Fort Stockton RV Park: A Complete Review

Jen YoungJune 30, 2022

Fort Stockton RV Park: A Complete Review

Frontier life, impressive sculptures, a thriving community, and fabulous steaks – Fort Stockton upholds all that makes the Lone Star State special. Are you planning to drive to West Texas? Then we recommend pulling over at the Fort Stockton RV Park!

This park is ideal for trailer owners planning to spend some time in rugged West Texas. It gives visitors a chance to enjoy a peaceful stopover with a view of the desert – and great Texan food. It also offers quick access to historical locations.      

Today, we’re going to tell you all about this trailer park before you plan your trip to this unique city in Pecos County. 

Fort Stockton RV Park: Overview

Are you about to tour Fort Stockton or drive along I-10 in a trailer? You can station your vehicle at the Fort Stockton RV Park, a camping ground in West Texas. It will give you a chance to explore the historical city and its neighboring regions.  

The trailer park is spacious enough for the largest rigs and will provide you and your vehicle with a shady shelter. For your unplanned trips, this park’s pull-through RV spaces can offer the stopover you need. You’ll also get tent sites at this park. 

It is a roomy park with long sites, making it convenient for you to get on and off the park and move large rigs. You’ll get all the standard facilities and services of full hookup utilities here.

It is close to the highway. Yet, guests at this park love that this place does not have too much road noise, especially in the evening. The only downsides are the fluctuating phone networks and the dust during windy seasons. 

fort stockton

Fort Stockton RV Park Amenities

This park has all the amenities required for a comfortable stay. You can enjoy 30 amp and 50 amp electricity services, propane, and full hookups. 

The park offers free access to cable channels throughout the day. You’ll also get round-the-clock WiFi access (and it’s fast enough for Netflix streaming!). 

The property has separate private showers and bath suites for men and women. You can take advantage of the 24/7 laundry service for visitors, too. 

There’s also a specified dump station to clean out porta-potties. And, to ensure hygiene at the park, there are marked dumpsters. 

This trailer park also has a swimming pool installed with a heater for round-the-year comfort. It’s pet-friendly – as long as you take the responsibility of picking up after them.  

The Stockton RV Park is not equipped to provide extravagance. However, it has a path for walks, jobs, and bicycling rides. Children can also have fun at the playground.  

The Roadrunner Cafe

One of the best features at the Fort Stockton RV Park is the Roadrunner Cafe. It’s a small eatery with an exciting menu. Plus, you’ll love the friendly and organized staff.

The cafe offers a sumptuous breakfast spread from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. You can fill up on biscuits and sausage gravy, hash browns, pancakes, chicken fried steaks, and more. There’s also a range of beverages to wash it all down, including unlimited refills of tea!

The supper menu at the cafe is available from 5 pm to 7.30 pm. There’s a wide selection of items that will surely give you a taste of rustic Texan food. We recommend their steaks, hamburgers, chicken tenders, and juicy ribs!     

Camping Grounds in Fort Stockton

The Fort Stockton RV Park is not your only option when it comes to a trailer park in this part of West Texas. You can also park your vehicle at one of the following camping grounds:

Hilltop RV Park

hilltop rv park

The Hilltop RV Park is a parking area with only pull-through sites for full-service hookups. The park takes pride in its extra-large sites to accommodate vehicles of all sizes. 

This park comes with a wide range of amenities, including standard facilities like laundry and showers. You can also enjoy its beautiful pool with a patio and the evening firepit. 

Comanche Land RV Park

The Comanche Land RV Park offers a decent place to rest during your southern vacation in the beautiful Fort Stockton. It has all the amenities for a convenient stay.

It also provides easy access to the iconic attractions that make this region so special. Also, enjoy excellent dining and drinking experiences at the nearby eateries and bars. 

A & M Camper Park

Fort Stockton RV Park

The A & M Camper Park is yet another RV Park in Fort Stockton that offers comfortable accommodation options and pull-through trailer sites. It is ideal for short and long stays.

It is a pet-friendly camping area with all the necessary facilities. Like the other RV parks in this region, it is not extravagant, but it will keep you close to the tourist destinations. 

Tourist Destinations Near Fort Stockton RV Park 

When in Fort Stockton, you must visit the attractions that make this city important to the history of America. There are other destinations, too, where you can have fun, click selfies, and do typically “touristy” stuff. Here are a few places that you must visit:  

1. Historic Fort Stockton

Start exploring the city of Fort Stockton – with the historic fort after which the city is named. It originally served as a camp for the military. Later, it helped protect emigrants, freight wagons, and more. Four of its original buildings still welcome visitors today.

2. Old Jail – Pecos County Historical Commission

The Pecos County Old Jail is one of the most ancient structures here. It has a riveting history of two notorious sheriffs – and the stories of hardened criminals and local goons. It has been turned into a museum that showcases the local history of law enforcement.  

3. Comanche Springs Pool and Pavilion

A long time ago, the Comanche was a source of water in the dry region and fed nearby pools and creeks. But it stopped flowing in the 60s. Now, there’s a pool that provides respite during the hot months. You can also visit the historic bathhouse and pavilion.   

4. Annie Riggs Memorial Museum

The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is inside a beautiful brick building that once served as a hotel. Now, as a museum, it has an interesting collection of artifacts. The architecture and the displays together uphold the heritage of Texas and this historic city.

5. Paisano Pete Roadrunner

The second tallest roadrunner sculpture in the world, the Paisano Pete Roadrunner is a must-visit in Fort Stockton. It is an 11’x22′ sculpture that attracts visitors. If you’re traveling with children, they will surely love the bird. Your inner child will love it, too! 

Final Words

The Fort Stockton RV Park offers all the standard amenities that can make your quick stay here comfortable. It is well-connected with the rest of this city in Texas. 

This place is not curated for a luxurious getaway. But you will still enjoy every minute of your quiet stay here. No wonder it is described as “an oasis in the desert!” 


What are the amenities at the Fort Stockton RV Park?

The Fort Stockton RV Park is a well-connected park that allows you to camp off the high road. It offers pull-through sites with all the facilities required for a comfortable stay. These include private showers and bathrooms, Wi-fi access, dumpsters, etc. It also has an eatery. 

Which tourist destinations are close to the Fort Stockton RV Park? 

The location of this park can give you quick access to many of the iconic travel destinations in the city. You can visit the historic Annie Riggs Museum or explore the historic fort. Click a picture with the Paisano Pete statue or have fun at the Comanche Springs Pool. 

Are pets allowed at the Fort Stockton RV Park?

Your furry friends will be happy to hear that this park is a pet-friendly camping ground. It even has a designated area for pets within the park complex. However, it is important that you keep your pet on a leash. The park rules also ask that pet owners please clean up after their animals. 

What entertainment zones does the Fort Stockton RV Park provide?

The Fort Stockton RV Park offers a relaxing stay during which you can enjoy swimming in its heated pool. It has a path for you to enjoy walking, jogging, or bicycling. Children can have a fun time in the playground or play with pets at the dog park. It also has a fabulous eatery. 

When is the cafe at the Fort Stockton RV Park open?

The park has an eatery called the Roadrunner Cafe, known for its exciting Texan menu. The cafe offers its breakfast spread from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. Meanwhile, the supper items at the cafe are available between 5 pm and 7.30 pm. 

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