State Parks near North Platte, NE

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State Parks

Niobrara National Scenic River, NE

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Niobrara National Scenic River traverses several hundred miles of north-central Nebraska. This is one of the most rural parts of an already rural state, so there are not a lot of towns near the river. Niobrara National Scenic Rivers headwaters are located near the small town of Valentine. The river ends far to the east, where it joins with the much larger, Missouri River. This is near the town of Niobrara, near the South Dakota border. The nearest larger city is Sioux City, IA, located almost 100 miles to the east of Niobrara.

Niobrara National Scenic River runs through the plains and prairies that this part of the country is known for, and there is plenty to do …

Prairie Dog State Park, KS

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Prairie Dog State Park is located just outside of the small town of Norton, Kansas, in the plains of northern Kansas, close to the Nebraska border. The park is a 30-minute drive north of Lenora and two hours' drive from Kearney, NE. Rent an RV near Prairie Dog State Park, and you can enjoy water recreation on Keith Sebelius Lake.

As you might expect, prairie dogs are prevalent in this area. Within the park, you will find a huge colony of them, as well as many other wildlife species. This park is also home to some notable historical sites; here, you'll find the last remaining adobe house in Kansas, which was built at the end of the 19th …