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RVing to the Florida Keys

What better place to spend the cold, snowy, winter- than in the sunny, tropical, Florida Keys? The keys are made up of small islands that are connected by roadways that spans 110 miles on the Overseas Highway. Due to the narrow two-lane roads and low speed limit, it could take over two hours to get…

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A Fun Road Trip Stop in Midland, TX

Midland, Texas, is a good size city, with a population of about 130,000 people, but it’s in a very isolated area surrounded by oil fields. If you’re driving across Texas, there are long stretches of open space, without anywhere interesting (or at all!) to stop. Midland is a popular city to stop in, offering a…

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How To Create Instagram-Worthy Travel Photos

Flipping through various Instagram accounts can turn you green with envy.  Does everyone but you have lives that are really that beautiful and carefree?  Are their vacations always filled with glistening beaches at sunset, gluttonous meals set on white linen table cloths, and couples waking to spectacular mountain views from their tents? In a word,…

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5 Reasons to Rent an Airstream Travel Trailer

Few trailers stand out like an Airstream. Their sleek design and shiny silver skin set them apart right away. They have been turning heads for more than 75 years. Here are some reasons to consider renting an Airstream for your next RV adventure.

An RVers Guide to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a beautiful and minimally crowded national park located on the western slope of Colorado. This park is not as large or conveniently located to Denver as Rocky Mountain National Park. However, it is definitely worth the trip! Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is also surrounded…

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RV Speed Limits For All 50 States

The United States may be united as one nation, but they each have their own set of rules when it comes to highway safety. As an RV enthusiast, you want to be aware of the rules for the states you will be traveling in. Speed limits are one of the tricky areas and the one you are most likely to run afoul of. Each state has their own rules and each road can have its own variations.

Best Practices For Overnighting at Walmart

I don’t think any of us rent (or purchase) an RV aspiring to stay at a Walmart overnight. But parking overnight at a Walmart, Cracker Barrel or a truck stop can be a cheap and convenient way to travel when you’re on route to your destination. Increasingly, though, retailers like Walmart and towns and cities…

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RVing in a Big City: Best Places for Urban Camping

When most people think about camping, they picture nature and solitude. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but that’s not always the case. If you’re looking for a cost-effective vacation for your family, driving your RV can save you a lot of money on hotel rooms and airfare. Generally, most…

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5 Road-Trip Worthy Food Festivals in the U.S.

Almost everyone loves food, and around the world, food festivals are one way we celebrate our culinary cultures. America loves food and it shows in the nearly endless number of food festivals around the country. So, if you are hungry, and if you are looking for a fun RV adventure to embark on, here are 5 road trip worthy food festivals in the U.S.

Weekend Getaway to Tucson, Arizona

If you’re looking for a unique weekend getaway location, put Tucson, Arizona on your list of must-go-there destinations.  You’ll find a diverse city full of activities, entertainment and great food, all dished up in a sumptuous desert locale. A walk downtown will give you a great overview of this most unusual city.  You’ll come across…

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