State Parks near Klamath Falls, OR

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State Parks

Castle Crags State Park, CA

120 RV rentals

Located in the north-western mountains of California, Castle Crags State Park has become a popular haunt for those who have an RV rental in Siskiyou County. Conveniently located just off Highway 5, this spectacular park has direct access from both Sacramento and Eugene, OR.

Established as a state park in 1943, Castle Crags State Park was recognized for its remarkable glacial rock formations. However, this state park is much more than just stunning landscapes. In fact, it was once the location of a bloody battle between the Modoc Indian tribe who settled in the area, and gold miners who were on the hunt for the valuable metal.

Today, visitors choose to rent a camper near Castle Crags State …

Crater Lake National Park, OR

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Crater Lake National Park is located in southern Oregon, around 30 minutes from the small town of Chiloquin and two hours from Eugene. The park’s namesake lake is the deepest in the USA at almost 2,000 feet. Situated in the center of a dormant volcano, Crater Lake is surrounded by rocky cliffs that preserve the water’s purity year after year.

The 12,000-foot volcano that once dominated this open landscape left a couple of souvenirs after it erupted over 7,000 years ago. Wizard Island and The Phantom Ship are just some of the volcanic features of the park that keep visitors coming back year after year.

However, the lake itself is less than ten percent of the whole national park. …

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, CA

80 RV rentals

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is the northernmost state park on California’s “Redwood Highway” where you can find these massive, endangered trees. The park lies along the Smith River, nine miles east of Crescent City, which is 350 miles north of San Francisco. Covering 10,000 acres, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is home to seven percent of all of the remaining old-growth redwoods left in the entire world. This is a great starting point to book an RV in Del Norte County and journey south to visit the other national and state parks in this part of California that features these redwoods.

Jedediah Smith is believed to be the first explorer of European descent to navigate the interior …

Lapine State Park, OR

171 RV rentals

Thanks to the mesmerizing views from the Don McGregor Memorial Viewpoint and the serene ambiance of the Upper Deschutes River, LaPine State Park is considered one of the best rural escapes in the state of Oregon. The unique scenic landscape and wilderness, set against the dramatic backdrop of the distant Cascade Mountains, make this park a haven for RVers, hikers, mountaineers, and anglers.

With the Deschutes River slowly snaking toward Sunriver, and eagles and red-tailed hawks soaring above the pine forests, the place feels like a Bob Ross painting come to life. Pathways along the riverbanks wander through peaceful grasslands and pine forests, which makes them ideal for a relaxing stroll. This merging of cool mountain rivers and dry desert …

Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA

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Northeastern California is home to the southernmost ridges of the Cascade Range. A quick drive east of Redding will land you at the vibrant Lassen Volcanic National Park. Just three hours west of Reno and three hours north of Sacramento, this national park gets its name from Lassen Peak: the largest plug dome volcano in the world. With wilderness making up nearly 75% of the landscape, Lassen Volcanic National Park is 166 square miles of natural wonder.

Originally designated as two national monuments (Cinder Cone National Monument and Lassen Peak National Monument) by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1907, the two monuments were looped in with the surrounding area and became a national park after nearly a decade of volcanic …

Lava Beds National Monument, CA

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Lava Beds National Monument in California is an inspiring area to visit. It proves that life can flourish amid some of the harshest conditions. Geographically, the area has been shaped by the eruptions from Medicine Lake Volcano, leaving behind a desert wilderness molded by volcanic formations, lava tubes, and over 800 caves. The region also contains one of the largest panels for historic Native American rock art paintings.

Historically, this area offers a number of old battlefields to visit, like the Modoc War of 1872–1873. The lava beds made an excellent stronghold; Captain Jack (leading the Kintpuash) was famed for using it to avoid deportation to the Klamath Reservation in Oregon. The story has many bitter twists in it, with …

Oregon Caves National Monument, OR

88 RV rentals

The Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon are home to the scenic Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve. Covering a whopping 4554-acres of protected forested parkland, the park is managed by the National Park Service, and is a great spot for a motorhome camping trip. Located about 20 miles from the city of Cave-Junction, Caves National Monument is known for one of the largest, untouched, and most complete segments of oceanic crust in western America. Unlike other caves that are usually made of limestone and dolomite, the caves here were formed in limestone that changed into marble during geological processes, and dates back some 190 million years!

Renting a campervan is a convenient way of getting around the area, and …

Rogue River National Forest, OR

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Rogue River National Forest covers most of south-west Oregon. Once separated from the Siskiyou National Forest, the two have now combined forces to become a vast wilderness, known as the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Interstate Route 5 runs through the heart of the forest, making it around an easy three-hour drive from Eugene, OR.

Encompassing more than 1.8million acres, the possibilities for recreation here are endless. Known for its outstanding beauty and wildlife spotting opportunities, days can be spent fishing, boating, or simply wandering along the Rogue Riverbanks. Alternatively, head deeper into the forest, where hiking and OHV trails are abundant during the warmer months, and snowmobiling is the activity of choice when the snow begins to fall. …

Smith River National Recreation Area, CA

83 RV rentals

Located in northwestern California, the Smith River National Recreation Area lies just east of the towns and cities of Crescent City, CA, Klamath, CA, and Brookings, OR. The park lies in the heart of the Six Rivers National Forest and is one of the finest examples of the picturesque North American forests. Alongside the natural beauty of this part of the country, the Smith River National Recreation Area offers visitors excellent recreational opportunities.

Along with the abundant chances for hiking and nature spotting, the Smith River National Recreation Area is known as one of the best fishing regions in all of the US and has an idyllic backdrop to match. This, combined with the relatively easy access …

Umpqua National Forest, OR

276 RV rentals

Decaying ruins found in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest suggests that Native Americans lived in the region for at least 10,000 years. With the arrival of European settlers, several Native American tribes quietly departed to avoid conflict. The few remaining ones were relocated to reservations. Umpqua National Forest was officially established in 1907, and it was one of the first parks to be actively developed by the newfound National Forest organization. The staff blazed trails, built shelters, stone bridges, and fire lookouts in 1910. In the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps, operating under President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, repaired several structures as well as added trails and roads. “Umpqua” is a Native American word that roughly means “thundering waters,” a nod …