Winter Music Conference

Shake off those winter blues with the annual Winter Music Conference! Be a part of Miami Music Week and set off in your RV to Miami Beach, Florida.

Event information

The Winter Music Conference is a four-day event that falls under the umbrella of Miami Music Week, which runs for a full seven days in Faena District, Miami Beach. It’s held at the Faena Forum in Faena District, Miami Beach, and has brought tens of thousands of people to the area for over three decades.

The New York Times labeled the Winter Music Conference as "one of the most anticipated clubbing events in the country," and it’s not hard to see why. It incorporates over 500 unique activities during the week and brings attendees from all over the world.

While music lovers attend Miami Music Week to get their fill of quality sounds, the Winter Music Conference is an attraction all on its own. It provides a central hub for producers, promoters, radio, media, record label reps, DJs, and other music professionals to learn, share, and entertain.

A significant portion of visitors to the Winter Music Conference come from outside of the country to get some of the best skills and experiences for their unique careers. There are seminars and panels, exhibits, official and sanctioned events, and even a record collector show. This electronic music conference in Miami, Florida, is in a league of its own.

Whether you’re an avid music lover or you’re in the profession, there’s every reason to pencil this spring event on your calendar. Bring your RV out of winter hibernation and make your way to Miami Beach, Florida.


Being involved in the Winter Music Conference component of Miami Music Week requires you to register for a badge. There are three from which to choose, and Winter Music Conference badges are available online. Badges range in price from between $280 and $650, depending on the level of features you wish to enjoy. Access, Plus, and Pro badges are all likely to appeal to music enthusiasts who want to do as much as possible while attending the Winter Music Conference.

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The coastal resort city of Miami Beach, Florida, is a beautiful destination for the Winter Music Conference, but the drive to get there is equally as scenic. To get to Miami Beach, you can cross through an expansive natural area, which can incorporate the Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades National Park, and Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. A traffic resource like Florida 511 can help guide the way.

Once in Miami, FL-112 (overlaps with I-95), Julia Tuttle Causeway, or FL-9, will bring you across the water or up the coast to Miami Beach, where you can then make your way to Faena Forum with 43,000 square feet of event space to explore. Whatever route you choose to may your way across Biscayne Bay, it is sure to spark your attention. Parking spaces for RVs and non-guests at the forum may be limited, so consider parking your RV at a nearby camping ground and making use of alternative transportation methods.

Parking areas

Parking any vehicle, including a larger RV at Miami Beach while attending the Winter Music Conference, may not be easy. Not only is there a lack of on-street parking in general, but there will be thousands of people in the area for Miami Music Week to add an additional challenge. Rather than waste time driving the streets looking for somewhere large enough for your motorhome, choose RV accommodation nearby and utilize public transport instead.

Public Transportation

The bus service in Miami Beach is a popular option for locals and visitors alike. When you arrive at the Winter Music Conference, make use of the transit system to access various event sites with ease.

However, those who bring their bicycles on RV trips for exploring natural attractions like the Biscayne National Park, bikes can become your primary mode of transport, too. The pedestrian-friendly streets and the dense urban nature of the city make bicycling a far more convenient form of transportation than a Class A rig or campervan in the large crowds.

Alternatively, both rideshare services and taxis are in operation during Miami Music Week and the Winter Music Conference.

Where to stay


Faena Forum forms part of a hotel that houses many of the events. RV-goers may want to set their sights a little further away from the venue. In the direction of Boca Raton and Hialeah, campgrounds and RV resorts are abundant near the Winter Music Conference. Allow extra time to get to seminars, for delays occur due to congestion along main routes.


Miami Beach is a hotspot for tourists, which means campgrounds are everywhere you look. However, many of them are back in the direction of Miami and up toward Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale.

Campers who prefer luxury, comfort, and service hookups can find the best place for RV camping within a 25-mile drive at Hollywood KOA. If you fancy doing a little fishing and hiking after the Winter Music Conference, then you can also go camping at Biscayne National Park 45 miles away from Faena Forum.

Getting around

The majority of events for the Winter Music Conference are at Faena Forum. However, there are some headline events and activities at other facilities across Miami Beach, such as Generator Miami. Before you get to the Winter Music Conference, read through your schedule. You can then form a plan of how to get to each event, subject to its location and the most convenient form of transport.

What to pack


Miami Beach has a tropical monsoon climate, which means the area has a defined wet and dry season. The Winter Music Conference event is in the dry season, with plenty of sunshine, low humidity, and minimal sunshine. Your best bikini and boardshorts can be packed with confidence, but you may also like a few warmer layers for those not-so-sunny days. Winter weather has typically begun to pass, but travelers may still experience varying temperatures. Dress for the occasion based on where the event you are attending will be held (indoors or outdoors).


What you bring to the Winter Music Conference can depend on your intentions. There will be workshops that may require the use of your own equipment and learning experiences where you take notes. Bring cash for purchases at the Faena Forum, a notepad and pen, a computer, and your camping and cooking equipment for use in your motorhome.

If you are making the most of your conference attendance for a vacation, then don’t forget gear for other things to do in Miami Beach. Snorkeling accessories are paramount for coral reef exploring at Biscayne National Park. You also might need your best sun chair for relaxing at Miami Beach South Beach. Don’t forget your rod for fishing at South Pointe Park Pier, either.

Health & Safety

Miami Beach is a popular hotspot for tourists chasing the sunshine. While that sunkissed look is desirable, make sure you achieve it safely. Pack sunscreen and apply it frequently, and don’t forget the bug spray, lip balm, and a pair of sunglasses, too. Remain hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

If you are traveling around in your campervan in the greater Miami Florida, such as to the Jonathan Dickinson State Park, don’t forget to pack emergency equipment and a first aid kit.

Where to eat


After an action-packed day of learning and music, you will no doubt be ravenous. There is a food market for supplies within a three-mile drive of Faena Forum. Once you get to where you are staying with your RV, check out the cooking options. Some resorts offer communal kitchens and fire pits. Most will also allow you to use your onboard propane cookers.


The proximity to the ocean makes this beautiful city an excellent place to dine on seafood. Restaurants, bars, and cafes line the beaches, offering you plenty of opportunities to go for a beach walk then treat yourself to delicious cuisine. Given that it’s Miami Music Week during the Winter Music Conference, you can expect most dining establishments to be bustling. Allow extra time for service.


Some of the seminars and events may be catered to by Faena Forum, but not all of them will be. You may like to bring snacks with you if you are feeling peckish, and it’s appropriate to eat during a particular event. Otherwise, bring cash and payment cards for any opportunity to buy something to eat onsite.



Security protocols can differ from one venue to the next, even within the same building. Any bags you take with you may be subject to screening, so allow a few extra minutes for this process. If you have any security concerns, Faena Forum staff will be more than happy to assist. The Miami Beach Police Department is also within a two-mile beach walking distance of the Winter Music Conference.


Timing is everything when you visit Miami Beach in Miami-Dade County. The tropical rainy season is usually the less desirable time of year to visit, but the Winter Music Conference misses that. However, given the many hurricanes in the city’s history, it’s not out of the question to remain vigilant. Download a weather app and check it daily before you head out of your RV accommodation. If you are traveling inland, such as for hiking at Southern Glades, make sure the weather will be appropriate, and plan accordingly.


Most venues you visit for the Winter Music Conference will be required by law to have first-aid supplies on site. However, for anything more serious, dial 911. You can also make your way to the nearest hospital within nine miles in the direction of Miami Springs. Stock up on first-aid supplies within the same distance of Faena Forum before heading to your favorite trail or hiking spot.