Utah Blues Festival

Blues artists are on their way to Salt Lake City for the Utah Blues Festival. Will you be there? It’s time for an RV summer road trip to Utah!

Event information

Since 2014, the Utah Blues Festival has attracted some of the nation’s best blues performers to take to the stage in Salt Lake City. This two-day event in June is not one that either blues lovers or performers want to miss, for it’s an extravaganza like no other.

The Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, becomes a hive of activity as hundreds of people descend upon the downtown area of the city for a weekend of smooth blues and educational workshops. World-class talent is guaranteed, and there is even a myriad of different food vendors and tents to appeal to the masses.

Bring your family and friends, find yourself a seat on the grassy area, and settle in for two full days of entertainment. Those who purchase VIP tickets can even enjoy extra exclusive bonuses that add to the music experience.

Once the final blues player leaves the stage, the rest of your summer RV vacation can begin. You can go walking at Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, or view the many mountains in the area, such as Mt Timpanogos, Flat Top Mountain, and Twin Peaks. The world’s your oyster, so don’t delay in booking your Utah Blues Festival tickets and getting your motorhome trip underway.


The Utah Blues Festival is one of many examples where the early bird gets the worm. When you buy your Utah Blues Festival tickets online, you often get to enjoy discounts and exclusive VIP deals. You can also buy your tickets at the gate, but these tend to cost more. Prices vary between $35 for single-day general admission through to $150 for a weekend VIP pass. In the past, children under 12 have been free.

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Salt Lake City in the state of Utah stretches along the Wasatch Front and forms one of two significant urban areas in the Great Basin. It boasts a strong outdoor recreation industry that’s bound to suit any avid nature enthusiast and is in Salt Lake Valley’s northeast corner shadowed by stunning mountain ranges.

Driving to Salt Lake City can require your full attention and can be either challenging or straightforward, depending on which roads you travel. From the direction of Davis County, streets can be narrow between the Great Salt Lake and Wasatch Mountains. Only a few roads run between Davis County and Salt Lake City, which means congestion is nearly guaranteed. Resources like UDOT Traffic can ensure you know what you’re likely to face on your travels.

When you get into Salt Lake City, the easy grid patterns and clear street signs can make navigation quite user-friendly. You can then locate the Gallivan Center, the venue for the Utah Blues Festival, at 239 South Main Street in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Parking areas

Even though parking is not organized or supplied by the Utah Blues Festival, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of it for smaller vehicles. Parking for tow vehicles is available (but in short supply) under the Gallivan Center in Downtown Salt Lake City. Parking lots and garages nearby also cater for visitors to the festival. Even though Downtown Salt Lake City is well-established with buildings, there is on-street parking near The Gallivan Center to suit your needs.

Public Transportation

If you have a Class A or Airstream that you may find it tricky to park nearby, then you may want to consider public transportation to get to the Utah Blues Festival over the two days. UTA buses and TRAX are both convenient means of transportation, as are taxis and rideshare services.

Depending on where you are staying, walking and cycling may be valid options, too, giving you the freedom to explore surrounding areas before and after the Utah Blues Festival.

Where to stay


The Gallivan Center is an established venue in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City. Its busy location means it’s not set up for RV travelers to camp overnight. It helps to know this before you hit the road so that you can look for somewhere to stay with an RV near the Utah Blues Festival. Fortunately, the touristy-nature of the area means this is not a challenging process.

Once you’ve found somewhere, you can then focus on looking for other things to do in Salt Lake City, such as hiking and exploring via the City Creek Canyon Trailhead, or spending time with the kids at Victory Park.


Once you book your tickets to the Utah Blues Festival, you must then find somewhere accessible with a large RV near the Gallivan Center. Those who want the best camping experience in Salt Lake City may like to make a booking at local RV campgrounds such as Salt Lake City KOA Holiday, within a ten-minute drive of the Utah Blues Festival.

