Geoff Nudelman
by Geoff Nudelman
Posted March 8, 2021

As with everything else over the past year, spring break is going to look much different. But, even though travel is still not back to “normal” yet, there are still plenty of ways to safely get out and explore as the weather begins to warm.

Camping affords excellent opportunities to do so. An RV, van, or trailer can help you safely get to a new destination or bring all of the fun of camping right to your home. 

Staycation — an RV rental at home 

The great thing about the camping experience is that to enjoy it, all you need to do is head outside. It doesn’t matter where you are — whether it’s your backyard or a favorite spot nearby! Some renters set up an entire experience to create a camping vibe in a safe location. 

A rental could be as simple as using a converted camper van as your sleeping quarters and setting up a fire pit and portable cooktop outside to enjoy the night sky. This is an excellent way for families to entertain kids safely, close to home, and with relatively low setup time!

Another option is to rent a luxurious Class A motorhome and set up an entire tailgating experience around March Madness. Watching all the action outside while grilling your favorite foods puts an exciting twist, especially since most will be watching the tournament from home this year. Many Class A RVs already come equipped with external TVs, hookups, and cooking gear to get the quintessential tailgate up and running. 

Road trip — destination camping in small groups

The past year’s events have made traveling with friends more difficult than ever, but RV and van rentals make it much easier to travel solo to a destination and safely enjoy time together.

For starters, choose a less-traveled location, like Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land or state forests that are open to dispersed camping (also known as boondocking). There’s more room to spread out with fewer crowds and a camping permit is often cheaper than most established campgrounds. Just be prepared with the essentials since these areas often have few or no services. 

Next, the beauty of renting is that there are myriad options for every price point in various locations around the country. Each group can rent their own RV, van, or trailer and travel to the agreed destination independently (and at their own speed). It’s also a great way to address each group’s specific comforts and needs before heading out to camp. One group may want all of the amenities of a Class B, while another might be satisfied with a smaller camper van, and a third could simply opt for a rooftop tent

Once at the campsite, everyone can set up safely spaced apart and meet up around a communal campfire. 

Safe spring break camping activities 

Camping trips offer several ways to have fun while keeping space and safety in mind. It could be as comfortable as a pair of hiking boots to discover a new trail near base camp. For more ardent adventurers, renting kayaks, stand-up paddleboards or canoes could let multiple groups head out onto the water for a leisurely day of paddling. Bicycles are another great idea, especially with the increased popularity and accessibility of mountain biking across the country. 

If you’re heading to a locale with good snow still on the ground, pack those snowshoes and cross-country skis. There’s a reason more people than ever tried their hand at those two activities this winter. 

If you’re worried about how to get all of that gear to camp, don’t fret. Many Outdoorsy owners have thought ahead and equipped their rigs with the right racks and storage to carry just about any piece of recreational gear that you might want to bring on your next outing. 

Just because travel continues to look different in 2021 doesn’t mean that it can’t be any less fun. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and planning to get you and your favorite people together to safely enjoy a camping experience either at home or at a new favorite destination. 

All that said, RV rentals are more popular than ever, and the most in-demand dates are filling up fast. Check out what RVs available to rent now on Outdoorsy!

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