the grounds which offer incredible views of the surrounding terrain and rugged landscape. Also found on the grounds are many different species of wildlife including elk, deer, rabbits, foxes, moose, and more.

Salmon River itself is an extremely picturesque spot, making it ideal for families looking to snap a few candids or even do a more formal portrait to display with pride on their mantel.

Since the property is quite large and the terrain rough and rugged, families will want to be sure to wear footwear that is appropriate for hiking. Bring along lots of drinking water to keep hydration levels up.

Lemhi County Historical Museum

Lemhi County Historical Museum is a wonderful place to visit during a vacation to Tower Rock Recreation Site. Lemhi County lays claim to being the locale where Sacajawea was born. Sacajawea, a member of the Shoshone tribe of Native Americans, bears the distinction of having played a role in assisting Lewis and Clark with their endeavor to cross to the Pacific Ocean.

The museum is located in Salmon, Idaho, and is home to a vast collection fo memorabilia detailing the life and history of the Lemhi Shoshone residents through the years.

The property also houses an extensive permanent collection of Chinese art.
For hours of operation, tours, and associated fees, it is best to consult the museum's website.