Outdoorsy Mapped – RV Rental Adventures From Around The Country

Josh SchukmanDecember 9, 2022

Outdoorsy Mapped – RV Rental Adventures From Around The Country

We at Outdoorsy live to help people like you restore your relationship with the outdoors. That’s why we connected with a bunch of RVing folk from around the country to tell the story of their camping travels.

From a solo mom traveling with kiddos to couples traveling together to whole families living life on the road — these are some of our favorite stories of people who are bringing the outside in. 

What follows is a mapping of some of our favorite adventures featuring quotes, pics, and observations from real-life people who rented Outdoorsy rigs for their camp-ventures. 

Buckle up for an Outdoorsy journey as told by the journeyers themselves: 

Mr. Scott Eddy — Globetrotter Extraordinaire@mrscotteddy

Mr. Scott Eddy is a genuine citizen of the world, traveling full-time, and living out of a few suitcases through countless destinations. Recently, Scott rented a rig like this one and zipped up the West Coast exploring sand dunes, oceanfront RV parks, and more.

Many of his nights were spent at Thousand Trails RV parks — a splendid camping network with sites all up and down the Pacific Coast. 

Outdoorsy Class C motorhome at Thousand Trails RV park
The Thousand Trails network has RV parks like this all along the West Coast
Outdoorsy friends around the campfire at Thousand trails Rv park

Be sure to check out this EPIC video Scott put together of his travels where he encourages people to “check out Outdoorsy if you ever need to rent an epic RV!”

Speaking of renting — you can rent an RV just like Mr. Scott Eddy’s right here.

Julianne of Jules Jetsets@julesjetsets

Jules is a Los Angeles-based travel and lifestyle influencer. She has combated the traditional 9-5 avenue for as long as she can remember. Instead, she’s always valued the kind of independence and freedom that travel offers.

She has found the solo traveled road to be a catalyst for self-discovery, growth, and understanding.

Jules of @julesjetsets in her rented campervan

Jules took to the road in Northern California in a 2022 Winnebago Solis PX that she found on Outdoorsy. She had this to say about the trip:

“The drive was chock full of scenic vistas, snacks galore, and 90’s playlists (obviously). I had been craving a camping getaway like this where I could just unplug for a while now. ⁣

And what better way to immerse into nature than with a cozy camper fully packed with good reads and board games!”

Outdoorsy Campervan rental under star filled sky by lake

India Tate of Our Wanderlust Life@ourwanderlust_life

As a solo mom encouraging sustainability and diversity in the outdoors, India is a trailblazing adventurer. 

India rented a Class C RV like this one from us and followed this itinerary for her Northern Cali road trip with the kids. 

Here’s what she has to say about RVing with kids:

“Traveling, getting outdoors, and being active has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, but when I had kids I thought my focus had to shift and that I couldn’t do it all anymore.

Well, I was wrong and this past year we got outside a lot and took many road trips together!”

India continues to share in this post how she makes it possible to RV with kids. 

Megan Samperi — @meagan_samperi

Megan is a model who majored in Biology and is a nature-loving RV-gallivanter.

Outdoorsy campervan in Utah

Megan rented an off-road campervan for her momentous Utah road trip where she jumped into remote hot springs, skied Utah’s peaks, and reconnected with nature in a deeply needed way. 

As Megan puts it: “Nature is earth’s medicine. The more you’re surrounded by it, the more you treasure it.”⁠

Campervan ski trip

Melanie Demi — @herboozytails

Melanie’s travels revolve around dogs, drinks, and a dog-friendly lifestyle. She’s out to show the dog-loving world that it’s possible to do just about any sort of travel with doggo — including international flights. 

Dog inside campervan

Melanie recently rented a Mercedes Sprinter campervan from us and RV’d from Texas all the way to Florida with her hubs and three dogs. Check out these adorable photos of the pups in the campervan.

She also made this slick video tour of the campervan and some of their paw-padded travels. 

Check out what she had to say just five days into her RV trip:

“We’re 5 days into this experience and ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT. I’ve never been much of a road trip person, but this just feels different

Being able to pull over on a beach and work from the back of the van is… otherworldly.”

Campervan with 3 dogs

Christina McEvoy@macsexplore

Over a decade ago, Christina was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and given just two years to live. She had two little boys at home and a whole world of possibilities and dreams still unaccomplished in front of her.

But — she fought with everything she had and beat cancer back. The near-death experience was a wake-up call that inspired Christina to realize those unrealized dreams.

Since then, she’s built a following by helping wanderlusting families figure out ways to travel together. 

Family ski trip in a campervan

These brave souls rented a ski-ready campervan from us and took to the mountains for a family ski-venture.  

Here’s Christina’s nod to RVing affordability:

“And the best part [of the camping ski trip]? We didn’t have to pay for a hotel or hassle with our luggage and gear. Having a home on wheels makes travel not only more of an adventure but also more affordable!”

Outdoorsy campervan rental in the mountains

Bia Blooms@biablooms

Bia is the owner of a popular LA floral studio who decided to jump in a campervan like this one for a multi-day road trip along the California coast. 

