Wiley's Well Campground


Located near Palm Springs, California, just east of Joshua Tree National Park, you’ll find Wiley’s Well Campground. This is an area of land that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It is located in the Colorado Desert and is best known for a man-made well that was built by a stagecoach company and A.P. Wiley all the way back in 1876. There are a variety of fun activities that you can enjoy during your visit to Wiley's Well Campground. Whether you enjoy watching animals or searching for unique stones, this is a fun place for the entire family to explore.

During the off-season you can enjoy a picnic, take photos, or look for cool cacti and other vegetation. Many people come to Wiley's Well Campground to specifically find gems and minerals that are unique to the area. As you can tell by the name, you can pitch a tent or park the RV for an evening or two under the stars at Wiley's Well Campground. There are also a handful of other campgrounds in the area if Wiley’s Well is full.

RV Rentals in Wiley's Well Campground



Located in Riverside County, California, Wiley's Well Campground is fairly easy to access. You won’t have to worry about winding mountain roads or rough gravel terrain. All of the roads leading to Wiley's Well Campground are paved and well-maintained. It is in the middle of the desert, southwest of Mesa Verde from Interstate 10. Joshua Tree National Park is just west of Wiley's Well Campground and makes it easier to find this campground. Near Palm Springs, you can hop on the Interstate 10 to quickly arrive at Wiley's Well Campground.

When you’re getting close, you’ll notice that the paved road ends and there is the option to go right, but that will lead you to a couple of state prisons. Taking a left, a gravel road will lead you right to Wiley's Well Campground after about six miles. Once you’ve arrived, there are a variety of different ways that you can get around, including mountain biking, on foot, or horseback. Due to the location, it’s important that you wear proper clothing and bring plenty of water. Expect to get plenty of dust and sand on anything you’re wearing or driving.


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Campgrounds and parking in Wiley's Well Campground

Campsites in Wiley's Well Campground

First-come first-served

Wiley's Well Campground

As you can guess, you can stay right at Wiley's Well Campground. This is the perfect campsite for those who are traveling around California in an RV. This campground has 15 campsites available for both trailers and RVs. Each of the 15 campsites is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You will find a fire ring, grill, and picnic table at each campsite when staying at Wiley's Well Campground.

Unlike many other BLM campgrounds in the area, this one has a camp host who can provide you with information or show you around during peak season. This campground is equipped with plenty of vault toilets and a third of the campsites are equipped with cabanas to keep you cool during the blazing hot summer. Unfortunately, there are no RV hookups available and campers are encouraged to bring plenty of their own drinking water with them. There is, however, a dump station for RV campers to use.

Coon Hollow Campground

If staying at Wiley’s Well Campground isn’t for you, there is Coon Hollow Campground right around the corner. This campground has 29 campsites that are available for RV, hammock, and tent campers. Each of the campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are picnic tables, fire pits, grills, and vault toilets available for the campers of Coon Hollow Campground to use. If you’re camping in an RV, you may want to be aware that there are no RV hookups available here.

It’s important to know that if you plan on staying at Coon Hollow Campground anytime from the beginning of fall through spring, a permit is required to take part in recreational activities. If you’re camping during California’s scorching hot summer, you can find shade under one of the six cabanas. If you’re looking for a secluded area to stay, Coon Hollow Campground is the perfect spot. The camping is relatively dispersed and campers enjoy the peace and quiet.

Oxbow Recreation Area

You could also stay at Oxbow Recreation Area during your visit to Wiley's Well Campground. Oxbow Recreation Area is a campground that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This campground is open to both RV and tent campers. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis and you can stay for up to two weeks per 30 days. Both tent and RV campers will enjoy that each campsite has a dirt pad and is equipped with picnic tables and fire rings.

It’s important to note that RVs and trailers must be 25 feet in length or shorter. There are no hooks available and campers should bring their own water. Because Oxbow Recreation Area is located on the Colorado River, you will have quick access to water activities during warm summer afternoons. The river also makes a peaceful soundtrack to fall asleep to. This is a beautiful campground to stay at when visiting Wiley's Well Campground.

Seasonal activities in Wiley's Well Campground



The first seasonal activity that the majority of people enjoy when visiting Wiley's Well Campground is hiking. There are plenty of trails in and around Wiley's Well Campground. This is a great way to immerse yourself in nature, possibly see some wildlife, and get some fresh air.

Avoid hiking at night due to the mountain lions that may make an appearance. Make sure you bring plenty of water and a broken-in pair of hiking boots to have the best experience possible.

Mountain Biking

One of the more thrilling activities that visitors can enjoy is mountain biking. This activity is best for those seeking a bit of an adrenaline rush. There are trails throughout this area of California. You can go biking in the desert, throughout the trails, and all around the rolling hills at Wiley's Well Campground.

Not only is this a fun and unique way to see Wiley's Well Campground, but it’s also quite a workout and is an awesome way to spend your time there.

Horseback Riding

A unique activity that visitors of Wiley's Well Campground enjoy is a bit of horseback riding. You will need to bring your own horses, but there are plenty of areas to get in a long ride. This is a great way to see the area and can be quite peaceful.

It’s important to note that if you’re traveling to Wiley's Well Campground in the summer, be sure to bring plenty of water to help keep horses hydrated.


Scenic Driving

Whether you’re renting an RV or driving your own vehicle, a great relaxing activity to enjoy is taking a scenic drive. This is an awesome way to rest after a long day of exploring Wiley's Well Campground. In the area you will find both paved and gravel roads.

You’ll be able to see vast deserts, towering palm trees, and beautiful mountains off in the distance. This is an activity that the entire family can enjoy!


You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy a bit of photography. During your stay at Wiley's Well Campground, there are plenty of things that you can photograph to take a bit of your trip home with you. When people think of California, they usually think of Hollywood.

This is your opportunity to show friends and family back home the real beauty of the Golden State. Take photos of the beautiful scenery, wild animals in the area, or the people you’re traveling with!

Wildlife Viewing

If you’re looking for a laid back activity that everyone can enjoy, take an afternoon to get in some wildlife viewing. To increase your chances of seeing amazing animals in their natural habitat, bring a pair of binoculars.

At Wiley's Well Campground you are most likely to see desert tortoises and bighorn sheep. There is also a variety of amphibians, birds, and reptiles that live in the area. If you like plants, you’ll enjoy seeing all of the different vegetation that’s around Wiley's Well Campground.