WOO Sprint Lone Star

Gather up your friends and head south for the WOO Sprint Lonestar at Lonestar Speedway in March. Fast racing, fun camping, and great food await you.

Event information

You are going to enjoy this WOO Sprint at LoneStar Speedway with the high banked 3/8-mile track where the fastest record was 13.09 seconds in 2002. The track here is smaller than most but can seat more than 10,000 racing fans, and they come in droves to see these little winged beauties fly around the track. Every year, hundreds of racers do their best to get to first place in the World Of Outlaws Sprint Series and win that top prize of $10,000.

Grab a beer and some delicious track food and head on up to the grandstand where you can see the entire track as well as the surrounding beauty of Eastern Texas. The weather is typically fantastic at this time of year, but it can get a bit chilly after the sun goes down, so bring a jacket or hoodie. Take the kids with you so they can enjoy the fun as well because there is plenty to do for everyone.

If you want to meet the drivers and get some autographs, there are a few autograph sessions where you might even take a selfie with your favorite racer, so bring your phone. No matter where you are sitting during the races, you should be able to get a great view here, whether you are sitting near your motorhome or in the VIP section.


In previous years, general admission tickets for the WOO Sprint Lone Star have ranged from $35 to $40. If you would like a pit pass too, the prices are usually about $40 more. Camping is not included, and neither are any extras like VIP parking or seating. Packages are available online that can save you money if you plan on camping or staying for the whole weekend. Kids 12 and under are usually free with a paid adult.

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Just off Interstate 20, you can easily find LoneStar Speedway by following the crowd to Kilgore, Texas if you come on race day. It is best to get there early to avoid traffic. You can get to I-20 from SP-135, SR-42, or US-259. You will be just about 100 miles from Dallas, where you can see the Dallas World Aquarium, Museum of Art, or the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza. And about 200 miles to the south, you can find Houston, which is home to the Space Center Houston, Grand Opera, and a fantastic historic district.

Parking areas

At LoneStar Speedway, parking is free for the WOO Sprint Lone Star. With a big rig, however, you may have trouble finding a daytime parking spot unless you get there early. Camping at the track is recommended for those with campervans and motorhomes, and there are plenty of campsites available to choose from for under $30 per night.

Public Transportation

If you don’t want to call a taxi or rideshare service, there are two public transportation services in the area. In the eastern part of Texas, GoBus offers public bus service to over a dozen counties, including the counties of Gregg and Rusk, where Kilgore is located. However, they are only available during the week unless you make special arrangements. Longview Transit is also an option, but it is limited to certain areas.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is the best choice for fans who want to enjoy WOO Sprint Lone Star at LoneStar Speedway. The track has over 100 campsites for RVs and tents with electric hookups. In previous years, the price has been about $30 per night, which is a great deal, and much better than having to drive to the track every day for the races.


If you cannot find a spot at the track, there are quite a few campgrounds nearby that can accommodate RVs up to 70 feet long with and without utilities. One of them, Shallow Creek, partners with LoneStar during the World Of Outlaw Sprint races to provide even more options for racing fans with 63 sites, Wi-Fi, a clubhouse, and a pool. Tyler State Park is just north of I-20 and about a 30-minute drive to the west. Rusk KOA is about an hour's drive to the south and may already be on your route to the speedway from that area.

Getting around

Be sure to pack and wear comfortable walking shoes so you can get from the campground to the track and from your seats to the restrooms and midway area. Although it is not as huge as other parks, there will still be some walking going on as they do not allow personal transportation like golf carts and pit bikes.

What to pack


February weather in Texas is often fantastic compared to most of the country unless you like the cold. It does get cold overnight night, though, so toss some blankets in your Airstream or Sprinter. The essentials here will be jeans and t-shirts for the daytime and hoodies at night. And you may even want to bring a coat and hat to keep you warm at the campground.


Pack your cooking basics such as pots and pans if you are staying at the track because LoneStar Speedway has electric hookups at all of their campsites. However, you may also want to bring a small BBQ grill or camp stove just in case. Coolers are not allowed at the track, so anything you want to bring in will have to fit in a small backpack. Suggestions include a camera, binoculars, and your event tickets.

Health & Safety

Be prepared for the sun because the Texas sky is notorious for causing sunburns in those who are not used to it. Pack a hat and sunglasses as well as some sunblock with an SPF of at least 30. You will also need some insect repellent if you are going to be out after dark because the skeeters get thirsty. It’s also a good idea to bring a first aid kit just in case you or a young race fan needs minor care.

Where to eat


Cooking should be pretty easy indoors or out with electric hookups for indoor cooking and a BBQ grill for cooking outside. It is also good to be prepared with your own camp stove in case there is a problem with the utilities or grills at the track. Make some meals ahead of time and freeze them, so they will be easy to reheat and eat on the go.


If you’re hankering for some BBQ ribs or a burger from a fast-food joint, you’ll find one of each on Interstate 20 to the east and the west of the track. For just about anything else, you can head south on TX-135, where there are a plethora of eateries. From burritos to burgers and wings to waffles, the choices are pretty good less than 10 miles from Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore. You can even find a Hungarian restaurant and several Mexican places.


During the WOO Sprint Lone Star, you will be able to enjoy a variety of different foods and beverages. If you are looking for a burger and beer, they have that, too. If you would rather have something sweet, you can find funnel cakes, cotton candy, and ice cream. There are also quite a few vendors with their newest items from t-shirts to motor parts. The gift shop is also a great place to get some souvenirs for the folks back home.



Items not to bring include drugs, weapons, fireworks, or drones because they are all strictly prohibited at LoneStar Speedway. If you bring a bag or backpack, be prepared to spend a few extra minutes for them to search it before you can make your way to your seats. Security is not there to hassle you, though; they just want everyone to stay safe while enjoying the weekend.


While most of the rest of the country is bundled up in their coats, you might walk around in jeans and a light jacket in Texas during February. The track is in a spot that tends to get a lot of rain at that time of year, but it usually doesn’t last long, so it typically does not affect the races or camping. With daytime temps in the 60s and evenings in the 40s, you will need to prepare for both warm and cold weather. Bring an extra blanket or two.


If you or someone nearby has a medical emergency, calling 911 is the best choice unless the medical professionals at the track just happen to be nearby. LoneStar Speedway has medical staff on duty at the first aid tent near the track and office, but if you need to see a doctor or get medical supplies, there are two hospitals within five miles.