Campervan with flowers

Here are some of Bia’s own words about her trip:

“I went on an adventure with Outdoorsy! Charles and I picked out the best camper van for our road trip along the California coast. We climbed rocks. We brewed tea. We cheered on the hungry pelicans diving beak-first into the ocean. We admired the endless blooming spring flowers. So many magical moments that we’ll treasure from this trip.” 

Flowers inside campervan

The Outdoorsy Gals@outdoorsygals 

The Outdoorsy Gals are a community that’s all about connecting, empowering, and educating women who love the outdoors. They host events, meetups and trips.

Outdoorsy gals in a rented Outdoorsy rig

So you can imagine our joy when this crew rented a Class C motorhome and some travel trailers from us to take a gals camping trip to Leavenworth, WA (aka Bavaria of the U.S.). 

Check out this quote they left us about the trip:

“On this 4-day journey, 20 outdoorsy gals slept under the stars at the incredible Thousand Trails campground in the comfort of an Outdoorsy RV…our favorite part of these trips is always watching gals come solo, step out of their comfort zones, and leave with so many new friendships and memories.”

Outdoorsy gals in Leavenworth, Washington

Jane Ko – @atasteofkoko

Jane Ko is one of Austin’s top food and travel bloggers who loves the road just about as much as fine food.

Campervan breakfast in PJs

She took this five-day campervan road trip through Colorado in an Outdoorsy rig like this one and had this to say about it:

“Colorado road trip in a camper van booked via @outdoorsy – world’s biggest RV rental site! We were in LOVE with our campervan – stove top, oven, fridge, shower, & toilet. It was so convenient to camp overnight in campgrounds, make coffee/breakfast, pack up, and hike.”

Sprinter campervan rental on Outdoorsy

The Lovers Passport — @theloverspassport

These two love birds (Giselle & Stephen) are a traveling couple with a tremendous following because they’re great at helping you plan your next adventure. 

Epic mountain view out campervan window

So we were stoked when they decided to adventure in one of our rigs on a seven-day Washington road trip. They rented a rad campervan like this one and shared the following with us:

“Booking Miss Malbec (our campervan) was SO EASY on the Outdoorsy app because we could search an area, check features we wanted, and let us talk to the host and ask any questions we wanted about their unique van…

The best part about renting a van is that it is basically a rental car and a hotel room at the same time! Instead of ending the day and having to drive back to town, we can just find a place to camp nearby and sleep in the van!”

Campervan by Washington State mountain

Tristan and Cara — @caraaanaaap

These kids snagged a campervan similar to this one and rolled in it to the wedding of two of their most adventurous friends (while also exploring Colorado along the way).

And if that wasn’t enough — they followed it up with a marathon campervan caravan through the Pacific Northwest.  2400 miles, 12 hikes, 4 national parks, and 2 state parks — all in just 9 days.

Campervan wedding trip

Here’s a quote from them that sums it all up:

“No better way to truly celebrate Liz and Ben’s adventurous spirits than to pull up to their wedding in an Outdoorsy campervan.

Outdoorsy allowed us to be present for the most beautiful wedding between the two most beautiful people at a location perfect for a road trip through Colorado. Thank you Liz & Ben and thank you Outdoorsy – this was an adventure we will never forget!”

Wine, cheese, and crackers with epic campervan view.

Maine the Way — @mainetheway

These two weekend warriors know Maine like the back of their own hands thanks to their spirit of adventure. 

Maine via a VW Westfalia

They reserved a campervan like this one and trekked around Maine’s coastal areas, fishing holes, and ski spots on a series of weekend trips. 

Here’s one of our favorite quotes from their trip:

“Van camping for work is a dream come true. We had the best time road tripping around the lakes and mountains of Maine with Outdoorsy. If you’ve ever dreamed of a van life, Outdoorsy makes it easy, approachable, affordable, and fun. From lots of options to choose from, we picked a rig that could fit our gear to bike, hike, fly fish, and more.”

Campervan in Maine

Aaron Hagen — @aaronhagenphoto

Aaron’s a full-time photog who snagged an Outdoorsy rig to do some ‘leaf peeping’ up in New England during peak fall.

Check out this Walden Campervan to get an idea of the rig Aaron rolled in.  

Aaron had this to say about his rounds:

“For years now it’s been a dream of mine to get out to New England to “leaf peep” and chase around the fall foliage. This trip was everything I could’ve ever dreamed and more! Huge thanks to Outdoorsy for the cozy ride for this fall adventure, one for the books.”

The trailblazing Outdoorsy adventurers above exemplify everything we live and breathe for at HQ — they’re people who need nature, people who crave adventure, and people who delight in simple moments. 

If you’re like us, the tidbits above have got you seriously jonesing for a slice of that same sort of adventure. Get started now by checking out our rigs for rent

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Josh and his wife traveled around the country in an '88 Airstream for 4+ years of full-time RVing. They made an unexpected pitstop in Montana in 2020 and haven't left since. That's because they got hooked on the glamping resort they run by Glacier National Park. Fittingly, they keep up their RVing love by renting out vintage Airstreams and other retro RVs to travelers hitting Montana.

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