4 Reasons You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Renting Your RV

Liz WilcoxAugust 16, 2017

4 Reasons You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Renting Your RV

In this post I share 4 reasons why you’re absolutely missing out if you’re not renting your RV.

The RV has become America’s sweetheart.

If you’ve been keeping up with the RV world lately, you’ve definitely noticed the rising trend of RVing. Pinterest is glittered with camping hacks, #vanlife seems to be the only hashtag on Instagram nowadays, and your Facebook feed is chocked full of video tours of motorhomes. And if you do a little digging, you can see that the RV Industry Association reports sales are up 15% just from 2016!

RV life is surging because the buyer has changed. According to Fortune Magazine, people are spending less on material goods and more on experiences.

Bottom line: people are finding value in putting their dollars in experiences VS stuff.

This change in behavior has opened up the RV rental industry to many new demographics. RVs are now being rented for reasons other than to travel cross country for Christmas or the occasional trip to Yellowstone.

People are getting away simply because it’s the weekend or their work allows them to travel. They are heading in droves to festivals and taking their RV rental with them. Attending a music or art festival with an RV means you can camp right on site VS having to rent an expensive or distant hotel room.

All of these RVs have to either be bought or rented out, which presents a lucrative opportunity for RV owners to rent out their RV.

Why You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Renting Your RV

Large or small, they rent them all!

So now that you know there are people ready and willing to rent your rig, let’s talk about a few of the main benefits of renting your RV. By renting out your RV, you can:

1. Cover your RV payments.

The average Class A motorhome rents for more than $200 per night. Through renting your RV on occasion you can easily cover the monthly payments of your RV.

2. Fight the RV depreciation.

Can we talk about depreciation for a second? I know, it’s a nasty word but it’s an important topic for all RV owners. A recent study done by Axle Addict showed that an RV is only worth half of its retail value by it’s 6th year. HALF! That is an incredibly high number.

Luckily for you, when you start renting your RV to this high demand market you can make enough income to cover what you lose in depreciation. Yes, your RV will depreciate more quickly because of the mileage, but you’ll be able to treat it as an asset during the RV life cycle.

3. No storage fees.

Another great way renting your RV can save money is in storage. Renting your RV means that you won’t have to pay for monthly storage.

4. Grow an RV business.

Multiple renters on the Outdoorsy platform have grown profitable RV rental businesses from scratch, using our platform. Corey, an RV owner and Outdoorsy user, will make over $26,000 this year from his RV that he’s listed on Outdoorsy (read this post to learn more about how he did that).

So with all the benefits of renting your RV, plus the increasing demand of willing renters, why are so many units still wasting away in storage?

In short, people are afraid renting their RV is unsafe. They envision someone crashing their RV or a newbie driver not understanding how to operate a unit (just like my forum friend had mentioned above). 

But there’s a new trend that makes renting your RV safe.

How the Sharing Economy Makes Renting Your RV More Safe

Our upcoming generation loves the sharing economy. Why? Because we want as much information on the product, service or seller before buying.

In peer-to-peer businesses, both provider and consumer create profiles, and then review and rate each other. Reputation is constantly on the line, keeping everyone in check. Each person involved has their name on the line and both sides of the business can weed out potential misbehavior.

To sum it up, when your character is on display, you’re inspired to be trustworthy and friendly. This creates a super safe and reliable economy.

Renting Your RV With Outdoorsy

With Outdoorsy, you’re going to get an amazing platform for renting your RV and never miss out on a money-making opportunity again.

You could be sitting on some big bucks!

By using the marketplace business model, Outdoorsy has been able to bring you only the most qualified renters. Renters are background checked and must pass a DMV inspection (awesome, right?). Plus, you are always in complete control of who steps foot in your home on wheels. If someone requests to book, you only accept the request if you’re comfortable with the renter.

Outdoorsy also offers a $1 million liability insurance policy to cover your RV during rental, dedicated customer support, and 24/7 pay-as-you-go roadside assistance.

And to top it all off, because it uses the marketplace system, there are lots of reviews for you to read and help assist you with the decision making process. In fact, if you check it out right now Outdoorsy has a 93% average of 5 star reviews!)

With Outdoorsy, renting your RV is not only a money-saving opportunity, but a money-making opportunity as well.


Liz Wilcox, Outdoorsy Author

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