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Discover RV Parks & Campgrounds near Douglas, AZ

Idlewilde Campground, AZ

Idlewilde Campground is the first campground you encounter as you enter Cave Creek Canyon from the east. To get to these 9 streamside sites shaded by Arizona cypress trees, you’ll have to traverse Cave Creek on a one lane bridge.

Silver Peak Trailhead.

Sites at Idlewild are best suited for camping in tents, vans, or pickup truck campers. No trailers are permitted.

Note: Black bears are common in the area.

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Location info

42 Forest Road, San Simon, AZ


Camping, Visitor center, Wildlife viewing, Interpretive programs

Rustler Park Campground, AZ

 Rustler Park is a wildflower-carpeted meadow high in the Chiricahuas. Around the turn of the century, rustlers concealed stolen stock there while altered brands healed and pursuit cooled. Today, the meadow provides a cool mountain respite from the deserts below. Rimmed with Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine, the meadow is sprinkled with seasonal wildflowers.

Campsites at Rustler Park are scattered along access roads that have been purposefully kept out of the meadow to avoid damaging fragile plants and soils. Since the Horseshoe II fire in 2011, the campground has been rebuilt and the campsites now have canopies to give visitors shade.

Rustler Park is an excellent place to pursue birdwatching. Larger animals, including black bear, are frequently spotted here, too. Trails …

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Location info

42D Forest Road, San Simon, AZ


Camping, Visitor center, Wildlife viewing, Hunting, Interpretive programs

Sycamore Campground, AZ

Located on the west side of the Chiricahuas, Sycamore Campground straddles the banks of West Turkey Creek, a small perennial stream that cascades into the campground down a series of small waterfalls and through a rocky cleft decorated with wildflowers.

As with its next door neighbor, West Turkey Creek Campground, Sycamore Campground is more like a cluster of dispersed campsites than a developed campground. These sycamore- and oak-shaded sites are located near the end of Turkey Creek Road in an area that serves as a jumping off place into the Chiricahua Wilderness. A number of trails start in the vicinity of the campground and climb to destinations and connecting trails high in the mountains. If you’re a hiker or …

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Location info

East Turkey Creek Road, AZ


Camping, Visitor center, Wildlife viewing, Interpretive programs

Ramsey Vista Campground, AZ

Campsites here are spread through a stand of medium-sized ponderosa pines at the end of a road that once brought miners and equipment to the historic Reef mine and townsite. From the high perspective provided by the campground, Ramsey Peak’s 8,730 foot tall, layer-cake summit stands above the surrounding landscape as a tempting destination for an overnight backpack or long day-hike.

Garbage bins available.

Horse corral available.

Note: Black bears in area.

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Location info

Carr Canyon Road, Hereford, AZ



Herb Martyr Campground, AZ

The Herb Martyr trailhead, located near Herb Martyr campgound, is one of the popular birdwatching and overall hiking areas in Cave Creek Canyon.

Though South Fork is known for its trogons, there are plenty of other interesting and rare creatures to encounter here. Over 300 species of birds have been sighted in the Chiricahua Mountains, including the magnificent hummingbird, blue-throated hummingbird and Montezuma quail. Other interesting types of wildlife frequently sighted here include Apache fox squirrels, coatimundis and Coues white-tailed deer. The scenery is quite impressive in this area, too.

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Location info

West Herb Martyr Road, San Simon, AZ


Camping, Visitor center, Wildlife viewing, Interpretive programs