Unadilla National

Summer MX competition is heating up. Is your RV ready to head to the Unadilla National in New Berlin? Let the flags drop, and the dirt fly!

Event information

Unadilla National in New Berlin, New York, is a popular motocross event that forms part of the AMA Pro Racing-sanctioned Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Held annually over two days, with one day of racing, it brings hundreds of spectators to this small Chenango County village and dozens of riders from around the world.

The Unadilla National is one of the later rounds of the championship, which means there’s a lot at stake. Top 250cc and 450cc motocross riders must put their best wheel forward to increase their chances of getting on the top step of that podium. Spectators benefit by being treated to some of the closest motocross racing action.

While the caliber of the racing is out of this world, so too is the venue. Unadilla Motocross at 5896 NY-8, New Berlin, boasts some of the most exceptional racing amenities in the state. Spectators can enjoy near 100 percent viewing from most vantage points, grandstands, festival seating, simulcast on FM radio, concession stands, and opportunities to buy super tickets for all kinds of benefits.

Given that the Unadilla National is a summer event, there’s also every reason to pile into your RV upon racing’s completion and explore the greater New Berlin and Chenango County area.

You can go hunting or camping at Calhoun Creek State Forest, fishing at Skinner Hill State Forest, or exploring in the neighboring villages. This peaceful part of the country, central to Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, is well worth exploring on your journey to Unadilla National.


Super passes, pit passes, and general admission tickets are available for the Unadilla National in the lead up to the event. You can also buy pit and general admission tickets on the day. If you’re looking for a unique trackside experience, then save your pennies and purchase a covered super ticket viewing area pass with private bathrooms, catering, and live timing. Extra costs may apply for parking, but ticket prices have often ranged between $20 and $200 depending on how you wish to enjoy the event.

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New Berlin is a village within Chenango County. It’s nestled amid a myriad of quaint villages and is also on the doorstep to many beautiful natural attractions, such as Charles E Baker State Forest and Beaver Creek State Forest.

New Berlin is reasonably far from major cities and is accessible via NY-8, county road 29, and NY-80. If you are not familiar with this part of New York, then make sure your GPS maps are up to date and consider a traffic app for assistance, such as Waze. Select the “most use of highways” feature on your GPS to avoid traveling down narrow backroads that may not be suitable for RVs and are not well marked.

Upon arrival in New Berlin, you will find Unadilla Motocross at 5986, NY-8, New Berlin, where parking spaces are plentiful, and signage is clear.

Parking areas

On the left and right-hand sides of the highway, parking is plentiful. Parking is available across the road from the race track for those who arrive before the gates open. Spectator parking is available for a per-day cost and is suitable for RVs and big rigs. You may not stay in this area overnight, but you will enjoy the ease of entry and exit in the absence of alternative public transportation.

Public Transportation

The Unadilla Motocross facility is on the outskirts of New Berlin, which means it’s not within a convenient walking or biking distance. Given the size of the village, taxis and rideshare services are not an ideal option to get to and from the facility either. The best way for any spectator to attend this popular event is by vehicle – be it your motorhome or pilot vehicle. Onsite parking is both close to the track and sizeable for your convenience.

Where to stay


Unadilla National officials have no qualms about those traveling in motorhomes to cook on their charcoal and propane grills in the parking lot, but they do not offer overnight camping. RVs in the day parking lot must be shifted once the racing is over. Fortunately, the proximity of this village to state forests means that there is always somewhere to stay with an RV within a short driving distance of Unadilla Motocross.


Whether you prefer a primitive RV camping experience or the luxury of hookups, let New Berlin deliver. There are RV campgrounds within 25 miles of the motocross, and some primitive camping opportunities at surrounding state parks. Gilbert Lake State Park may attract your attention with its outdoor amenities. Make sure you are aware of the RV camping rules at each facility before you arrive.

Getting around

Upon arriving at the Unadilla National event, you’ll be blown away by the scale of the facility. While there are many vantage points and places to watch the racing, you’ll also get to enjoy an easy walk to get to each area as well as the grandstands. You won’t be able to use pit bikes, scooters, or any other motorized form of leisure transport, but you’re unlikely to have any trouble working your way around the track to find the best vantage point on foot.

What to pack


The Unadilla National is a summer event, which means the chances of the sun shining for this event are fairly high. You’ll enjoy being able to wear your favorite shorts and t-shirts but pop a few warmer layers in your suitcase for when nighttime temperatures plummet. Rainfall is also frequent in August, so consider bringing a rain jacket and waterproof footwear, too.


What you pack for the Unadilla National can often depend on what you consider the best place for RV camping. Is primitive or serviced more to your liking? Those who prefer off-the-grid camping will need to bring an empty waste tank and full water tank, not to mention plenty of supplies for camping and cooking.

You can also bring a radio to listen to the race commentary, earplugs for ear protection, cash and payment cards, and a small number of glass-free alcoholic beverages. There is also an ATM on site in case you’ve forgotten to withdraw some money elsewhere.

Health & Safety

Unadilla National officials always go the extra mile to make sure everyone is comfortable, happy, and healthy. You can combat the sunshine with sunscreen, lip balm, a sunhat, and sunglasses, but may also like to seek protection in the shaded picnic areas.

There are also handwashing stations and water filling areas for those who want to take charge of their hygiene and hydration. Don’t forget to stock up your first aid kit before you put it in your RV, and make sure you have enough prescription medication for your journey if applicable.

Where to eat


Even though you cannot camp overnight at the motocross facility in New Berlin, you can still cook on site. Both charcoal and propane grills are allowed, as are onboard RV kitchen appliances. Always remember to brush up on RV camping rules for each campground so that you’re aware of any prohibited cooking methods and what your hosts expect.

It’s also worth stocking up on groceries before you leave as the smaller towns and villages in the area may not have what you need. Otherwise, there are convenience stores within the heart of New Berlin, six miles from Unadilla Motocross.


The village of New Berlin, a mere six miles from the Unadilla National, doesn’t offer much in the way of restaurants. Those who feel like a bite to eat away from all the racing action will be able to indulge in delicious New York-style pizza, traditional Chinese cuisine, and sweet treats from the local convenience stores. For more variety, you may need to travel to neighboring Norwich.


There are food courts and food stands at the Unadilla National offering both soft drinks and food. Not all vendors will accept payment cards, so carry cash to ensure you have the correct payment type. Catering is also available if you purchased a super pass to this event. Remember, if you bring in your own alcohol, it must be in cans and small quantities.



Security officials will be in the parking areas and the main entrance to the Unadilla Motocross facility to check tickets and welcome everyone. They respectfully ask that you don’t bring banners, drones, glass, pets, weapons, or anything that could distract or disturb others. Make sure you lock your RV when you leave it unattended, and store valuables out of sight. Approach a member of staff if you have any concerns. For any pressing matters, make your way to the Norwich Police Department 20 miles from the Unadilla Motocross facility.


Temperatures can be reasonably high during August in New Berlin, New York. There are going to be times when you feel hot and sticky and want to sit in the shade. Pop a vent open in your RV to allow fresh air to flow through, and don’t forget to carry extra water on board for both yourself and your RV. A weather app can also help you prepare for any weather conditions thrown your way.


Given the isolation from major cities, it can offer much-needed peace of mind to carry a first aid kit with you at all times. Keep this well-stocked with essentials for cuts, scrapes, bites, burns, and similar. There is also a first aid area by the fan entrance and medical staff available to assist in any way. If you have a medical emergency, dial 911. There is also a hospital and pharmacy within 20 miles of New Berlin in Norwich.