There are also other RV campgrounds near the Gallivan Center on the outskirts of the city. Many are within a short distance of fun things to do in Salt Lake City, such as exploring the Tomahawk Natural Area or taking in the beauty of the Legacy Nature Preserve.

Getting around

Once you park your motorhome or tow vehicle, getting around on foot is effortless. Make your way to The Gallivan Center, with one entrance on the northeast side of the building. You’re then inside the venue and within proximity to the event’s entertainment and well sign-posted amenities. You will be able to leave your skateboards and scooters in your motorhome for the exploration of Salt Lake City after the festival.

What to pack


The semi-arid climate of Salt Lake City means you can expect a dry, somewhat hot summer during the Utah Blues Festival. As this is an outdoor event, you’ll want to be careful with your clothing choices. Light colors and breathable layers can help with comfort. However, you will also need comfortable footwear and a few warmer layers for when the mercury drops at night.

Bring nature-friendly clothing for when you go exploring in the great outdoors. Natural attractions such as the Bonneville Salt Flats and Wasatch Mountain State Park can see the need for durable and comfortable attire.


Traveling to such a beautiful part of the country can see the need for proper equipment in your RV. You want to make the most of this Salt Lake County city. During the Utah Blues Festival, however, leave as much of your camping and cooking equipment in your motorhome as possible.

You can bring a low-rider chair, blankets, and an empty water bottle for refilling on site. No food or beverages, or pets, will be allowed at this festival. Make sure you also bring cash, as many food vendors will not accept payment cards like credit or debit.

Health & Safety

Bright sunshine has been known to show up for the Utah Blues Festival, which can see the need for some serious sun safety supplies. Lather on sunscreen throughout the day, and make sure you sip away on your water bottle throughout the day. For outdoor adventures, always carry a stocked first-aid kit and keep toiletries, drinking water, and bug spray in your motorhome.

Where to eat


Fire bans may be in place throughout many of the best RV camping areas in Salt Lake City. However, most campgrounds will still allow the use of your charcoal and propane grills, as well as your onboard RV kitchen appliances.

Cook up a storm, prepare hearty summer meals such as salads and breakfast sandwiches, and pick up supplies in the center of the city. Even within walking distance of the festival venue, there are grocery stores to pick up a few extra ingredients.


You are in the right place if you’re looking for a taste of Utah on your summer RV vacation. From cafes and grills, through to delicatessens and pubs, this city has it all. Within walking distance of the Utah Blues Festival, you can be wining and dining and enjoying your vacation in earnest.


You’ll want to save your pennies for the Utah Blues Festival, for there are plenty of things to purchase from the vendors. The Utah Blues Festival partners with local eateries to bring you some of the region’s most exquisite cuisine. There will also be domestic and regional micro-brews, water, and soda for sale. Bring cash as it’s the most preferred payment type. Some vendors may accept credit cards but not all will during the festival.



At the door to the Gallivan Center, security officials will be checking tickets, possessions, and guests for entry into the Utah Blues Festival. If you wish to leave at any time, you can approach festival staff members for a re-entry stamp and wristband. You will need both of these to re-enter once you leave.

If you require any police assistance during your stay in Salt Lake City, you can receive help from the Salt Lake City Police Department within a five-minute drive of the festival venue.


Hot summer temperatures often grace Salt Lake City during this event. While June can have a few days of rainfall, it’s not normally expected. Instead, the days are usually hot and dry. Make sure you always travel with a weather app to know what to expect and carry both coolant and water onboard your RV. It also helps to know what the weather is doing before you start any hikes or trekking trips in the area.


One of the most important things to carry in your campervan is a stocked first-aid kit. Pick up extra supplies from a pharmacy within a five-minute drive of the Gallivan Center. If you require emergency care or medical help, there is also a hospital within ten minutes of Downtown Salt Lake City. Always dial 911 in an emergency. While attending the Utah Blues Festival, guests can bring an empty water bottle to refill on site.