Victorian Christmas

Lovers of the Victorian era can celebrate the beginning of the holiday season in the style of this ever-changing age. Pack your RV for Thomasville, GA.

Event information

Thomasville, Georgia, steps back in time every year as the town presents a Victorian Christmas to visitors and locals alike. With trees alight in strands of gold and the streets full of entertainers, vendors, and more, the town creates the atmosphere of a true Christmas of old.

The celebration is a weekend full of everything the holidays represent. Good cheer expressed by all, visits from Saint Nick, and a live nativity scene set the stage for Christmas. Live reindeer are ready to pose for a picture. Marshmallows and chestnuts in abundance are there for the toasting.

Modes of transportation from the past can be explored. Take a carriage ride and then let the little ones have a ride on the kiddie train. Watch street performers and listen to the carolers sing of the joys of the season.

Thomasville is steeped in history, so while there, continue your visit into the past. Take a day to discover museums like the Pebble Hill Plantation and the Power of the Past Museum. The Lapham-Patterson House State Historic Site is yet another beautiful estate waiting to be seen. Plan a lengthy visit to explore all that Thomasville has to offer.


Unless otherwise specified, the Victorian Christmas festivities are free to enjoy. The carriage rides have a fee, but musical performances, photo opportunities, and visits with Saint Nick have no cost. Allow time in your vacation plans to spend both evenings of the weekend at the event, so that you can take in every magical moment.

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Routes US-19, US-319, and US-84 bring you to the Thomasville area. It is a busy town, and having a trusty navigator on deck will come in handy as you make your way through the shop-lined streets. Being a historic area, there will be sights to see as you approach the downtown core.

Parking areas

Busy, narrow streets may make for a challenge if you have a big rig. Plan ahead and arrive at the Victorian Christmas festivities early in the day to secure a spot in one of the parking lots in town. Choose a convenient, central location and walk from there to your chosen activities.

Public Transportation

The distinct town of Thomasville aims to keep its historic appeal. Buses are not seen on the streets, and walking is encouraged. If you need public transportation when in town, call upon a taxi or ridesharing service to get you from place to place.

Where to stay


The Victorian Christmas event does not have an area designated for onsite camping. Still, you can park under the beautiful Georgia pines by driving outside of town. Whether you like camping in the forest where it is secluded, or in a busy RV park, Georgia can provide the perfect spot.


Camping in the winter near Thomasville might mean a bit of a drive, but the sites are worth the venture and usually not more than an hour from town. Head west from Thomasville, and you will find year-round parking at Seminole State Park. The park is a favorite geocaching destination and is also known for its great birdwatching.

Nearby Reed Bingham State Park has some of the best fishing in the region. Set your coordinates north and check out either Kolomoki Mounds or General Coffee State Parks, each with its own unique offerings. Tifton KOA also gives weary travelers a place to park the motorhome and relax.

Getting around

Prepare to walk the entire evening in order to see all that Victorian Christmas has to offer. The Ritz Amphitheater and the Municipal Auditorium are just two of the venues to host performances. It’s an action-packed weekend, so wear your best walking shoes.

What to pack


You will want a jacket and warm clothing for strolling around Downtown Thomasville, but you may not need your parka. It is a tradition that attendees dress in Victorian apparel for the event. If you choose to do so, you should be warm enough to be comfortable. Layer your clothing in case you decide to take in an indoor event at some point during your visit.


Leveling blocks, rubber gloves, and extra water and sewer hoses are gear items that make for a smooth camping trip. Also on the list are a water pressure regulator and a tire pressure gauge. A portable generator comes in handy, too. Everyday essentials are toiletries, a flashlight, and a small radio.

Health & Safety

When traveling long distances, don’t neglect your driving posture. Take breaks when needed and consider a mid-day to trek to stretch your legs. In Georgia, you can stop at historic sites like the Jefferson Davis Memorial and the Jarrell Plantation. As with any excursion, bring along plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Where to eat


Beef, pork, and bacon were staples in the Victorian era, as were eggs, potatoes, and vegetables. Stay with this theme and prepare dishes using these ingredients on the barbecue or camp stove. Bring along a fire griddle for convenient campfire meals. Top up the fuel in the camp stove, propane in the RV, and purchase charcoal briquets, too. If you have any shopping needs, Thomasville will be able to supply them.


Thomasville is home to great restaurants. Buffets, establishments serving country-style chicken, and excellent eateries that serve fish just the way you like it are plentiful in town and within walking distance of the event. Before heading to the Victorian Christmas, take the family out for a pre-celebration meal.


Take a long stroll to view the talents of the Plein Air artists and see what the talented vendors have for purchase. Pick up a treat or two for under the RV Christmas tree. Drop into an antique shop or browse for a new piece of jewelry. Take the time to get fun stocking stuffers for Christmas morning.



When boondocking in a quiet or off-the-beaten-path area, securing your camper when you head off for a trek is even more important than ever. Close the curtains and lock the door, and don’t venture too far off. In a busy campground, keep valuables like jewelry in the motorhome safe.


Victorian Christmas will go on rain or shine, although some of the festivities may have to be toned down if rain appears. Tote a sturdy umbrella and wear boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Back at camp, stow loose articles like chairs, hammocks, and outdoor games in case wind accompanies the rain.


Don’t forget the importance of medical insurance when you are traveling. It’s crucial to have adequate and understood coverage for any occurrence that comes your way. For the minor incidents like bumps and bruises, keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in your camper. Bandaids, gauze, tape, antibiotic cream, and scissors will do the trick.