Family RVing Activities from A to Z

Team OutdoorsyFebruary 19, 2021

Family RVing Activities from A to Z

We know taking the family on an adventure is definitely a blast, but we also know that sometimes finding activities for the kids can be a challenge. That’s why we asked a family who travels full time in their RV for some advice. We’ve teamed up with This Adventure Family to provide you this fun activity list from A-Z for you and your little adventurers to enjoy.

A – A is always for adventure

Near or far, going camping and exploring nature is one of the best adventures you can do as a family. But, the adventure starts at home while planning your camping trip! Involve your children in the planning, ask them what they would like to do, and come up with an adventure plan together.

B – Build a fort

What better way to spend some quality time together than building a fort out of things you find in nature. Chances are there are plenty of sticks lying around your campsite. Gather them up and get creative. Make it fun and do team fort challenges.

C – Campfire stories

Gather around your campfire and share some laughs or, better yet, some stories. Make it fun! Go in a circle and let everyone add pieces to the story.

D – Discover new places

Going camping doesn’t mean you stay at your campsite the whole time. It’s fun to explore what’s around you in nature or even nearby town. Ask a camp host about some interesting places to visit in the area and head out for a day of family fun.

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E – Explore your campsite

Take your time to settle into your campsite. Setting up a tent, outdoor kitchen, and other camping gear can be so fun and educational for children. Let them take the lead and guide them along the way. Make sure to walk around the campground and explore everything it has to offer.

F – Frisbee fun

Going camping with a family requires bringing a lot of gear. Packing a frisbee or two won’t take much space, but it will definitely allow for some great exercise. Whether you’re waiting for dinner to cook on the campfire or just passing some time, playing frisbee is always a good idea.

G – Glow sticks

This is a fun way to keep the kids visible and have fun. Let them wear as many as they want. They will surely have a blast!

H Hiking & hydration

Many campgrounds have hiking trails around them, so put on your comfortable shoes, grab your hydration pack, and hit the trails! Make sure to choose a hike the whole family will enjoy. Check out the Tadpole Hydration Pack for kids by Outdoor Products. They also have many other Hydration Packs to choose from for adults.

I – I spy

You can’t go wrong with a classic game of I Spy, but make it a campground edition. This is a great way for the kids to observe and notice all of the little details of your camp and nature.

J – Journaling

Preserve the memories of your family camping trip on paper. Journaling is such a great tool for the kids to use. Not only is it educational, but it’s also fun to read back and see what precious memories they jotted down. Journal together with the little ones, ask them what they would like to write down, and even draw some pictures.

K – Kickball

Pack your ball for a game of afternoon kickball! It will get everyone moving around, laughing, and having fun.

L – Look for insects under rocks

You never know what you’ll find under the rocks! Go on an adventure with your children and turn over every rock you see. You will certainly find some pretty interesting creatures.

M – Make a map

A great way to teach little ones about locational awareness is to make a map of your campsite and what’s around it. Spend some time together drafting a map of your campsite, the area around you, and maybe even make it a treasure map.

N – Nature scavenger hunt

Look around the area and write down a few things that the kids could find in nature, then have the kids find those things while out on the walk. If you’d rather come prepared, there are a lot of printable lists you can find online.

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O – Obstacle course racing

A family camping trip is not complete without some relay races. Make an obstacle course using what you have around your campsite and create a prize for the winner. This is a fun game for all ages.

P – Picture walk

Another great way to preserve your family camping memories is to give your children a chance to photograph what they see and think is interesting. Go on a walk together and have your children take pictures. Then, print them out to include in your family camping journal.

Q – 20 questions

Playing games around a campfire is one of the best ways to end your night. 20 Questions is a fun game that doesn’t require any setup, and it’s educational.

R – Rock hunting

Take a walk in the woods or around a lake and see all the different rocks you can find. Note their shapes, colors, sizes and that no rock looks like the other! Take this opportunity to try out rock skipping as well. Check out Outdoor Products Peapod Waist Pack — it’s perfect for rock collecting.

S – Stargazing

Spend some time with your children looking for different constellations. There are a few apps you can download that will help you find them. If you’re lucky, maybe you will even see a shooting star!

T – Tree climbing

Going camping means you get to be surrounded by nature. Find a tree that would be safe for some simple climbing. Make sure to wear good shoes and comfortable clothing. Climbing trees is great exercise for everyone!

U – Unwind in a hammock with a good book

After a day of exploring, relax and unwind in your hammock. Kick those feet up and enjoy the sounds of nature, indulge in a good book, or take a nap.

V – Visit a historic site

Chances are, there is a historic place around in the area. Ask your camp host about the places you can visit. Visiting a historic site is a great family activity as you get to learn something new together.

W – Watch a sunset or sunrise together

Set your alarm to wake you for sunrise OR to watch the sunset. Then, find a scenic spot and watch the sun illuminate everything around you. You will see everything in a different color.

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X – 2 x 2 = x

Being in nature is a great way to keep those math skills up. Count how many boats, butterflies, and birds you see or how many miles you hike. Make it fun and introduce math problems.

Y – Yoga in nature

Nature is the best medicine for the soul. Why not connect with it through yoga or breathing exercises? Get comfy on the grass with your children and practice mindfulness to get your day started on a grateful note.

Z – Make sure to get those z’s

Rest is very important as well as naps for little ones. Get comfy and plan your next adventure after counting those sheep. Nighty night!

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