Creating an RV Office on Wheels

Team OutdoorsyFebruary 1, 2017

Creating an RV Office on Wheels

RV office outdoorsyNow that most trailer parks and campgrounds have Wifi, and considering how small computers and digital storage have become, writers, software designers, and many other professionals are taking their careers on the road. If your home is mobile, why can’t your office be, too? Here are a few ways to keep you connected with work while you wander.

RV office
Boosters like these amplify cellular service to your RV.

Hardware Needed

All you really need is a reliable internet connection and a decent computer to get the mobile job done. If you’re a freelance writer, software designer, engineer, or entrepreneur whose business is online, it’s relatively easy to stay hooked up. Most RV parks now come equipped with free WiFi, and there are also many ways to ensure that you can stay connected almost anywhere provided you have the proper hardware.
These days many of these accessories are included with your RV, such as an external modem, antennae, or even a satellite dish. You can also invest in your own equipment, like amplifiers to boost cellular and WiFi signals. You don’t need to spend your life savings on a custom-built Airstream just to connect to the internet on the road.

Podcasting from a virtual studio

RV office

Recent trends in restoring or renovating classic RVs has given new life to vintage models as well as creating new motivations for modern creations. Designers such as Randy Gomez of Hollywood Vintage Airstream have created working, modern TV studios in vintage trailers.

RV office
Here’s a great description of what this trailer office on wheels means to this architect here on Treehugger.

Record your podcast, take stock footage or a few long shots for your independent film, or get crisp, digital video uploaded to your website the same hour that you take it from one of these high-tech mobile offices. Creative Mobile Interiors is another company that specializes in designing portable workspaces in mobile homes. Options in these plush vehicles even include training centers, art studios, and science labs.

Now much more than a convenient mode of transportation for retirees or tourists, innovative new ideas in design and construction have enabled travelers from all walks of life to take their work mobile. Find your inner nomad, and enjoy the freedom of a mobile lifestyle in your tiny office on wheels.

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