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An RV that suits your needs

Jenny is the ultimate adventurer.

She’s a lifelong camper, explorer, music-lover and an active member in her Joshua Tree community. Because of her recent disability, in lieu of camping she rented an RV to go to the Joshua Tree Music Festival this year, an experience she described as “brilliant”. She also learned that our National Parks provide free lifelong passes to people with medical disabilities.

“This was the first year that I wanted to camp but couldn’t be in a tent because of my new disability. So it was a really perfect tool for me and my family to be able to be out there and still allow me the access that I need. I am a rock climber, a hiker, a runner, so I always wanted to be close to the earth, not in an RV, but now my life has changed and it’s now something I need and so I am very grateful for having that opportunity.”

Jenny also pointed to another benefit of being able to rent a variety of RVs as she and her family start to think about purchasing their own rig.

“The idea of renting different RVs before deciding to purchase, it’s a great opportunity for a family like us. I have special needs and want to see what different vehicles are like, what’s the easiest for me to get around in and for all of us to have the space that we want and need.”

Jenny is the proud owner of Grateful Desert an eco-market in Joshua Tree, you may want to pop in next time you’re in the area!

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