WOO Sprint Placerville

Pack up the family and point the RV toward the west coast for the WOO Sprint Placerville. It’s dirt track racing at its dirtiest and most exciting.

Event information

If you enjoy the roar of the motors mixed with the cheers of the crowds, flying dirt, and the smell of beer and popcorn, then the WOO Sprint Placerville at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in California is going to be a blast for you. With temps in the mid-80s, the autumn weather may feel like summer to you here if you are from one of the places in the country where it is typically cold and dreary this time of year.

Competition is fierce at the World Of Outlaws Sprint Placerville, with dozens of drivers competing for a top prize of $10,000. And not only is there some fantastic racing but you can also enjoy fun at the campground in your RV right at the racetrack. No need to drive to and from the track every day. Just walk a couple hundred yards to the campground, and you are home for the weekend.

You’ll also enjoy letting the kids meet the drivers and get autographs and pictures for memories that last a lifetime. And kids under six are usually free of charge. Grab some tasty snacks and cold drinks and watch the races before heading back to your RV campsite for the evening. You can also head into town for a nice meal or visit the Sly Park State Recreation Area, which is only 18 miles away. The kids will love that, and so will you.


In previous years, WOO Sprint Placerville tickets reserved by phone or online in advance ranged between $20 and $45 for a pit pass and $15 to $40 for a reserved seat without a pit pass. The El Dorado County Fairgrounds charges just under $10 per vehicle for parking. Camping is separate and may cost about $40 per night.

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Between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, in Northern California, the Placerville Speedway at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds is easy to get to in El Dorado County. Just under an hour to Sacramento to the west and a bit over an hour from Lake Tahoe to the east, you’ll find the speedway 15 miles from El Dorado National Forest so you will see some awesome scenery on your way to and from the track.

Parking areas

The WOO Sprint at Placerville Speedway is at the El Dorado Fairgrounds, which has charged just under $10 per vehicle to park in recent years. There are several different parking areas with the main one by the grandstands and the Armory Road Gate. Of course, if you are camping at the fairgrounds, you don’t have to pay a fee or worry about parking because you are already parked.

Public Transportation

The El Dorado Transit Commuter Bus can take you anywhere you need to go from Sacramento (the Sacramento Commuter Bus Route) to the City of Placerville and beyond. In fact, if you switch routes a couple of times you can go from Sacramento all the way to the El Dorado National Forest. Buses have been known to run Monday through Saturday with call-a-ride services on the weekends. Or you can choose to call a taxi or use a rideshare app as well. You have a plethora of options here.

Where to stay


Camping at the El Dorado Fairgrounds for the Placerville Sprint is an excellent choice when driving an RV or pulling a trailer. Electricity and water hookups are offered at most of the campsites, and an RV sanitation dump station is available for an additional charge. They also have restrooms and showers for those who stay there. Reservations are recommended well in advance because there are limited spots available.


If you wait too long and don’t get a spot at the track, don’t worry, Placerville KOA has you covered. They have over 100 RV sites with full hookups as well as a pond, dog park, Wi-Fi, cable, and kitchen access. For the kids, they offer a swimming pool, petting zoo, two playgrounds, and a horseshoe pit. You can also choose to stay at one of the campgrounds in the El Dorado National Forest, Sly Park State Recreation Area, or one of the other nearby campgrounds.

Getting around

Although the fairgrounds are large, if you are just here for the speedway, you won’t have far to walk. If you plan on walking around the rest of the grounds, make sure you wear comfy shoes because there is no shuttle, and you are not allowed to use golf carts or other wheeled vehicles. Wheelchairs and strollers are welcome.

What to pack


Northern California is warm and sunny in September as it is in most of the other 11 months of the year. So, pack t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and tank tops as well as comfortable shoes. You may also want to bring a jacket and other warm clothing because it can get chilly at night sometimes.


You will want to remember to bring some binoculars to zoom in on the riders as they round the far side of the track. You may also want to bring a camera and a bottle of water. Pack all this in a backpack or other type of bag but don’t bring food or other beverages, weapons, fireworks, or drugs. Bags will be checked by security before you enter.

Health & Safety

Anytime you go camping or attend an outdoor event, it is a good idea to pack several items. These include sunscreen to protect from sunburns, insect repellent to keep the skeeters at bay, and some water to keep you hydrated. You may also want to wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and face from the sun.

Where to eat


With electric and water hookups, you will be able to cook inside or outside your RV, whichever you choose. However, the fairgrounds campground only allows small propane grills, so don’t plan on firing up the charcoal pit. If you are staying at one of the other campgrounds, they may have other cooking arrangements, so check the rules and regulations wherever you are. Also, be aware that quiet hours go into effect in the evenings.


There are several food choices right there within walking distance of the track, including a café, Asian cuisine, a barbecue restaurant, and fast food places. About three to four miles down US-50 in Placerville, you can find another dozen or so eateries including fish & chips, Italian food, Mexican cuisine, and some more fast food joints.


You’ll find the concession stands in the Henningsen Pavilion across from the track as well as other food and merchandise vendors at concession row near the middle of the fairgrounds. NOS Energy Drink, Budweiser, Pepsi, and other major vendors have often been found in both areas as well as the wine garden and chuckwagon by the apple tree lawn. The food is delicious and affordable, and the beverages are ice cold.



The Placerville Speedway security staff are trained to help when needed to ensure the rules and regulations are followed and that everyone stays safe while having a good time. You are encouraged to report any questionable actions to the security guards or staff members. Re-entry guidelines limit guests from going in and out of the speedway at will, but exceptions are noted with emergency situations.


Northern California weather is almost always pleasant, but September is close to perfect. This may surprise you if you are coming from one of the colder areas of the country. The average high temps are usually in the mid to upper 80s while the lows are in the 60s. You won’t see much rain here, but you will see lots of sunshine so bring the sunscreen.


The staff at the fairgrounds and speedway are prepared for injuries, illnesses, and other emergencies, and always have fire and rescue teams on site during the races. If you wish to make the trip to the hospital on your own, there are two within three miles of the track and several more in nearby Folsom and Roseville. Of course, you can call 911 in an emergency.