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Get To Know Renter Kari Keating

Kari Keating is a seasoned camper. She’s camped many times with her family of five, and plans to do so more often in the future. That said, until recently, all of the Keating family’s camping trips involved sleeping in a tent.

While tent camping is fun every once in a while, it isn’t all that comfortable, and since Keating’s family camps regularly, the idea of purchasing an RV has come up once or twice.

“We are considering purchasing an RV,” Keating says, “so when some friends suggested renting from Outdoorsy, we decided to give RV camping a shot.”

Kari Keating | Outdoorsy
Photo by Kari Keating.

The rental

Although the Keating family’s trip was relatively nearby in their home state of Oregon, they were headed to a rather remote location, meaning the amenities offered by the Airstream they chose to rent were extra appreciated.

“Having a comfortable space to come back to and chill was wonderful, especially at night,” Keating says. “It was a bit chilly at night, so it was nice to be warm.”

Of course, the fact that the RV was fully stocked was great too.

“The owners had the RV stocked with everything we needed, including dog treats, a sports kit, and more.”

Kari Keating | Outdoorsy
Photo by Kari Keating.

The trip

Thanks to the opportunity to rent an awesome trailer, Keating could fully relax and enjoy her getaway with family and friends.

“We went camping with a group of about 25 for our friend’s 40th birthday and it was super relaxing,” she explains. “There were about 15 kids there, so allowing them to play in nature while spending quality time with friends was great.”

“Our trip was during the monarch butterfly migration,” Keating adds. “We found ourselves in this clearing with hundreds of butterflies around us. It was amazing.”

Kari Keating | Outdoorsy
Photo by Kari Keating.

The end result

All in all, Keating says she thoroughly enjoyed her Outdoorsy experience.

“The whole process was straightforward and the owners were very communicative, so questions were answered before I could even ask,” Keating says.

In fact, she was so pleased with her rental experience that she has already recommended friends to try Outdoorsy as well.

Kari Keating | Outdoorsy
Photo by Kari Keating.

All About Kari Keating

Favorite morning beverage:


Favorite campsite meal:

“Either campfire nachos or pizza.”

Music you like to play on the radio:

“Bob Dylan”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:

“My kids love I spy.”

Favorite season:


If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?

“The Grand Tetons”

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