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Posted April 4, 2018

The best way to experience Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands attracts travelers who want to experience the beauty of the unique environment. Visitors often imagine themselves on lush beaches or discovering hidden waterfalls. Why spend time in hotel rooms or on crowded beaches when you could be exploring the island like a local?

Hawaii Surf Campers Board van relaxing

The most affordable and easy way to experience the Hawaiian aloha spirit is to rent an RV from a small business, such as Hawaii Surf Campers. The founder, Lucas Baggio Pereira and his business partner have customized 6 unique campervans that sleep 2-3 each. Their RVs have been rented by families with children, by senior citizens, and even by a group made of older couples who each took a van for themselves. “I’ve found that the senior renters always have a really good time,” Lucas said. “I think they appreciate how there’s not much to worry about with RVing. Transportation and lodging are made simple for them.”


Tropical Tours like a Local

Hawaii Surf Campers goes above and beyond to make sure that their travelers’ camping experiences are unlike any other. The team speaks with each customer before their trip to learn about what they might like to do and customizes a list of recommended destinations. “There are a lot of hidden travel gems that you won’t be able to find on a map or from a traditional travel site, like the Stairway to Heaven hike”, Lucas says. “I also share a list of places where it’s okay to park and sleep overnight in your van.” More often than not, Hawaii Surf Camper customers will start their day next to a beach, having slept comfortably in a campervan parked nearby.

Hawaii Camper Van Surf Wedding


And if you’re coming for a special occasion? “We’ve had more than a few honeymooners, and have even rented to couples on the week of their wedding,” Pereira says. “We point them to the perfect photo opportunity and connect them with a great photographer.”


Even if you’re only coming to catch some serious waves, Hawaii Surf Campers is ready to accommodate. “We partner with surf rental companies and get customers the best deals on surf gear throughout the island,” Lucas says. “And the boards will fit in our camper.”


From wanderlust to the rental business

The reason that Lucas is so good at taking care of his renters might be because he once had the same wanderlust himself. “I originally got into campervans because I wanted to travel from Alaska to Brazil”, said Lucas. He realized how convenient it was for travelers to rent RVs, and grew his business from one vehicle to six in only a few years. After a slow start, his business concept exploded when they found, the peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, which connected him with new renters and offered insurance, customer support, roadside assistance, and an easy-to-use website for him and his customers.


Hawaii Surf Camper Lucas Outdoorsy Pro RV Rental Oahu

Now, Lucas and his business partner are purchasing new RVs as fast as he can find the space to park them. “It takes me about a year to pay off a single campervan,” Pereira said. “When I purchase a new RV, I’m confident that it will more than pay for itself because Outdoorsy connects me with travelers and protects my vehicle in case anything were to happen.” Although their travelers have always taken care of his vehicles, Lucas will still get in touch with Outdoorsy’s support team to help communicate with travelers or to get new vehicles set up. “I call Outdoorsy and they are so responsive and knowledgeable that I know they’ll be there if I ever really need anything.”


If you’d like to rent an RV from Hawaii Surf Campers, you can check out the fleet here:

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